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'Heroes': Sylar's back! Watch your heads ...

Despite Arthur Petrelli's menace this season, Sylar finally reasserted himself as "Heroes' " villain supreme in the "Our Father" episode. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bloody victims, one crispy Elle and a scared elevator operator whose fate remains uncertain are left in the killer's wake. That'll teach you to bust into your co-worker's closed-door office with a birthday surprise.

When Sylar stalks, everything just seems warm and cozy. Matt is trying to figure things out, Hiro is on a personal quest, Claire is trying to help, Mohinder's on the wrong side of things, and it's all swirling around the tempestuous Petrelli family. Feels familiar, and feels right. But obviously, with the villains theme coming to an end next week, things may be shaken up again.

Sylar. Takes out two popular characters in a single bound, er, episode. Well, Elle was a goner at the end of the last episode, but we weren't quite sure until Gabriel began dousing her with lighter fluid. That's usually a sign. Poor office-drone Susan could definitely sense the truth of Sylar's intentions as he burrowed through her brow.  He's back to his old ways -- which could be considered worse now that he's figured out that he can get others' powers without killing them if he wants to. He finally confirmed his full return as he held the bullet in place in midair that was meant for Arthur Petrelli. "You're not a killer Peter, but I am." And so endeth the reign of Arthur Petrelli. A haiku to mark Arthur's passing:

A bullet in air // A father and sons' duel lost // Don't mess with Sylar


Hiro and Claire. I like waffles too, Hiro. I digress. We were able to witness defining moments in Hiro's and Claire's lives as he took the cheerleader back 16 years in the past. Hiro's resolve to be a hero is only strengthened by the quick reunion with his mother and her healing kiss. The knowledge that he helped hasten her death by becoming 'the catalyst' might be a little haunting, though. Arthur Petrelli showing up in the past and taking the power given to him by his mom? Just another tribulation that will harden Hiro. No more 10-year-old antics, at least once he gets off the flagpole. Claire, on the other hand, had the sense not to interact with her parents while in the past ... at least not with them knowing who she was. After her prophetic speeches and heartfelt pleas to protect the child, though, I think HRG knew who she was.

Matt, Ando, Daphne. Finding Issac Mendez's sketchbook and the final issue of 9th Wonders may be interesting, but it didn't seem to add much to the overall story. Is it possible that the book has other hidden goodies? Save the sketchbook, save the world?

Petrellis and associates. Nathan and Peter are at odds (as usual) over whether everyone should be able to get incredible powers. Nathan aligned himself with his father and the legion of doom while Peter and the Haitian complete their goal of killing Arthur. They do, though it's Sylar doing the actual killing. Meanwhile, Nathan and Tracy and Mohinder have successfully given someone, a Marine, powers. The smirk at the end doesn't inspire confidence that the soldier will be on the good side, and it's possible that Arthur's death means the formula's effectiveness dies with him.  Maybe.

Whether it's acknowledged or not, the show has gotten better.  I thought this was an exceptional episode -- one that would entice others to continue watching. In the upcoming "Duality" episode, look for cameos by Maya, the puppet master Eric Doyle and the first appearance (this season) of New Orleans hero Monica. Hope it's not too short-lived. And speaking of short, that quick cameo of Flint and Knox just standing on the wall in the corridor was good reenforcement that Tracy is a bad guy. If she could survive with these guys, she's not looking out for anyone's interests but her own.

-- Jevon Phillips

P.S - OK, Ill say it ... anyone else bothered by how Arthur Petrelli got to the past and how he was able to get from place to place (also showed up in the middle of Africa)?  I chalked it up to being a teleporter of Hiro's caliber ... but in the past, he also took Hiro's power.  Maybe it was just to strand him there ...  I don't know, but I may as well let it go for now.

