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'Biggest Loser': Victory for Michelle, death threats for Vicky

Biggestloser Good triumphed over....Vicky. And Heba.

Michelle won $250,000 and the title of "The Biggest Loser" tonight, overcoming a childhood traumatized by divorce and, perhaps more importantly, beating out two fellow competitors who were seen as two of the most conniving and unappealing contestants in the show's history.

"I earned it," said Michelle, who joined the show as a duo alongside her mother, Renee, and immediately became a fan favorite both because of her doggedness in the gym and her kind, forgiving demeanor. Michelle had been estranged from her mother for years after her parents' divorce. America had a front-row seat as the two repaired their relationship and lost a combined 216 pounds.

Michelle alone lost 110 pounds, or an astonishing 45.45% of her body weight, to win the game and become only the second woman to win "The Biggest Loser" title.

For fans of the show, though, Michelle's victory was all the more sweet because it came at the expense of Vicky and Heba....

Heba, you may recall, came into the house as a bit of a bully -- make that a big loud bully -- who immediately began throwing her weight around to get her way. (Blame it on her husband, Ed, who apparently spends his life trying to do everything he can to make/keep her happy.)

She created divides and alliances in the house, and was the first to turn the tables on a competitor -- and then spent the rest of her time at the Biggest Loser ranch complaining bitterly and loudly at any smack of game playing that didn't suit her purposes.

Well, Heba finally got hers. Kinda.

In an odd twist of fate, Heba and Ed ended up competing for the third spot in the finals. The decision was left up to the public to vote between the two. Ed, being the dutiful husband, begged America to let his wife win. Heba also begged America to let her win.

America gave her the backhand: In a "landslide" vote, 84% of the votes cast were against Heba.

Heba didn't go home empty-handed, however. She was eligible for and won the $100,000 runners-up prize for losing 138 pounds, or 46.94% of her body weight.

In other words, if she had curried a little more favor with the public, she would have landed the third-place spot -- and she would have won.

Afterward, asked why America voted against her, she said "I guess there are just a lot of negative people out there who don't like to see success." (Heba, who said she wanted to join the show to lose weight so she could have a healthy pregnancy, said family planning is on hold for now: "I want to spend a summer where I can wear a bathing suit and not feel bad about myself. Call me when that's over.")

Vicky, meanwhile -- who was dubbed by trainer Bob Harper to be "Shakespearean" in her efforts to manipulate her teammates -- missed winning the $250,000 prize by 1 pound.

See? There is justice after all.

In an interview after the show, Vicky said she was unfairly depicted on the show. While she said the producers could have portrayed her positively as a mother struggling to balance work and family and improve the health of her two children, they chose to portray her as a schemer.

To hear her tell it, it was all camerawork.

She has been so widely reviled that she had to change her phone number because she was receiving death threats, and to this day continues to receive letters telling her what a horrible person she is.

"Most people hate my guts," Vicky said, later adding that perhaps so many people disliked her because she was a determined competitor who knew what she wanted and wasn't about to let anyone stand in her way. "Women need to be strong and they need to use their heads."

She also added: "I feel bad for the people who are writing those letters. They don't know me."

On a completely unrelated note:

It's impossible to say whether Vicky was misportrayed or not (although the fact that Mr. Nice Guy Bob Harper called her out for being manipulative suggests that she doth protesteth too much.)

But I can report firsthand that TV does not become Vicky.

She often looked haggard during the game, even after her makeover. In person, though, she is a head-turner, with clear, smooth skin, bright teeth and stunning green eyes.

-- Rene Lynch

(Photo courtesy NBC)

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the 16% that voted for heba were heba's minions from south/north carolina. apparently she told ALL her friends and friends of friends to vote for her. what a selfish cow.

CONGRATULATIONS Michelle. I too feel like most of America. I started to not like the show , but they were lucky ot have Michelle on it. She kept my interest and coming back to watch the show. Vicky, Heba and Ed are just mean. Vicky is the worst. Heba is a bully and Ed is a wimp. Congratulations Jillian. Sorry Bob. The "church" of Bob is unhealthy. I would like to have thrown a shoe at Vicky.

I am soooooooo pleased that Michelle won the 250k. She worked very hard for it, despite the pure nastiness displayed by the witch-duo of Heba and Vicky. Those were two of the worst contestants yet, and should have been screened out before they ever got onto the show. It's a shame Bob encouraged their vile behavior, I lost a lot of respect for him. Anyway, Michelle won the biggie, so there is justice in this old world.

Bob was horrible this year. Not the Bob I have loved the past seasons. Keeping in mind he chose his people it is no wonder the blue team was horrible this year as well. I almost stopped watching mid season but I stayed tuned in to watch Gillian and the Black Team pull it off in the end!!!!! Way to go MIchelle and the best trainer Gillian!!!!!!!

I cannot tell you how happy I was when Michelle won! I am really proud of her and wish her all the best with what awaits her... As for Icky Vicky and Hefa (aka Heba).... I would have like to see neither one of them receive anything. Like everyone has commented before, this is a show that is made be inspirational, not cut-throat. I felt frustrated watching the show and that witch Vicky doing her dirty work. I have watched the show faithfully for 4 seasons and I am looking forward to the new season of BL.... hopefully there will not be another contestant that lacks character like Vicky.... and we can get back to good television.....

I wish that they would have commented on the fact that Michelle was the only contestant left from the Black Team and won over all the other Blue Team and their stupid alliance. Yeah for Michelle!! I also think that Amy made a big mistake when she didn't vote Vicky off the show and lost because of it. Even thought Heba wasn't the nicest person, she did lose an incredible amount of weight for a woman. This she can be proud of doing.

