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'Heroes': Hiro, the Petrellis and the past again

November 11, 2008 | 10:08 am

We've seen this picture (below) before on "Heroes." Another day, another journey into time. Framed by Hiro's iris-less look back one year ago while on his "spirit walk," last night's episode was pretty much a showcase on how evil Arthur Petrelli is, how conflicted Sylar may have been and how determined Angela Petrelli is to keep her sons safe and on the right path.


But ... those things we already knew.  We knew the cheerleader's biological mom Meredith had been associated with the company and thought that Claire was dead and we knew that HRG had a prior history with Elle.

So what was this episode supposed to be about?  The few things that were a bit revelatory (Nathan unwillingly flew out of the car before his wife slammed into the divider, Elle had a bit of a relationship with Sylar and the bad, blue-flame guy from the breakouts is actually Meredith's brother and Claire's uncle!) were not enough to base an episode on.  Angela's poisoning of Arthur answered a big question as to how that guy was put in a coma, but I believe many of us thought it was Angela's doing.

So, again, what did this episode accomplish?  Not much.  Hiro now knows about Arthur Petrelli, but that could've been accomplished so much quicker.  And speaking of that, Petrelli holding Hiro's head in his hands is the kind of cliffhanging ending that the first season excelled in, and hopefuly is something they'll get back to.

Fans may have been talking more about the exclusive "Twilight" clip introduced by the wild-haired Robert Pattinson than they were about this episode. And, not to minimize the death of Usuthu, but how'd that happen?  Hiro and Ando couldn't get close to him without him knowing, but Arthur Petrelli got through and cut off his head without breaking a sweat. It could just be explained in some future episode looking back on this moment.

Santiago Maybe NBC's "Heroes: Destiny" Web series can pick up the slack. The Web series that launched last night with a character chosen by the people, Santiago (played by Roberto Urbina), seems a bit slow, but fun. Much like their "Going Postal" series, it may end too quickly to have much impact.

The video game is nixed. The New York Times has written about reviving the series. And Defamer says the show was always bad and that people are catching on to that now that the 'newness' has worn off.  With so many organizations trying to work with or write about the show, it strikes me that most actually want the show to be good. There are many backlashers who just like to see anything popular get trashed, but there seem to be even more people out there who were possibly "taken in" by the show the first season and want to see it return to the spotlight (for the right reasons). It's rumored that one of the show's original producers, Bryan Fuller ("Pushing Daisies"), may return to help fill the Jesse Alexander-Jeph Loeb void.  Maybe that'll help as the retooling continues.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photos: NBC