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'Grey's Anatomy': Midnight madness

Greysanatomy What a bumpy night it was for "Grey's Anatomy."

Lexie and her secret society decided to remove new intern Sadie’s appendix and nearly killed her in the process. BFF’s Cristina and Meredith saved the day but then turned on each other in a blowout fight. Mark revealed he had awful, disinterested parents. George finally got the memo that Lexie’s in love with him. And a self-proclaimed “married, betrayed, gay, abandoned” Callie mused that things surely couldn’t get any worse, only to have her nose broken by a freaked out patient with night terrors.

But I’m guessing most of the morning-after chatter is gonna revolve around Izzie and Denny, the sexual-healing ghost. That’s right, the Seattle Grace resident and her very dead ex-fiancé apparently did the deed last night, something they never got to do when Mr. Duquette was alive. There was moaning, thunder and lightning so it seems the experience was pretty rockin’ for those involved. Can’t wait to hear how it was for you. Because while Izzie doesn't have a brain tumor, my own head hurts trying to make sense of this whole thing. I had strong reservations about Denny’s reappearance but since it became apparent a couple of weeks ago that the guy wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I’ve tried to be more open to his unconventional recoupling with Izzie. After all, creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes is a smart lady who has managed to sell us on some incredible “Grey’s” romances in the past. But tonight made me nervous. The bizarre developments just keep coming. What’s next? Izzie and Denny finally get their dream wedding?

Speaking of bizarre developments, what about Alex’s patient, the hypochondriac wife who believed she had stomach cancer but really needed a -- wait for it -- fecal transplant? At one point, the woman's husband actually shouted -- and I can’t believe I’m actually typing this -- “No poop! No poop for you!” What about that, indeed. Sometimes, there are just no words. At least not any good ones.

So I'll turn it over to you. What did you guys think of this week’s installment?

-- Shawna Malcom

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"After all, creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes is a smart lady who has managed to sell us on some incredible “Grey’s” romances in the past. "

I'm going to have to strongly disagree with you here. Shonda has FAILED on selling us on some of those "incredible" Grey's romances in the past. I've cringed at as many Grey's couples as I've enjoyed. Those "incredible" romances have left me incredulous.

Not really sure what to make of the Izzie/Denny plot line. Kinda freaky to be honest. I feel bad for Izzie's character, who has turned into a pathetic figure on the show. Christina's relationship with Mer is definitely changing, but perhaps she'll be happier now that Army Doctor is finally able to articulate his feelings. And yes, poor interns. I'd hate to pay lots of money for med school only to have selfish residents who hog all the surgeries and are ill-equipped to teach.

Shonda Rhimes said it isn't a brain tumor--- but that doesn't mean she doesn't have some other disorder. She said TUMOR. Crazy Izzie could easily have something else... But remember how Izzie has a sick kid? Maybe sickness runs in her family. The whole Denny thing, I feel, will end up being interesting--- but GOD it is moving slow. I feel like nothing is happening on this show. Wouldn't it have been so much better if Alex had ran in all upset and found her alone--- but NOT practicing self love. Just acting like someone else was there- making kissing faces and everything to thin air? That would have been Emmy worthy. And what about McDreamy? Mer-Der look close to McDone if you ask me- they don't even make out much anymore. What happened? Last season was such a great build up, I thought at least this season would be filled with something fun. I almost feel like it would have been more interesting to keep around a pregnant Rose or some flirtatious intern to throw a wrench into the machine. It's dull now. And the Alex being nice thing is a little forced. I miss Burke, honestly. This Owen Hunt guy does nothing for me. And Christina deserves so much more that some pig-maiming masochist. (I don't care if it was for the good of mankind- I am a science major in college even this was a little absurd and disturbing. Stabbing pigs??? WHAT?) Burke had the surgeon persona down- it made him stand out. He was a little pretentious and stern, but it made his character seem more real.
And since when did George get essentially cut from the script? He had like three scenes. And his little "communication" banter from the sidelines during a surgery was highly anti-climactic. Ugh. And Sadie makes me uncomfortable.

This show has become so bad it is hard to believe it was ever any good at all. I am embarrassed for the actors who have to play these parts. It is not their fault that the writing and plot points are SO BAD. This show was outstanding the first 2 seasons. It has been going steadily downhill since season 3, but now it is just a joke. They should either go back to what worked the first 2 seasons or cancel this mess.

The Fonz says: remember when I went waterskiing and jumped over that shark? I think Grey's Anatomy jumped a giant great white shark with this stupid plotline.


The reason I started watching the show was the characters were fun, intense, competitive. Except for Christina, the show is no longer a joy to watch. Now it is just exhausting. I don't even bother to DVR it anymore. Bring back the old "Greys!"

I have to say that last night was utterly confusing. And as you said (and the new Doc who is already in love(!?) with Christina said), I am lost for words.

Greys is baffling me these days. I have been waiting for about 2 seasons for the old, stomach churning story lines to come back. the ones where you knew the character dynamics and were left broken, battered and bruised (and in need of Callie, or her ex girlfriend(!?) to piece you back together) by the end of the episode.