Way to go Michelle!!! I am so glad Michelle won. She deserved to win. She played the game with respect and integrity. While Vicky and Heba ran their mouths, Michelle was running a mile. I am glad that the rest of America felt the way i did and voted for Ed. Heba and Vicky got what they deserved.

Heba is pretty stuck up to think that her husband won by a landslide because some people don't want to see success...are you kidding me? She obviously has no idea how she came across to the viewers. It would also be nice to see her be just a little happy for her husband that he was chosen to be the third finalist. In her world, it's all about Heba! I feel sorry for Ed.

As much as I didn't care for Vicki I despised Heba more. I've know so many people like her and trust me, she doesn't get and never will. In her mind, what's good for Heba is what's good for everyone. I'm sure it never occurred to her that America wouldn't vote her in. After all, she's such a wonderful person. Remember her saying Phil doesn't deserve a friend like her. ha ha For fans of this show, we usually want to see all of the contestants succeed. This is the first time I've ever had such dislike for so many contestants.

I'm looking forward to the next season coming next month!

Congrats to Michelle!

Hey Hans Bob didn't pick his team this season. That was last season. Heba won the challenge (eating in the dark) and picked the teams and chose to spilt up Amy and Phil.

All that said, Heba was different once Ed came back and Phil was gone. But, it was too late. I couldn't/can't stand her. Ed seemed to be a good guy although a door mat. They asked Heba how she felt that Ed begged America to vote for her and she said, "it was a complete surprise...". Bob had already called it out before it happened that Ed gained weight the last week to help get Heba to the finals.

Heba you can call me negative if you want to. You can blame the producers if you want, but it was you and Vicky that took a show that America loves and made it almost impossible to watch. At one time I was watching this show for insipration. But, after the way you two acted I only watched in the hopes that you would be voted off. When I was given a chance you know I voted against you!

This is the only reality show I watch. If Vicky, Ed or Heba had won, it would have been my last season to watch. I like that it is a win-win show for most people-- whether or not they are eliminated from the play. I was glad to see the nastiness this trio(plus Brady) was overcome by Michele who showed personal integrity throughout the show. And, I could not have continued to go to 24 Hr. Fitness and see a big poster of any of the 4 evil alliance-- I'll be glad to see Michele's inspirational picture there.

Congratulations Michelle....the true winner won! Perhaps when Heba, Ed, and Vicky watch the show later they will see what a true winner and team player looks like. The pathetic Ed and equally pathetic as well as obese Heba could have really been role models on how hard work and dedication make it possible for a morbidly obese person to change their life....but noooo. They were all consumed with the money....and Vicky, well I am sure Houma is really proud of that one, NOT! I'm not sure any of those 3 are smart enough to see how they humiliated themselves and their families with their stupid comments, and childish game playing! So sad, these are adults with no people skills and certainly no pride! Truly, what goes around comes around. There are 3 huge LOSERS left behind to prove that! Best wishes to you Michelle! You and your Mom deserve all good things and I wish you both well!

I LOVE MICHELLE!! I am sooo happy she won! Heba, Ed, and Vicky were nasty people and players. Vicky was a game-player and her coming in last of the top 3 was just karma. Ed and Heba might not be as bad if they didn't have each other, but together, they are both rude and nasty people. If Vicky had won I actually would have cried! MICHELLE DESERVED IT! Once again, I LOVE MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy for Mitchell. She totally deserved it. I was a bit disappointed that Colleen didn't lose as much weight as I felt she could. Everyone looked great but I was stunned by the way Phil's wife Amy looked. She was gorgeous. Tall and sleek, Phil was almost unrecognizable. They suddenly looked like the sexy power couple. As for the witches Heba and Vicky, Sucks for them. I so laughed when Ed was voted on as the third person. By the way what the hell happened to Heba's boobs? Anyways loved MIchelle and her Mom, I always thought they were beautiful now they are just glowing inside and out.

congratulations to all the contestants for amazing wieght loss, you all deserve alot of credit especially the ones that went home early and still lost alot of wieght. Jillian is an awesome trainer, way to go Michele.

You reap what you sow. I am glad we voted for Ed to compete so at least Heba wouldn't have won. I am glad Michelle won. She put up with alot on the show and before her weight loss. We are proud of you Michelle.

It's unfortunate that the world has people such as Heba and Vicky, but at least they weren't victorious with their schemes and vindictiveness. Hooray for Michelle!!!

Hallelujah GOD is so Good! Hateful Heba and Icky Vicky would not last very long in the deep bible belt of Alabama with those dreadful bad girl attitudes!

The sisters here (of all cultures) would have to teach them some Southern Charm of which they are obviously lacking!

Way-to-go Michelle - God is good!

Bob and Jillian are so different from each other. I have seen that they both are good at heart, caring toward the contestants, and standing up for what's right. But you'll see Bob focusing too much on winning while JIll beats it out in the gym to have her ppl reach their full potential to become the best they are capable of becoming. Also, Bob will support his team in their quest to "crush the black team"...what kind of sick motive is that? NO! Jill's team mutters not a single word of ferociousness against their opposition, but remains calm and focused to do their personal best.

Mr. BOB, if you want to be successful next year, go in thinking ur team is the underdog (like Jill's is). That way you play to prove yourselves just worthy of competing, and not jumping toward the end results. Sometimes success is a gift to the hard workers who don't make it their priority.

Vicky is a lying *****, and I'm GLAD that she didn't win. If she won, I would of asked a hobo to murder me in my sleep.

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