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'Biggest Loser': Victory for Michelle, death threats for Vicky

Biggestloser Good triumphed over....Vicky. And Heba.

Michelle won $250,000 and the title of "The Biggest Loser" tonight, overcoming a childhood traumatized by divorce and, perhaps more importantly, beating out two fellow competitors who were seen as two of the most conniving and unappealing contestants in the show's history.

"I earned it," said Michelle, who joined the show as a duo alongside her mother, Renee, and immediately became a fan favorite both because of her doggedness in the gym and her kind, forgiving demeanor. Michelle had been estranged from her mother for years after her parents' divorce. America had a front-row seat as the two repaired their relationship and lost a combined 216 pounds.

Michelle alone lost 110 pounds, or an astonishing 45.45% of her body weight, to win the game and become only the second woman to win "The Biggest Loser" title.

For fans of the show, though, Michelle's victory was all the more sweet because it came at the expense of Vicky and Heba....

Heba, you may recall, came into the house as a bit of a bully -- make that a big loud bully -- who immediately began throwing her weight around to get her way. (Blame it on her husband, Ed, who apparently spends his life trying to do everything he can to make/keep her happy.)

She created divides and alliances in the house, and was the first to turn the tables on a competitor -- and then spent the rest of her time at the Biggest Loser ranch complaining bitterly and loudly at any smack of game playing that didn't suit her purposes.

Well, Heba finally got hers. Kinda.

In an odd twist of fate, Heba and Ed ended up competing for the third spot in the finals. The decision was left up to the public to vote between the two. Ed, being the dutiful husband, begged America to let his wife win. Heba also begged America to let her win.

America gave her the backhand: In a "landslide" vote, 84% of the votes cast were against Heba.

Heba didn't go home empty-handed, however. She was eligible for and won the $100,000 runners-up prize for losing 138 pounds, or 46.94% of her body weight.

In other words, if she had curried a little more favor with the public, she would have landed the third-place spot -- and she would have won.

Afterward, asked why America voted against her, she said "I guess there are just a lot of negative people out there who don't like to see success." (Heba, who said she wanted to join the show to lose weight so she could have a healthy pregnancy, said family planning is on hold for now: "I want to spend a summer where I can wear a bathing suit and not feel bad about myself. Call me when that's over.")

Vicky, meanwhile -- who was dubbed by trainer Bob Harper to be "Shakespearean" in her efforts to manipulate her teammates -- missed winning the $250,000 prize by 1 pound.

See? There is justice after all.

In an interview after the show, Vicky said she was unfairly depicted on the show. While she said the producers could have portrayed her positively as a mother struggling to balance work and family and improve the health of her two children, they chose to portray her as a schemer.

To hear her tell it, it was all camerawork.

She has been so widely reviled that she had to change her phone number because she was receiving death threats, and to this day continues to receive letters telling her what a horrible person she is.

"Most people hate my guts," Vicky said, later adding that perhaps so many people disliked her because she was a determined competitor who knew what she wanted and wasn't about to let anyone stand in her way. "Women need to be strong and they need to use their heads."

She also added: "I feel bad for the people who are writing those letters. They don't know me."

On a completely unrelated note:

It's impossible to say whether Vicky was misportrayed or not (although the fact that Mr. Nice Guy Bob Harper called her out for being manipulative suggests that she doth protesteth too much.)

But I can report firsthand that TV does not become Vicky.

She often looked haggard during the game, even after her makeover. In person, though, she is a head-turner, with clear, smooth skin, bright teeth and stunning green eyes.

-- Rene Lynch

(Photo courtesy NBC)

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People voted for Ed for one reason: Vickie and Heba and Ed were nasty players on the show. It is ironic that millions of people who voted, except for 16%, chose Ed, on their own, without a group to back them up. That many people saw what went on during the show and chose to make sure that Heba did not get her wish, no matter how Ed felt about it. Vickie and Heba never got what the Biggest Loser is about, nor did Ed. Heba and Ed can be happy for their weight loss and the $100,000, and Vickie can be glad for her weight loss. Hopefully, in the future no other contestants on the Biggest Loser will think that the game is more important than the people.

Vickie, You may have lost in the long run if you never realize why you gained weight to begin with and needed to take it off for reasons other than winning a game. Heba and Ed need to appreciate what the Biggest Loser is all about and quit worrying so much about how to fit in with the apparent "In" group. Be humans first, winners later.

Justice!!! I'm so glad Michelle won! I can't imagine the nightmare for The Biggest Loser if Vicky had won and been their spokeswoman! Of course, like most of America, I couldn't stand Vicky.

BTW, I am sick of the couples editions of this show!! I wish it would go back to individuals. I'm weary of the dysfunctional family dynamics crap and the wimpy husbands.

Good story about BL, except one fact is wrong -- Vicky did not miss the $250k by 1 pound. She missed SECOND place (ahead of Ed) by 1 pound. Vicky needed to lose 112 pounds (11 more than she lost) to beat Michelle for first.

Im glad Michele won! The show didnt portray Vickie as a bitch, she did that herself!

When Heba came out last night in that AWFUL dress, my husband turned to me and said "Are her boobs really hanging down to her waiste, or is it just the dress?" He busted out laughing every time they had a full-length view.

I KNOW she didn't have that dress when she went to the ranch, so why didn't she buy a bra at the same time she bought the dress? Foundation garments are, well, the FOUNDATION of every good style!

Just a correction - Vicky did not miss winning the prize by 1 pound. She missed beating Ed by 1 pound. Michelle had her weight loss percentage beat.

