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Britney Spears on 'Good Morning America': Voices from around the Web

Britney Spears' much-anticipated appearance on "Good Morning America" today celebrated both her upcoming tour and her 27th birthday. Now, a few hours later, the critics have spoken. The consensus? Great abs, heinous performance.


“...why can’t she sing and dance at the same time? It's like those slow stomping moves would have caused her to be out of breath.

Maybe Britney is just not a morning person?”

(Elizabeth Snead, The Dish Rag, Latimes.com)

"In Britney: On the Record, Brit talked about how performing is the one thing that makes her happy, but it certainly doesn't seem that way. Gyrating around with circus freaks, her unhappiness is even more palpable. On the upside, her kids were in the second row of the audience and they were wearing adorable hats. Clip above."


"'I'm partial to the 'spontaneous' tossing of popcorn at 1:39. And wait around for Hugh Jackman's awkward happy-birthday serenade via satellite, plus a glimpse of the dumbest person in history, who 'sold her rent money' to see Britney 'sing.' "

(Ew.com, PopWatch)

"...there was no evidence of live performance in there somewhere from anyone on stage, not a single musician or piece of sound equipment visible, aside from her headset microphone that she kept adjusting (Britney, stop worrying! It's not on!)…

I don't want to be too rough on the girl and we can't expect too much from our overhyped pop stars. But singing and dancing are two things we can require."

(Roger Catlin, TV Eye, courant.com)

“Spears’ performance on 'Good Morning America' was vapid and lackluster and more amusing than astounding watching the former musical heavyweight dancing in an unflattering leather outfit surrounded by circus clowns. The overall impression was more of Spears being just another circus freak, rather than the ringmaster of the show."

(Ann Turner, gaywired.com)

What Britney lacked in dance moves on 'Good Morning America,' she definitely made up for in the ab department. Spears brought her now infamous 'Womanizer' strutting/arm-flailing routine to a new song, 'Circus' but her stomach made for quite the distraction.”


“Was anybody else as underwhelmed by this as us????...

Her performance of 'Circus' seemed lethargic. Lacking confidence. And with way too much walking! She didn't even walk well!”


"Once again though it appeared as though there wasn’t much ‘live’ singing going on, and her dancing was, according to reports, not on point –- give the girl a break, it’s her birthday!"


How did it come to this? Read Denise Martin's assessment of Spears' tragic attempt at a "comeback."

-- Compiled by Stephanie Lysaght

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Why did she spray paint her abs to make them look cut?

i don't care if she is not singing live as long as she makes other people happy and leave her alone people who keep on putting her down deserve to be punish especially the paparazzi bec. whether they admit it they earn money out of britney's career let her life goes on if you don't want others do something bad on you then avoid hurting others!!!! have mercy on her!!! look at your own lives do you think althrough out your life you live it morally!!!! guys! she's human as well you but maybe you guys are not!!!! i wish britney the best thing in life !!!!!!! and her career don't forget guys her contribution in the business

It seemed to me that the reason she can't sing LIVE is because she needs to keep count of her dance moves.... I LOVE her, and I really hope that this is what she wants and it makes her HAPPY!!!

I love Britney. I love her Circus Video. I will certainly buy the CD. I hope she sells record numbers so that her critics will have to eat crow! I just don't understand why it is okay for Beyonce to only dance and not sing on the American Music Awards. She couldn't sing and dance at the same time and no one has said a word derogatory about it, yet it seems to be a crime for Britney??? By the way, I also adore Beyonce so I am certainly not demeaning her performance--I loved it. We all know Beyonce rocks. I am just saying- Leave Britney alone. Give the girl some credit, she is talented. As long as her songs make me happy when I hear them and her dances makes me happy when I see them, I will continue to be a fan regardless of the fact that she is according to some unable to perform them both at the same time.

After all the struggles that came to her life and now the pop superstar Britney Spears made a comeback TV on Good Morning America last Tuesday December 2. Britney Spears was one of my biggest role models as a young girl. I’ve been on top of her stories for all these years and I know making a comeback is possible. With the help of payday loans, I was able to make a financial comeback. Of course Britney Spears doesn’t need payday loans to make a grand return, but she has needed a great deal of professional help to make her comeback a reality. Britney has been in the music industry for ten years now. Now 27 years old, she is still an idol for many young women. I can still remember her first music video, “Baby One More Time.” Man, was she striking. No wonder all the guys loved her. Baby One More Time was nominated for two categories at the 2000 Grammy Awards and peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, until October of 2008 when her single "Womanizer" peaked at number one. Her album was a worldwide commercial success. Her career took off since then – until she hit rock bottom. She had a messy divorce and a custody battle with her then husband, Kevin Federline. Along with that, she was facing other charges. And then the whole head-shaving thing took place, attracting more criticism than ever. The whole world was watching the famous pop princess break down. It was a horrible time in her life. Anyway, she has been working hard to repair her image and her career. Britney just announced that she is going on a world tour at the beginning of March 2009. I am definitely securing my ticket when she comes to my neck of the woods. She has done a great job getting back on track. For all of the crazy things she’s gone through and endured, making a comeback is tough yet possible. Like Britney, I have also made a lot of bad decisions in my personal financial dealings. With the help of payday loans and other financial help I’ve been receiving, I’m on my way back to the top.

I feel sorry for her, cuz this performance was BAD! She looked like she was in a walking coma. About her singing, I am not surprised cuz she never sings live, and her dancing was not great! She's not ready, she needs to go on a long vacation...she needs to rest.

give the girl a break God at least she made the effort to do the damn performance and im so proud of her for her comeback and her new songs are amazing i mean ya she lip sings but she cant dance and sing at the same time. maybe other postars dont lip sing but they also dont dance like her and she is not over weight and yal are just jelous that you cant match up to her. she is awsome and i like her the way she is. of coarse she doesnt dance like she used to but she is getting older and you cant expect her to do what she used to do but she can still perform and it was awsome that she walked through the ring of fire. she must be doing something right because her new cd is number one on i tunes and her video circus is number one on i tunes and the song circus is number one on i tunes and womanizer is number one. she rools and im going to her new concert and im looking forward to it so anyways she rocks and she is a lot better and she is just getting her life straight and the last thing she needs is to be put down by negative comments. SHE NEEDS SOME SUPPORT SO GIVE HER A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE ROCKS

I thought there was something wrong with her She seemed incapable of moving. Maybe she was so tightly corsetted she couldn't breath


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