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'Biggest Loser': It's all about -- who else? -- Heba

December 9, 2008 | 10:41 pm

Heba Tricky Vicky is in, so is Michelle. But will it be Ed, or Heba, competing for the title of 'Biggest Loser'?

America will get to decide.

That news -- that the third and last spot in the competition will be decided by an "American Idol"-style telephone vote -- appears to be the last twist and turn in a twist-and-turn-filled Season 6.

But the first twist of the night came courtesy of Ed, who gained 2 pounds at this week's weigh-in. That sent him below the yellow alone along with his wife, who lost 7 pounds but still ended up on the chopping block. Bob attributed the turn of events to game play, arguing that there was no way Ed could have gained weight in his last week: "It's obvious there was game playing involved.... Ed is going to do whatever he can do to give Heba what she wants."

And Heba wants to be in the finale.

But am I missing something? Why wouldn't Ed and Heba just work out doubly hard to make sure that both landed above the yellow line and earned a spot in the finale? Or maybe they think they can now win both Biggest Loser prizes -- the $250,000 prize for the winner on the show and the at-home prize as well?

After the weigh-in, both Heba and Ed were given the opportunity to make their cases for America's vote.

Heba, of course, made it all about her: She wants to stay to prove that "the big girls," as she puts it, can win. Ed, of course, also made it all about Heba: "Please, please, please vote for Heba," he said.

Vicky -- who is finally settling into that red Jessica Rabbit-style hairdo she got during last week's makeovers -- is not only on track to possibly win this thing, she's also vying for the title of the biggest villainess ever in "Biggest Loser" history. Even though I can't stand the thought of Vicky winning, she has earned the right to be in the finale by losing an astounding 76 pounds. That's not easy to do when your full-time job is game playing and manipulating those around you. (Do you think she will regret looking so sneaky all the time? Not if she's $250,000 richer!)

And if she wins, can she keep the weight off? Her conversation with Bob about this was interesting: Bob said he was concerned that she was so focused on game playing that perhaps she hadn't really learned the tools needed to keep the weight off. He asked her: "I know that you've been thinking so much about the game.... What's going to stop you from gaining all the weight back?" (Bob added that the Season 1 winner was a master puppeteer who manipulated everyone around him  -- and then gained all the weight back afer the show.)

Vicky herself said as much when she conceded that she still doesn't know why she let herself gain all the excess weight: "I don't feel like I've fixed that."

By the end of the show, though, she seemed to have convinced Bob that she really had learned all she needed to and would never go back to being the old Vicky. We shall see. 

Michelle seems transformed, not just physically but emotionally, by this process. But it doesn't look like she has as much weight to lose as the others. Do you think she has a real chance at winning?

-- Rene Lynch

(Photo courtesy NBC)