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'Biggest Loser': Victory for Michelle, death threats for Vicky

Biggestloser Good triumphed over....Vicky. And Heba.

Michelle won $250,000 and the title of "The Biggest Loser" tonight, overcoming a childhood traumatized by divorce and, perhaps more importantly, beating out two fellow competitors who were seen as two of the most conniving and unappealing contestants in the show's history.

"I earned it," said Michelle, who joined the show as a duo alongside her mother, Renee, and immediately became a fan favorite both because of her doggedness in the gym and her kind, forgiving demeanor. Michelle had been estranged from her mother for years after her parents' divorce. America had a front-row seat as the two repaired their relationship and lost a combined 216 pounds.

Michelle alone lost 110 pounds, or an astonishing 45.45% of her body weight, to win the game and become only the second woman to win "The Biggest Loser" title.

For fans of the show, though, Michelle's victory was all the more sweet because it came at the expense of Vicky and Heba....

Heba, you may recall, came into the house as a bit of a bully -- make that a big loud bully -- who immediately began throwing her weight around to get her way. (Blame it on her husband, Ed, who apparently spends his life trying to do everything he can to make/keep her happy.)

She created divides and alliances in the house, and was the first to turn the tables on a competitor -- and then spent the rest of her time at the Biggest Loser ranch complaining bitterly and loudly at any smack of game playing that didn't suit her purposes.

Well, Heba finally got hers. Kinda.

In an odd twist of fate, Heba and Ed ended up competing for the third spot in the finals. The decision was left up to the public to vote between the two. Ed, being the dutiful husband, begged America to let his wife win. Heba also begged America to let her win.

America gave her the backhand: In a "landslide" vote, 84% of the votes cast were against Heba.

Heba didn't go home empty-handed, however. She was eligible for and won the $100,000 runners-up prize for losing 138 pounds, or 46.94% of her body weight.

In other words, if she had curried a little more favor with the public, she would have landed the third-place spot -- and she would have won.

Afterward, asked why America voted against her, she said "I guess there are just a lot of negative people out there who don't like to see success." (Heba, who said she wanted to join the show to lose weight so she could have a healthy pregnancy, said family planning is on hold for now: "I want to spend a summer where I can wear a bathing suit and not feel bad about myself. Call me when that's over.")

Vicky, meanwhile -- who was dubbed by trainer Bob Harper to be "Shakespearean" in her efforts to manipulate her teammates -- missed winning the $250,000 prize by 1 pound.

See? There is justice after all.

In an interview after the show, Vicky said she was unfairly depicted on the show. While she said the producers could have portrayed her positively as a mother struggling to balance work and family and improve the health of her two children, they chose to portray her as a schemer.

To hear her tell it, it was all camerawork.

She has been so widely reviled that she had to change her phone number because she was receiving death threats, and to this day continues to receive letters telling her what a horrible person she is.

"Most people hate my guts," Vicky said, later adding that perhaps so many people disliked her because she was a determined competitor who knew what she wanted and wasn't about to let anyone stand in her way. "Women need to be strong and they need to use their heads."

She also added: "I feel bad for the people who are writing those letters. They don't know me."

On a completely unrelated note:

It's impossible to say whether Vicky was misportrayed or not (although the fact that Mr. Nice Guy Bob Harper called her out for being manipulative suggests that she doth protesteth too much.)

But I can report firsthand that TV does not become Vicky.

She often looked haggard during the game, even after her makeover. In person, though, she is a head-turner, with clear, smooth skin, bright teeth and stunning green eyes.

-- Rene Lynch

(Photo courtesy NBC)

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I think Vicky is a vicious person. Brady and her are a match made in heaven or should I say HELL. One uglier than the other. THEY ARE HATERS!! NOT STRONG COMPETITIORS!!! Definitely have psycological issues. They make their children that way. THe way they treated Amy, Phil, and Amy was totally disgusting. They treat EVERYONE that opposes a threat to them the same way outside of this game. I can guarantee if you interview family and friends they will agree.

Now that you lost the weight VIcky and Brady...use your money for a psychiatrist and/or therapist. Work on your deep issues regarding yourselves! You are not nice people at all!!!

As for Heba, you are a joke!!! Your husband is not strong enough to tell you to step off. Ed if I have any advise for you - LEARN HOW TO PUT YOUR WIFE IN CHECK!!!! The bitch is out of control. Sorry but that is what she portrays and so does her friend Vicky.

Get lives and realize this was just a show and a game...If you are not a good,kind, understanding human being...your time on earth is a waste. Its more than just winning, its how you play the game. The journey justifies the means.

I'm sitting here watching the new BL series and am amazed at how thin Bob looks. Does anyone else out there notice the way his face appears thin - sunken eyes, cheek nand forehead bone structure more visible? His coloring also does not look healthy. I certainly hope Bob's health is good and that maybe it is not a critical heath concern for him. He has been a driving force on the show and has motivated so many with his positive encouragement! I wish all the best for Bob in everything he does!

So Icky says that people don't know her? If she is defending/denying her behavior so much, then she doesn't know herself any more than they.

All I know is, TBL "Drama" was too much in this season. I know that the writers of the show are going for ratings, but all I got was a headache. Biggest Loser Couples 2009 has been quite eventful as well, but without the rude behavior, much more enjoyable.

I just saw the finale of Season 6, but then went back and watched the whole season, as I was curious as to why the popular vote went against Ed's wishes. Watching Season 6 made my skin crawl. Every episode, right from the beginning, made me physically hurt. Other seasons have made me feel motivated to make a positive change in my life. This season just makes me want to scream and hurl things at my beloved TV set.

Vicky and Brady and Heba and Ed will always be those unattractive, trashy people you see screaming at their kids in the supermarket and threatening to hit them. The deserve each other and the harsh words that come their way. If I ended up in hospital, with Vicky as a nurse, I would request a new one. I'm sure she thinks she's a great nurse, because she also thinks she's a nice person!

Michelle, Rene, Phil, Amy, and Coleen made this season for me. Go Michelle!

We are a little bit behind America here in Norway, as far as the Biggest Loser is concerned, so we are only just showing the 2008 Biggest Loser - but what a show it is!! I have followed all the Biggest Loser shows, and cannot remember anyone ever behaving more bitchy than Vicky and Heba.. if there were ever anybody not deserving to win it would be them.. what cows!!! And it surprises me that they were not stopped with their bullying?? Perhaps because it made for a better show? Unfortunately it didn't for us here in Norway.. the general feeling here is that people don't really feel like watching the show because of the bullying that is being portrayed.. Hopefully this will be a lesson learned and if it ever happened again the person would be expelled from the show!!

here in Sweden we also have the same opinion about Heba and Vicky - so
it was not all built up by tv.

For some shows ago when Vicky almost was eliminated, she said she had to stay on the farm cause she was working 60 hours a week and have kids.

I would like to know if she have 3 cars or swimmingpool? cause here we always have less money and more time with our children, it is too late when
you don´t know them and they are 18 years old.

this videolink will always be out there on Yahoo, so all upcoming Vickys

be aware....


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