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Dexter: 'I killed my brother, and I killed yours too. Nyah nyah nyah.'

December 8, 2008 |  7:20 am

I know that there is one more episode left in this season of "Dexter" but I wonder if and how it can top last night's, thanks to Maria LaGerta's (Lauren Velez) detective work, Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) showdown with his archfrenemy Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits), and of course that sexy music-video-style bachelor party.  I say this cynically, however, not breathlessly.  We know from previews that Miguel's brother Ramon (Jason Manuel Olazabal) faces down Dexter for the murder of his two brothers.  But the Ramon Prado storyline throughout the season has seemed choppy and unfulfilling.  He's a menacing guy because he has a temper and a scary bald head and mean eyes but that doesn't make him frightening (for me, still, no bad guy on "Dexter" has been as scary as the Ice Truck Killer).  And while the Skinner is still on the run and a violent killer, he's too panicky and mysterious to really be interesting as a character. 

What I'll miss about Miguel Prado isn't his hulk or how eerily tiny his eyes were in his big face, but the cattiness between Dexter and him.  There was something inherently feminine in their friendship, despite the murderous undertones -- the way they became BFF so quickly, hung out together all the time without really much than superficialities to hold them together. Then the copycatting started, and the witchy comments and backstabbing and front-stabbing.  What's going to happen on the show now that Dexter's gotten Miguel out of the way?

Ah, but even though Dexter finally killed Prado, he still has to figure out what to do with the body.  Who is he going to frame? How will he ensure that Maria LaGuerta doesn't find out the truth? And is he actually going to get married on top of all this?

-- Claire Zulkey