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'The Hills': Did Lauren Conrad hook up with Justin Bobby?

November 25, 2008 |  8:00 am

LaurenThe time, the tabloids really did spoil tonight's otherwise juicy storyline on "The Hills." (Not to mention the big news of a certain surprise wedding.)

In early October, most loyal viewers of "The Hills" read that Audrina and Lauren were at odds because Audrina suspected Lauren and Justin Bobby had hooked up behind her back.

I conducted my own investigation, in which I talked to Audrina, Spencer and Heidi. (I reached out to Lauren and Justin Bobby too, but no dice). And, well, I still don't know what to believe. Though it is difficult to imagine a situation involving Lauren, Justin Bobby and any kind of romance, E! Online reported that sparks did indeed fly between the two at a Fourth of July party last summer.

What suspense there would have been watching detective Audrina confront her best friend and her boyfriend over the alleged cheating. Watching Lauren flip out over the accusations, watching Justin Bobby walk about on them, it would have made for such good reality TV. 

If only the drama had not already played in the media almost a month ago. Once again, we know how this story's going to end. (Warning: The following is a spoiler for next week's episode if you don't read regularly about "The Hills." Audrina told Ryan Seacrest during his morning radio show on Oct. 21 that she was over the gossip after having talked to Lauren and Justin Bobby. "I don't believe it at this point," she said. Click here and then scroll down to listen to her entire interview.)

Whew! Friendship intact. But maybe my investigation raised a bigger question: Do you still watch "The Hills"? Do you feel it's necessary when you can read about Lauren and the gang on the blogs or in the tabloids -- in real time? Vote now:

Also, what do you believe? Did Lauren and Justin Bobby hook up? Is Audrina being naive? Or has Lauren just been stabbed in the back one too many times?

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Lauren Conrad. Credit: MTV