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'Biggest Loser': It's all about -- who else? -- Heba

Heba Tricky Vicky is in, so is Michelle. But will it be Ed, or Heba, competing for the title of 'Biggest Loser'?

America will get to decide.

That news -- that the third and last spot in the competition will be decided by an "American Idol"-style telephone vote -- appears to be the last twist and turn in a twist-and-turn-filled Season 6.

But the first twist of the night came courtesy of Ed, who gained 2 pounds at this week's weigh-in. That sent him below the yellow alone along with his wife, who lost 7 pounds but still ended up on the chopping block. Bob attributed the turn of events to game play, arguing that there was no way Ed could have gained weight in his last week: "It's obvious there was game playing involved.... Ed is going to do whatever he can do to give Heba what she wants."

And Heba wants to be in the finale.

But am I missing something? Why wouldn't Ed and Heba just work out doubly hard to make sure that both landed above the yellow line and earned a spot in the finale? Or maybe they think they can now win both Biggest Loser prizes -- the $250,000 prize for the winner on the show and the at-home prize as well?

After the weigh-in, both Heba and Ed were given the opportunity to make their cases for America's vote.

Heba, of course, made it all about her: She wants to stay to prove that "the big girls," as she puts it, can win. Ed, of course, also made it all about Heba: "Please, please, please vote for Heba," he said.

Vicky -- who is finally settling into that red Jessica Rabbit-style hairdo she got during last week's makeovers -- is not only on track to possibly win this thing, she's also vying for the title of the biggest villainess ever in "Biggest Loser" history. Even though I can't stand the thought of Vicky winning, she has earned the right to be in the finale by losing an astounding 76 pounds. That's not easy to do when your full-time job is game playing and manipulating those around you. (Do you think she will regret looking so sneaky all the time? Not if she's $250,000 richer!)

And if she wins, can she keep the weight off? Her conversation with Bob about this was interesting: Bob said he was concerned that she was so focused on game playing that perhaps she hadn't really learned the tools needed to keep the weight off. He asked her: "I know that you've been thinking so much about the game.... What's going to stop you from gaining all the weight back?" (Bob added that the Season 1 winner was a master puppeteer who manipulated everyone around him  -- and then gained all the weight back afer the show.)

Vicky herself said as much when she conceded that she still doesn't know why she let herself gain all the excess weight: "I don't feel like I've fixed that."

By the end of the show, though, she seemed to have convinced Bob that she really had learned all she needed to and would never go back to being the old Vicky. We shall see. 

Michelle seems transformed, not just physically but emotionally, by this process. But it doesn't look like she has as much weight to lose as the others. Do you think she has a real chance at winning?

-- Rene Lynch

(Photo courtesy NBC)

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Michelle is the one that deserves to win, and I think she can pull it off!

Based on beginning weights and end weights on the final taped show, Michelle had the biggest percentage of weight loss (33%, to Vicki's 30%, Heba's 28%, and Ed's 24%). Also, she and Vicki started at close to the same weight (242 and 246 respectively) even though Vicki is 3" taller than Michelle...so I believe that Michelle has more weight that she can potentially lose to keep her in the lead!

I say vote Ed into the final to deny Heba getting into the final, as she needs to realize she can't always have things her way!

i think the show is great and i have been trying for years to keep off the weight and i ahve been watching what i do eat i did not eat during the hoildays
and i do not eat cake and stuff no more so what kinda of stuff can you eat that won't cost you out the butt. i hav elost 35 pounds and i'm trying to loose more thanks for the show.
anmd good luck to the biggest looser finalist.

I think the show is getting to be all about who is the biggest witch and I think both of them Heba and Ed should be eliminated and Michelle should be the biggest winner since her percentage was the most.

OMG Michelle looks so beautiful and confident. However I'm worried because at the end of the day she has the least weight to lose...thus icky Vicky could really win this. After all is said and done, I think this was a great season. Although I can't stand Vicky I still gotta give her props for making it to the final. As for Heba and Ed, wouldn't it be great if America ignored their pleas and just vote for Ed to be in the final? lol. Anyways whatever the outcome I'm still proud of Michelle and Renee. And I want either Jerry or Colleen to win the $100,000 prize but I wouldn't be upset if Amy C, Shellay, Phil or his wife Amy won it.

