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Katie Couric corrects Sarah Palin on reading question

In an appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman” Wednesday night, Katie Couric discussed the now-infamous interviews Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin granted her during the presidential campaign.

The CBS anchor said that Palin might have been thrown by some of the initial questions she posed about her views on Vice President Dick Cheney and the Supreme Court decisions with which she disagreed.

And Couric took issue with one of Palin’s complaints about the interviews, which some said gave  impressions that the Republican vice presidential nominee was in over her head.

After the election, the Alaska governor told NBC’s Matt Lauer that she found it “a little bit annoying” when Couric asked her "you know, 'What do you read up there in Alaska?'"

“I read the same things that you guys read in New York -- and there in L.A. and in Washington state,” Palin told Lauer. “What do you mean what I read up there?”

But on Wednesday, Couric noted that she had merely asked Palin what newspapers and magazines she read -- without making any reference to Alaska.

“Nobody’s really asked her, 'Why didn’t you answer that question?'" the anchor told Letterman. “She claims I said, ‘What do you read up there in Alaska?’ as if people in Alaska don’t read, or don’t have access to reading materials. ... But I never said that. I’m aware that people in Alaska have access.”

“It was really something I was just curious about,” Couric added. “And I’m not sure whether she was afraid to offend certain people by -- you know, she would offend conservatives by saying she read the New York Times ... "

“She’s afraid of offending people who don’t read,” Letterman said. “Maybe that was it."

The Palin sessions helped spotlight the interview chops of the CBS anchor, although they failed to lift the ratings of the third-place “CBS Evening News.”

When asked by Letterman Wednesday if she has other aspirations in television journalism, Couric replied, “I love my job.”

“I mean, it’s been tough at times and challenging because I think we tried to make a lot of changes initially,” she said. “And I think just to have a new anchor person, a new face, someone that this very traditional evening news audience wasn’t used to, being a female and then sort of trying to, to redo the show slightly was probably too much too soon. But I think we’ve hit our stride.” 

“If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be worth doing,” Letterman said.

“Exactly,” she responded. “You know, everyone says they want to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. But they kind of forget that that’s sometimes uncomfortable.” 

-- Matea Gold

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Katie Couric sucks, and has low ratings. She even went as far as to tell Sarah Palin how to Govern when she herself can't even get good ratings. I will never watch anything she ever hosts, anchors, anything. Sarah Palin once again rose above Katie and said she would never tell her how to do anything because she actaully has respect for her profession. I would like to see Katie Couric try to do anything rather than just read a screen.

I sure do agree with John-has Katie forgotten how she was humiliated by the press talking about her low rateings etc when she first started her new job?

Katie Couric? you gotta be kidding me! every time I see her it feels like someone is scratching their nails across a chalkboard.

I cant wait to see which major story she tries to "inject" herself into in efforts to get credibility w/ the "real" journalists out there...

I agree with John, Jeri and Ronnie 100%. Yesterday I spoke with a Russian immigrant who is very well versed in our politics who stated " Palin is the only honest contender in our last election". I agree!

I think Ms. Couric was rather gracious in answering Letterman's uestions about the interview with that vacuous moron (Sarah Palin). Palin's interview with Couric speaks volumes. Palin showed the world she was intellectually bankrupt and unqualified for any elected position in any state but Alaska.

I wanted to write a comment regarding this story, and the commentators here beat me to it! Ditto to all you've written. Katie Couric needs to find a different profession, away from journalism. It is NOT her gift.

Katie Couric has "chops" as an interviewer? Has anyone considered that she might be in over HER head? CBS will regain my respect toward serious news when she is finally gone.

katie couric asked appropriate questions. the dumbbell was incapable of comprehending and answering them.

Poor sports. Palin is a moron, and thank God Katie Couric exposed it rather than kowtowed to her like you brainless conservatives.

Couric should have stayed with the Today show. She stinks as a journalist. I like that she is telling Palin she needs to learn how to govern, when she has no idea how to report the news. Sarah Palin did as well as Obama when he started campaigning. Of course, Obama TV (MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc.) never actually asked him a tough question since they were in the bag for him all along. Congratulations biased liberal media...your guy won. I hope we can all live with the consequences.

What is disappointing is that Letterman cannot seem to get off the topic of Sarah Palin. He had McCain on and had the cashews to ask him if he made the right choice., as if he now better for all of us. And with regards to Couric, I won't disrepect her but she has no right to tell Palin that on how to to govern. I'm not a supporter of Palin but for all of you that calls her a moron or stupid, you really should think before answering, people like that don't get those jobs without knowing how to play the game.... Remember, the president elect got into office know less.