Ed: 335 to 196, -139
Total percentage of weight loss: 41.49%

Vicky: 246 to 145, -101
Total percentage of weight loss: 41.06%

Michelle: 242 to 132, -110
Total percentage of weight loss: 45.45%

You said:
She often looked haggard during the game, even after her makeover. In person, though, she is a head-turner, with clear, smooth skin, bright teeth and stunning green eyes.

Watching the finale with my husband I made a comment about how Vicky's eyes were quite beautiful. My husband laughed at me and said, "Yep - too bad she was such a b*&%h!" Sure, sometimes these shows can make a person out to be the bad guy. However, we all saw Vicky, Brady, Heba and Ed be unforgivably mean to Amy and Phil. Only so much of that is camera work. I've never seen such a mean spirited group on this show. Heba was a bully and she was annoying. I was pleased to see America call her out on it.

Icky Vicky made her bed. The majority of Amercians sit with kleenex in tote to watch these transformations. Icky & Fata Heba brought this on themselves. I have followed the many blogs and have to say I felt vindicated when America trashed these two fatties. I can only say how happy I am that sweet Michelle won. Looking forward to 09 show. I think if Vicky had won the rating would have taken a serious hit. BTW anyone catch Allison saying "Vicky you have a standing ovation" I am certain it was b/c she didn't win any other thoughts???

First, Heba's comment about "all of the negative people out there" sounds very defensive on her part. I would hope that once the dust settles that both Heba and Vicky take a good look at themselves and ask is there really something that I need to do to improve my attitude and behavior toward others outside of my immediate family and friends? All of us can stand some constructive criticism at times. Fortunately most of us won't received this insight on a nationallly viewed TV program, OUCH! I, of course do not know either of them, Heba or Vicky, but it was almost painful to watch their behavior from week to week. I primarily watch the show for inspriation and to see how several people can take charge of their health, turn it around and live the life that God has purposed them to live in a healthy manner. If I wanted to observe hatefulness and manipulation I would watch one of the other survival type shows out there. Also I applaud Colleen's dad for all of this efforts. He deserves a special award.

I thought Michelle was the stunning one. I am sooooo glad she won. If I had never seen an episode I might have felt differently about Vicky watching the finale last night. Unfortunately, I had seen most of the shows and when on a recent episode she was up on a platform and wouldn't jump in the water I was hoping the producers would call in a sniper.

Actually, Vicky needed to lose another 11 pounds to beat Michelle's loss. She was 1 pound out of 2nd place (vs Ed)

Ed 139/335 = 41.49%
Vicky 101/246 = 41.06%
Michelle 110/242 = 45.45%

Vicky said the producers of the show could have shown her in a more positive light? Soooo...she never called Amy a bitch and posted signs on her door that read "Revenge," and she wasn't so mean to Phil that she made his wife cry? It must have been a bad camera angle.

Vicky didn't lose to Michelle by 1 lb. They weighed pretty close to the same going in, yet Michelle lost 9 lbs more than Vicky.

But the rest of the article is spot on. And while the producers may not have edited to play up any of Vicky's strengths, editing can't put words in Vicky's mouth. And her vengeful, grudge holding would have been apparent even through the most favorable of editing.

you mention above that in person, witch vicky, is a head turner. I really wish you had not said that, I really cannot stand to hear anything nice about this horrible excuse of a woman, mother, and human being in general. I think she and Heba should just crawl off in a cave somewhere and stay there.

It wasn't camerawork and editing that wrote the threatening note about Amy C. That was all you, Icky Vicky!

death threats? are you kidding me? For a retarded reality TV show?

people that watch that much TV are completed losers. I mean you take the show and its "characters" that seriously?

wow, people really need to get new hobbies than watching TV all day and warping reality TV with real life.


Heba, Heba, Heba, Please go spend some of that money on a New Bra that fits! Looked like fruit roll ups under that dress!

Hurray for Michelle! Such a truly deserving person, especially in stunning contrast to Heba and Vicky. Vicky in particular was an ugly person, extraordinarily distasteful to watch. I had a positively visceral reaction to her. And the other poster who remarked that Ed and Heba just "didn't get it" were spot on. Horrifying to think of those two producing children. And no amount of switching around the editing of the show could have changed America's perception of these people--- they were all just plain nasty and unpleasant. Ed wasn't quite as bad, but then, he was clearly a doormat for Heba. Anyone taking bets on how quickly Vicky puts the pounds back on?

First off it's all a game people. Sure we only see clips here and there of the footage that is juicy enough to show. And I too think that Vicky's image on the show was her doing. She needs to own up to how she acted at times, regardless if the editing team tried to paint her as a heartless, cruel, bully. There were many times I wanted to see Vicky go home and actually found myself 'praying' she would get what she deserved. But I'm appauled she would receive "death threats" or harrassing calls. Now that's crazy. We have worse people out there walking the street.

But I don't think Vicky is a totally bad person in real life, I just think she went about it all in the wrong way. Some people are insanely groupy-ish and competitive..these kinds of people make me want to gag and i want nothing more than to see them not succeed with their evil plans. But I also believe Vicky learned a lot about herself through this experience...i know i would if millions of people felt the same way about my behavior. Heba on the other hand was just as worse. When Heba's husband went home, she started acting just like Vicky. She totally changed up once her husband came back, and Vicky was left out there to look like she was the grinch. Heba felt safe and could care less about Vicky.

I saw a new person once the dust settled, and i believe Vicky has paid enough for her actions. And I think the best person took home the prize! Go Michelle!

The standing ovation for Vicky was definitely due to the lack of her winning anything. If you noticed the applauds at the beginning of the show, it was awkwardly quiet when Vicky was mentioned whereas there were cheers for Michelle (and actually Heba and Ed too).

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