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Yes, the show has gotten better. No, I'm not bothered by Arthur teleporting from place to place because he took Peter's abilities. Whatever abilities Peter absorbed Arthur was able to use. It's too bad that they've rendered the Haitian's powers as meaningless when it comes to Sylar. Oops! I hope that's not a spoiler! You need a way to check or counterbalance Sylar instead of making him omnipotent. I thought the Haitian was a powerful and understated way to keep any superpowered hero/villain humble. Why is Peter important to the Heroes universe if he has no powers? Any theories? Anyone? Buehler?
Until next week, peace.

Gary makes a valid point about Arthur absorbing Peter's ability to teleport, though at the time I thought the same thing as you, Jevon. Maybe the Haitian's thing is that he can only nullify one uber-powerful person at a time... it was such a strain for him to contain Arthur that he couldn't re-focus when Sylar showed up.

Peter was annoying me when he wouldnt shoot. He, along side Sylar, are two of the strongest characters, but Peter always needs someone else to make him do something. In the first season, he would always go to Nathan. Second season, he had Adam Monroe. Now, in this season, he has his mother. Just my thought on Peter.

I am really glad to hear that Monica is back! I loved her character!

Sad to know that Elle is dead.... I wanted to believe Sylar was ganna make Elle an empath... pure delusion...

Hiro and his Mom.... that was the best part of Hiro's plot line.

Nathan is stupid. No reason here, just do not like him.

I want to know what was the effect they had on Authur when he died. I am pretty sure its "the light" leaving, but if it is, does it just escape, or go back to its last host? or the nearest host?

The Haitian selectively chooses whose powers to suppress. He obviously didn't suppress Sylar in that scene because he was going to kill Arthur. If you need proof that the Haitian can suppress Sylar, just remember him doing it in "Homecoming", Sylar's subsequent imprisonment, and Bennet sending the Haitian after him when he got to his mother in season one.

My Peter theory is that the formula will give him his original power back. I think everyone's personal chemistry responds in different ways and that their powers are somehow a part of their emotional makeup and everything. I mean, do you really believe that Hiro will lose his time travel ability AND Peter will lose his empath ability? It was conceivable that Peter would get a new power before, but now that Hiro has lost his, I think they'll both get their original powers back with the formula, of which apparently at least 49 doses remain. (50 ordered by Tracy minus one, Catalyst dead).

And I would say don't worry about Sylar empathizing with anyone else anytime soon.

Peter may "remember" how to time travel when he gets his powers back and save Hiro. Or Hiro may manage to steal a dose of the formula in his new time.

The Haitian has already demonstrated the ability to suppress Sylar in "Homecoming" and Sylar's subsequent imprisonment. The default status of his ability is suppression, because characters are unable to use powers even when he doesn't know they are there, but he may be able to use it selectively when he chooses.

I suspect the formula reacts to each person's chemistry differently and that picking and choosing powers won't be possible. Peter and Hiro will probably both get their original powers back once they get a dose, and at least 49 doses are left in the present. I think that big jug is still good, but they won't be able to make any more.

And I wouldn't worry about Sylar empathizing with anyone anytime soon. It's easier for him to just cut their head open.

I know this is old, but why does Flint say he was "tackled by an invisible man" one year in the past, leading to his imprisonment? Wasn't Claude presumed dead by the company at that point?

Knox could have been a good character but has been reduced to a goon, as has Flint. Boooring.

I cannot believe that Elle is gone...I was SURE that she was the mother of the Syler's son who we met several episodes ago...did you guys forget that Syler was a daddy?

I agree that this episode was amazing and it is obvious that the writers are back on track about what their dedicated viewers want...can't wait for the finale next week!

Arthur Petrelli's 'taking' of Hiro's powers wasn't complete, which allowed Hiro to 'recover' his power even though he took some of his powers. That explains Petrelli time-hopping. We saw Peter with the cut on his face in an earlier episode where he time hopped - perhaps the 'light' from Petrelli's body returned his powers?

OK, can somebody explain to me why Syler killed Arthur and not took his powers??? I mean, Arthur is just a bag of goodies when it comes to abilities.

To Victoria ''why Syler killed Arthur and not took his powers??? '' well if i had the power to take all the powers i want from one guy whats the point when you can kill everyone with powers then your the only one with all the powers in world hmmmm and killing humans is always fun.