CHANGE / HOPE...........right

I disagree with John. Someone should tell Palin how to govern, because she apparently doesn't know how. Sarah Palin ran up a huge debt in Wasilla and worked her ass off to turn Wasilla into one of the highest per capity recipients of federal pork. All that extra money from DC and she still spent that town of a 7,000 into debt of almost 25 million dollars. She apparently can't manage a checkbook. Of course that trait is a tendancy of the Palin-Bush-Reagan era of the Republican Party. Tax and spend was one thing, but they're idea of don't tax but spend anyways is just stupid.

Although we do not regularly watch the CBS evening news with Katie Couric, I did watch her interview with Sarah Palin. I was so appalled that Palin could not name even one newspaper or news magazine that she read, I didn't really hear much of the rest of the interview. I could not imagine a person running for national office who could not name at least a half dozen newspapers and news magazines that she reads on a regular basis. Sounds like "W" all over again. Katie did not say anthing about what people read in Alaska. I thought it was a good question. If Sarah Palin thought it was a trick to get her to say that she read some things that other people might not approve of, she could have at least been honest about it. Besides that really big blooper, she also murders the English language, leaving on wondering sometimes what she is trying to say. She has a lot of good qualities, but I don't believe that intellect is one of them. If the Republican party tries to put her in national office again, they will surely fail worse than they did this time. John McCain is the one who garnered most of the votes that the McCain-Palin ticket got. I heard people say they liked her because she related so well to common people. Well, I want an exceptional person to lead my country, and that is what we got with Barack Obama. I am a 73-year-old southern white woman with only a bachelor's degree in education.

Katie Couric is a total disgusting jerk!!!! Sarah Palin is a million times more a human being than Kate will EVER be! Couric should be held in comtempt... no wonder she has lost so much ground as a newscaster. I have not seen or heard much from her EXCEPT when she "interviewed" Palin.. she should be grateful for that.. and not a sneary, condesending witch!. I lost ALL respect for Couric (NBC News) when she called the Florida presidential election in 2000 for Keary before the polls for the entire state closed. (attempted to sway Rep. from voting)... COURIC IS A TRAVESTY AND SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE MEDIA!!!

It's about time for Letterman to pack up and move back to Indiana. His show has been terrible. He has become a senile old man and is overshadowed by his own politgical agenda. I have stopped watching him. He never was THAT good to begin with along with his goofball music director Paul Shaffer.

Why are so many of you commenting about Katie, the subject of the discussion with David is Pathetic Palin and her rise with the conservative base and plunge with the general public, thus leading to the defeat of McCain. The "Pinhead" could have asked the same questions to Pathetic Palin and the answers would have been the same. By the way, does anyone know when she is going to release her medical records, as she stated she would. Or maybe she won't, just another lie. Pathetic Palin!!!

I'm not a huge fan of Couric or Palin, but the controversy over Palin's response re: what newspapers she reads seems to silly and overblown. I thought her response was understandable in today's age. One cannot get a balanced view by just reading from one or two sources. The news media, as any honest reader will tell you, tends to always have a certain slant. The views of the majority of the staff will be printed, intentional or otherwise, regardless of whether they are conservative or liberal. It's human nature. So, anyone who is looking for balance will watch CNN and Fox (for example) or read the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Maybe Palin doesn't read the news from all of the major sources from front to back, but it's logical that she will read from all of them, at one point or another.

This is ridiculous. Sarah Palin bombed that interview. She sounded like a parrot and at times sounded like she wanted to cry. No Palin supporters noticed that? And what upset her so much, really basic question about her opinions and beliefs... which she never answered. Why didn't she just answer what she thought? The facts is she didn't answer any questions. Her answers were rambling and at times nonsense. Why is that okay with Palin supporters?

Who cares who is more a lady and a good person... Palin supporters, why do you love her... she doesn't answer any of your questions and lies to you boldly saying she was found not have any unethical conduct in troppergate, when the report said she is within her legal rights, but acted ethically... Why is that okay? What about an morally questionable woman is okay? Why do you support her, when she lies... doesn't answer questions and overspends. You wouldn't allow that in your teenage daughter, why is it ok in your VP?

Katie Couric has no "chops" as a journalist, isn't any good as a journalist, etc. -- then that just proves that the "Guv" can't hold her own in an interview with anyone. All the Palintologists thing she's so great -- if she's so great how could Katie make her look so dumb -- unless she really is dumb? Point in fact -- she pardons a turkey and then doesn't have enough sense to have them stop slaughtering turkeys in the background while she's being interviewed and filmed.

Katie Couric is a complete snob!

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