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NBC reports ballot confusion in Palm Beach

November 4, 2008 |  5:13 pm

Tim Russert’s famous white board was reincarnated in another form tonight. Reporting from West Palm Beach, NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders held up a white piece of paper on air and quickly scribbled a diagram with black ink to explain why some voters there were confused by the ballot.

The tricky design had two boxes by the name of each candidate. Voters were supposed to fill in the space between the two boxes to indicate their selected candidate. Instead, Sanders said, some voters said they checked one box or put an X in the middle.

“Whether it’s a very close vote here in Florida, specifically in Palm Beach Country, that will then become an issue,” Sanders said.

Anchor Brian Williams shook his head incredulously.

“How many people are watching right now saying, 'Does it have to be this hard?' ” he said.

-- Matea Gold