With regard to Sylar not taking Arthur's powers. It probably came down to a few things.....

1. He put the bullet in the head. This probably distroyed the part of the brain that controlled the abilities.

2. The hatian was there. There would be no way the hatian would let sylar do that.

3. Peter was there.... and as much as a killer Sylar is, I think he knew it was hard enough for Peter to have to kill his dad, let alone see him have the top of his head cut off.

Predictions for the final episode......

Hiro and Peter will get their powers back by somehow obtaining the formula.
Ando will get a power by somehow obtaining a dose of the formula.
Sylar will seek out Angela and ask her if she is his real mother.
The answer will be yes. It will be the truth and we will find out that either Linderman or Kiato is Sylars father.
While Sylar is at the company he again release many of the prisioners.
Both Claire and HRG will try to stop Sylar.
Pinehurst building will be distroyed in a fight between Peter and Nathan.
Mohinder will recover by using the formula.
Nathan will inform the government about these 'special people' rendering them as 'fugitives', we will see in the final few scenes that many of our heroes and villians have been caught and are on a plane to a secure facility. And it will crash. Where? no idea.

As you can see theres quite a bit there. Id like to be wrong about alot of it.

@Victoria- I thought the same thing, though I reckoned that he knew how powerful Arthur was and didn't want to duel him, and the Haitian couldn't keep him suppressed for long.

I noticed that Ando's new quest to get powers mirrors what Hiro saw in the future. I'm annoyed by Hiro's constant failure to fulfill his duties as guardian of the formula/catalyst. I'm kind of anxious to see him as the bad-ass, trenchcoat wearing warrior.

I'm annoyed that Sylar is not a Petrelli. Not that I thought it was a great idea in the first place, but it was, imo, a great dramatic arc that seemed to fizzle into nothing. The Sylar/Peter relationship is actually the most engaging relationship in the series.

@Shane - there will be no trenchcoat wearing Hiro, at least not so far...that Hiro doesn't exist because that future ceased to be when they stopped the bomb from blowing new york, and prevented Ando from being killed.
@mellondonkey - you are correct, but I don't think it's people but powers suppresed that contributes to the Haitians limit. He can easily suppress multiple people when they all have one ability, but suppressing a single person with multiple abilities is where it is difficult - think of it as a network firewall with a rules limit - he can change the rules on the fly, to filter certain things, but there is a maximum number of rules he can implement at any one time...

I also agree with the genetic predisposition for a certain power. Peter however doesn't get all his abilities back, just the one empathic power. Gives him a whole new range of powers for next volume... Peter and Sylar are perfect character prototypes for a series like this - infinite story possibilities...

What's more interesting here, is that although we've answered that Arthur isn't Sylar's father - but what about Angela as Sylar's mother? And if not - how do Peter and Sylar have the same power otherwise? - there's definitely a story there to tell...

One last thing - please no one forget Caitlin - she's stuck in a future that no longer exists in this timeline. Next week we close the door on yet another alternate future, and we still have people stuck in Limbo... close this loop - at least in the comics online if no where else. We watch this show for the character's, you have to treat them with respect....

Why did he kill Elle? She was gorgeous, sympathetic towards him, and HE ALREADY HAD HER POWER.

Sylar fails at life.

I'm just thinking out loud folks, so hold your fire.

mellondonkey: I don't think it's the number of powers suppressed because in all previous episodes the Haitian was able to suppress Peter and Sylar's powers easily as well as any others who were in the vicinity. I think Arthur was difficult for the Haitian because of his particular mind control abilities that seemed to be off the charts. Arthur's ability exceeded the Partmans so I guess he was pretty formidable in that department and this is all on top of his ability to absorb powers. I was wondering why Sylar's power was still available during the showdown unless the Haitian's power no longer affected him and then I saw the trailer for next week where Sylar says to someone off camera, "You think you can hold me?" or something to that effect which leads me to believe he was talking to the Haitian, but I'm probably wrong.