Here are my thoughts:

Too many characters. how many interns does it take to screw in a light bulb!? come on... secret back alley operations, with a lame ass, last minute reason from Bailey who "misses those days of wanting to slice and dice everything and anyone she could get her hands on." Get rid of the bloody interns!

Too many firings (in the real world), so new characters are being thrown in and are not fully developed, with really interesting dynamics in place.

Not enough tension in the LOVE arenas. now that Mer and Dreamster are all moved in, Callie's girl got axed because of Network's cold feet with realistic gay content, firings because of on-set homophobia and BECAUSE THERE ARE TOO MANY CHARACTERS!!?? Lexie and George!? Clutching!!!!

Because of above you have to bring back, i'm assuming, a fan fave. I LOVE Denny. He brings tears to my eyes by just looking at him. and that's more about him having depth as an actor, then about the story line. you could have had him doing his own fecal transplant and he would have brought more depth and humaness to it than any character last night.

don't get me wrong. there are amazing actors on Greys, but they are just not getting quality material to work with.

The only thing exciting these days about Greys is the deep growly voice over the trailer for the next episode. And that aint good...

Shonda and crew, I love ya. for real. but come on. what is going on in Seattle Grace!? i want to be all twisted up inside by the end of it like i used to be!!

i know you have it in you. you've done it plenty of times before. We need some deeper dynamics in them there operating rooms.

Get rid of the annoying Denny character!

Grey's Anatomy lost me as a viewer about two years ago. I will occasionally click over to see what is happening but much prefer CSI these days. I don't know exactly what killed the show for me but it most often just seems ludicrous.

My wife watches the show and tells me about it. I go and smoke a cigar. I've tried to be understanding, but this Thanksgiving I am so thankful my wife told me last night she's done watching Greys... Then she told me about the show. I've held back for two years, respecting her views, likes, and so on. But last night I was finally free to say what I've always thought: This is the dumbest 60 minutes on TV and that's saying alot when held in comparison to the likes of Dancing with the Stars and Fill in the Blank Reality Show. The networks wonder why viewership is down... Really? You really wonder?

Unless Izzie is well on her way to a complete mental meltdown, this Denny's ghost business is ridiculous--enough already! Unless they're planning to turn Grey's into a paranormal series? Maybe then the pigs will come back as ghosts, too.

I miss Burke, I'm tired of George (his cheating on Callie to be with Izzie and the actual combination of him and Izzie has turned me off his character for good), and I wish Lexie and Mark would get together. It's fine with me that Mer/Der are kind of taking a back seat this season, because I was getting pretty tired of all their back 'n forth, too.

The whole Izzie/Denny thing is just too creepy. He might as well turn out to be a vampire.

What I liked:

The confrontation between Meredith and Christina
How more human Sloan is these days
Bailey and Callies conversation at the end

What I didn't like:
The Interns secret society - no way they all wouldn't get fired
Not sure where they are trying to go with Izzie and Denny - the episode way back when Meredith "died" and Denny was there kinda made sense but they are starting to go too far now

What was okay:
Meredith and Derek battling on the strays

I missed a few weeks of the show and I caught it last week. I was so totally floored to see Denny back. I made phone calls all night to find out what went on and why he was on the show. Then to see he and Izzie last night in the bed. I was speechless. I am not sure what the writers were thinking about when writing that story line.
Last night's episode was just so bizarre.

What Shonda Rhines had was a terrific cast who could pull off her soapy writing and plotting so well. you could ignore how very cheesy it all was. Shonda killed off Denny, then realized her mistake and brought him back from the dead. Twice. Last night's episode was just plain ridiculous.

Watch the first season and it's shocking how quickly the characters have become caricatures. And can we please stop with trying to turn George into a heartthrob? Show has jumped the shark, big time, and the ratings have taken a steep dive.

Yes, I will be the first to admit that I have a supreme crush on Jeffrey Dean Morgan and was very upset when he died. But that's just it. He DIED!!!! If you loved him so much, then you shouldn't have killed him off. I have a huge problem with this storyline. It's like a bad soap opera plot. If I wanted to see people who died off the show and resurfaced, then I would watch a soap opera. Please resolve this soon because I can't take it much longer and I shouldn't have to be figuring out how Izzie is able to touch and make love with a dead man. Geesh!!!

I'm with you, Kelly on them trying to turn George into a heartthrob. What is that about? It is certainly not working...

I love the whole izzie/denny thing and i love the fact that goerge has finally found out that Merideth's sister is in love with him.i am very pleased that slooan is showing a more tender side and that merdith and derek are taking a back seat but would love to see christina fall head over heels for this army doc then have burke come back proclaiming his love for herand begging for forgiveness

God, what are people thinking? Oh, MerDer are so boring now...let's have more angst.


Let's have the writers actually write them storylines as a couple, not as the invisible 20 second scene stealers. They are not boring...they are non-existent. AND THAT IS THE FAULT OF THE WRITERS.


The Izzie and Denny story line has to go it just stupid.Things have gotten very stupid over the past two seasons. Make it good again please!

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