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'The Hills': The mystery of Justin Bobby

November 4, 2008 |  8:21 am

05justinharleyhat_2Is it possible that we don't know the real Justin Bobby? That he's some guy who only surfaces when the cameras aren't rolling?

We've seen him burp, wear military boots to the beach, kiss another girl in front of Audrina and threaten to hook up with persons- who-are-not-Audrina in Cabo.

But could there be more to him? A "sweet side" that only appears for Audrina? Moments of good that MTV producers are editing out? Footage of him teaching children to read or building homes in low-income neighborhoods? Is Audrina seeing so much more that the audience isn't?

I, for one, hope so. Because last night it looked like she was moving out of Casa Conrad not because of friction between her, Lauren and Lo, but because she was making an aggressive attempt for Justin Bobby. And by “aggressive,” I mean reckless.

It was just last week that he finally got around to saying, “I want to be with you.” After two seasons, that’s the closest the guy's come to saying the three little words Audrina would rather hear -- or so “Hills” watchers have seen. I can only trust that the weekly 22-minute windows we get into their lives are tremendously misleading. What else would possibly account for Audrina’s behavior in last night's episode:

  • After Audrina announced that she's moving out, Lauren asked whether Justin Bobby would be around in her new home. Audrina said: “I’m sure he’ll be there a lot. We’ll get closer. … But I’m not going to plan on anything. We’ll just see what happens.” Just two weeks ago, she was singing the praises of Corey -- remember him? -- and cursing Justin Bobby's fair-weather ways.
  • Later, after she told Lauren about her non-plans with Justin Bobby, Audrina asked him to move in: “I don’t know if I want to live by myself. Would you want to move in? Maybe?” His reply: “You know, just let it happen. We’ll see what happens.” That’s a “no” if I ever heard one.
  • While talking to heavily tattooed sister Casey about decorating her new apartment with candles, candles and more candles, Audrina explained that they’d be good for “rekindling the flame" between herself and Justin Bobby. Her concerned sis cautioned, “You bought this [house] for Audrina, right? Not ’Drina and Justin, because…” Audrina shrugged. So did I. In disbelief.
  • And when Lauren asked where Justin Bobby was during Audrina's big moving day, she said, “I think he’s working or something. Once I get everything to the house, I’ll make him come and help.”

Either she’s lost her newfound nerve or Justin Bobby really does reveal his true, more altruistic colors when the cameras aren’t rolling. Which do you believe? Is Audrina just attached to the wrong guy? Or is there more to Justin Bobby than we’ve been allowed to see? Leave your thoughts below.

As for the firing of Heidi…

Seems like her services -- i.e. the publicity she attracts -- are no longer of use to Brent Bolthouse and his SBE partners. Heidi went and lost herself the job she ran over Elodie to get.

It did seem kind of forced though, didn’t it? Like she was trying to get fired? She and Spencer excel at nothing if not stirring up drama. And it’s not as though she works at SBE full time. Why not chuck the gig in the name of a dramatic exit?

To recap, SBE was promoting the opening of XIV. Brent’s partner was in town, and Heidi was put in charge of coordinating for the big event. She told her colleague Kimberly that she’d be inviting Spencer and his sister, Audrina and a few of their friends. Kimberly made it clear this was not a good idea when both boss men were in town, to which Heidi responded: “What’s the harm in adding one more to the guest list?”

Fast forward to the party: After Heidi and Kimberly wrapped their red carpet duties, they were joined by five of Heidi’s friends and Heidi decided to get good and drunk, yelling, “Can I get another tequila?” and “I’m wasted” several times before being discovered by Brent’s partner. “Are you working?” he asked. “Are you?” she replied. Spencer even chimed in: “Do you need a shot?”

The pair works hard for the money. Not whatever pittance Brent may or may not be paying Heidi but for the bucks MTV is coughing up for them to star in “The Hills.” That incident is the kind of stuff you’d never get out of Lauren. (The show needs Lauren, no doubt. But it needs Speidi just as much.)

Heidi even almost managed real tears when Brent told her, “Get your bag, get your stuff. I’m firing you.” While Lauren threatens to walk, Heidi's still put the show and its fans first. Bravo.

-- Denise Martin

Photo credit: MTV