Victoria: I think Sylar didn't take Arthur's powers for 3 reasons:

1. He already had virtually all the abilities Arthur possessed.
2. I think Sylar can only take your "natural" super ability. That is to say that one of Arthur's abilities is to absorb other people's powers and Sylar already had that. The other powers weren't "natural" to Arthur. They were not his primary gift so to speak. It's also safe to say that Sylar didn't know about Arthur's other "natural" super power. As a matter of fact I don't remember if Arthur ever demonstrated any ability in the presence of Sylar, but don't burn me at the stake for that one.
3. Sylar wasn't there for abilities but for truth and vengeance. He was going to kill Arthur (or try to) for lying, using and playing him like a cheap harmonica.

I haven't given up on Hiro yet and this episode was what you can do with him instead of making him comedy relief. I want the writers to move Hiro's development beyond the immature and naive. He's witnessed and suffered the vanities of life more than any other character on the show and those experiences are bound to have an effect on him. Will it make him noble or corrupt? A cynic or idealist? A good guy or bad guy? Who knows? Until the next post. Peace.

I have alot of issues with the past episode.
To be perfectly honest i just have to vent...it pretty much sucked. the only good part of the episode was at the end when Peter was choosing to kill his father.
The more they switch allegiances to the 'good' or 'bad' side gets more and more confusing. First Nathan is good (season 1) He gets involved with linderman but does the right thing in the end and helps peter NOT to blow up.
Now he is getting involved in the wrong stuff...again. *Sigh* maybe the last episode he'll change his mind.

Now sylar...first he was bad..(evil guy) then he tried to be good...either permenatly switch or just STOP switching alligences. I personally prefered it when Sylar was just evil...

This tv show was so good but unfortuantely there's just so much going on and switching and going into the future then changing it...am i only the only one but wasn't season 1 and 2 awesume? Why did it change??

I hope the season gets better from here...

Peter had Hiro's power, so Arthur has Hiro's power because he has Peter's power. He took Hiro's power so he could kill him. If Hiro had his power trying to throw him off the roof when he can teleport would be fruitless.

I have issues with the show, but that one was easy if you we're watching the show.

I'm gonna go ahead and list the following characters as "unkillable" by which I mean the show would never get rid of them (assuming they dont' start to suck too much). I'm interested to hear what others think about who should be added or subtracted:

1) Peter - the main guy. the sweet guy. the hunk of the show. there's no way they'll get rid of him.

2) Hiro - it would be way too sad and dark if he died. no one could take it.

3) Mohinder - the narrator. the moral guy. he'll stay around i think.

4) Claire - gotta have a hot chick on the show.

5) Sylar - he's a really good bad guy and the fans love him. conceptually he's good and the actor is good. they won't ditch him unless he moves on to something else.

6) Noah - you just gotta have a badass without powers.

7) The Haitian - not a main character, but his power is too useful to advance plotlines. Killing him would back the writers into a corner.

I consider everyone else expendable. Traci and Nathan are kind of boring. Angela is the last left in her generation and will probably die early in volume 4, Matt Parkman would be a sad loss, but they would do it I think (lost killed him off in Episode 1, right?).

i like the idea of nathan rendering eveyone a fugitive!! but kaito NOT SYLARS DAD.. The guy from smallville is!!

but did he have an affair with Angela? Who know's?!?! I think she is Sylars mum, arthur wanted sylar for himself to proove to angela that he had the power to turn her own son NOT HIS against her, who knows. we will tomorrow night!! yay!!

SLYAR AND PETER will always have LOVE/HATE relationship which is great. far better than romance!!

ok, me thinking aloud - pete has scar! Noah - says "uncle peter, where is your scar gone?
sylar realises that peter is from future, and takes him aside - this where peter gets sylar power.

peter now has that scar on his face, which means he must have got it from loosing powers which co-insides with future - as he has scar there aswell, so now the future is coming true and he has the scar just like it was, so I think the light went into him (nearest host) how he gets his power back I dont know, will have to wait and see I guess. . . .

what do you think of this ^^^^^


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