Vicky is the ugliest person to be on this show since I have watched this program. She has done nothing but create turmoil. I am really sorry she is one of the last standing. I almost stopped watching this season because of her, but I continued to track the black teams progress. I am happy Michele has lasted, my money is on her to kick Vicky's rude, obnoxious, hateful ass.

I hope Michelle wins because she's the only one that I feel has learned from this experience and she needed to find herself and the biggest loser helped her to do that. She is an inspiration and I wish her nothing but the best. All of the others worked hard as well, but throughout the game I never heard Michelle say anything to hurt another contestant, she only hurt herself thinking she couldn't do it and I'm so proud that she did because she deserved it. Keep up the good work Michelle.

Lori Miller

Micelle may just win. Look at Ali! It did not look like she had much weight to lose and she took the show.

who is the third finalist?

Michele has it all the way if we vote in Heba just look at her body language lazy drooping shoulders and mopey attitude she really never puts out the effort during the challanges or workouts " look how many times she has been below the line" same with Vicki they are lazy and MEAN. Ed seems to put out enough effort to possibly beat Michele when you care about yourself in this game they are the ones that excell and win to much game play among the others.

I want Michelle to be the bigger looser. She is a great person. I do not like Vicky at all she is evil. Habba is not that nice either. Ed is my second choise. Black team ... Go Michelle

What you failed to say in this article is that Ed had a hernia and was very sick the day before the weigh in and was admitted to the hospital and given an IV. It wasn't game playing.

I don't like Vicky, Heba or Ed. I rooting for Michelle. I voted to keep Ed in just because he through the weigh in and Heba just automatically thinks she should be there. This season has been ruined for me with Vicky in the house. I wish Amy had, had enough back bone to send her home when she had the chance. I am going to look up online who wins next week before it airs here on the West Coast and if Vicky wins I won't be watching. I might tune in to see how everyone at home did, but I will not watch that witch win.

I so hope that Vicky doesn't win a thin dime! My vote is 100% for Michelle because she stayed sweet and humble through out the whole duration at the farm. She set out to loose weight and at the same time, she learned to reconnect with her mom (who by the way could pass for her sister, she looks so great!!) Heba is all about herself and I think everyone should vote for Ed to piss her off! She has to realize that he deserves to be in the spotlight just as much as she does, heck he still has a lot to loose! As for the chance at $100,000, I hope either of the Amy's win or Michelle's mom. They were the nicest of the bunch.

my prayer is that michelle wins, I did not agree with the way Vicky played the game. She is a very mean lady and I hope that her children don't end up like her. I will not vote for Hebba, because of her attitude, she is all about self, Ed needs to wake up. Michelle never said any harse things about anyone and I hope that she wins the biggest loser.

I have watched every episode of the show this season and was heartsick at the way some of the contestants (Vicky, her husband, and Heba) treated Phil. Yes, I'm sure some of it was the editing of the show, but no one deserves to be belittled and threatened in a weight loss contest!!!!

I voted several times for Ed, but want Michelle to win. She has come the longest way (and played the game with class) and looks spectacular!!! GO MICHELLE!!!!!

I voted for Ed 10 times because I cannot imagine Heba even having the chance at realizing her selfish "Disney Princess" fantasy of winning this prize. I want Michelle to win, but even if she loses, I pray Ed beats Vicky - the "Disney Witch." If Disney ever creates that franchise, they can start with her.

Nearly everyone wants Michelle 2 win. Whoever is on bobs team is always stupid or a game player like Vicky this year. Jillian is the best trainer and her contestants always deserve 2 win! Jillian ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Michelle wins. I hate vicky ed and heba. I wish they voted ed and heba off the first week would of caused less prorblems...


I hope you are reading all these comments about yourself. I know being the awful person you are you think you are wonderful but in reality you are the biggest jerk I know and I feel very sorry for your children. You do not deseve to win and I hope to hell you dont. I bet in a year you will be just a big as you were when you started the biggest loser.

i realy dont like heba she bullies and be littles everybody on the show until now but its to late ive seen her ugly side during the first couple eps

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