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James Callis on 'Battlestar Galactica' finale: 'You can't be disappointed'

Callis2_jfdnxhnc Near the end of a long conversation today with James Callis, the actor who plays Gaius Baltar on Sci Fi's "Battlestar Galactica," he asked: "Do we need to talk about 'Battlestar'?"

It was suggested that we might do so — if he revealed how the show's final 10 episodes, which begin airing in January, will wrap up the show. He declined. "I don't think anything could prepare you guys for what happens at the end. We weren't prepared," he said.

Hmmm … Go on!

"It's quite — do we use the phrase "space opera"? There is something operatic about the ending of the show, only in the sense that it's like a full orchestra. Imagine very single person in the cast represents an instrument, and you've heard their theme or fugue. And then all the instruments play together. Everybody involved in this thing together — it's like the '1812 Overture.' Not only have you got all of the violins and the flutes, you've also got the flipping cannons they brought off Napoleon's ship, blowing off the roof. It's going off with a bang, this thing."

Was he perhaps setting our expectations too high?

"Honestly you can't be disappointed," he said. "I think if Adolf Hitler were back, he'd be crying in his handkerchief."

— Choire Sicha

Photo: SCI FI Channel

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LMAO@"I think if Adolf Hitler were back, he'd be crying in his handkerchief."


yeah that was my girlish squeal.

Cylons finally realize that sexy body doubles are no substitue for old-fashioned firepower. 10 basestars and 1,000 fighters surround the Galactica. They wipe out the convoy. No survivors. The End.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!! I bought Season 4 on eBay from Australia, region 4 and watched it on my computer....we just couldn't wait....wish we had. I felt there were too many loose ends, when Starbuck and Lee Adama don't end up together, and we never really know what happened to cylon #6, the blonde that "haunts" Baltar....he just ends up a hopeless, pathetic, religious wanna-be, and we don't see the Admiral and the President (Laura) get married and we don't witness her death(except in a strange, "Dicken's Christmas" sort of way) yet she isn't cured...and even when earth is finally reached...we are left with a "what the hell?" effect....radiation, and what looks like a nuclear-devastated NYC. I was soooo happy when they found earth and was looking forward to some warm, heart-warming final scenes....disappointed....but a great series up to that point.I believe that by Season 4, the writers were distracted(by the strike) and didn't bother to look back over the storylines to assure continuity.

queenrosered - I hope by now that you've realised you only bought the first half of season 4, the second half and the real ending recommences broadcast on the 16th Jan 2009.


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