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'Grey’s Anatomy': Hahn's gone

Brookesmith After a flurry of headlines, Brooke Smith departed “Grey’s Anatomy” last night in a twist that -- no kind of about it -- was not worthy of her formidable talents or the unapologetically steely character she played.

To recap, the Dr. Erica Hahn exit went down like this: After learning that her patient was the man who should have gotten the heart Izzie stole for true love Denny eons ago, Erica lost it -- first with the Chief, who had failed to report or fire the little organ thief, then with girlfriend Callie, who sided, inexplicably, with Izzie. The same woman who, not so long ago, carried on an affair with hubby George, an indiscretion that ultimately led to the painful demise of her marriage. But hey, bygones, right? After all, there’s a character to abruptly shove out the door.

Before Erica cruised out of the Seattle Grace parking lot one final time, though, she delivered a parting shot, telling Callie that she couldn’t “kind of” be a lesbian. Callie’s response? “Yes, I can.” How the issue of Callie’s sexuality will be dealt with now that the only known gay character on “Grey’s” is gone remains to be seen.

From perusing your comments, I know not everyone was a Callica fan. But I thought the two women, who seemed to have it together professionally but were still trying to figure it out romantically, had a zingy chemistry that was worth developing. At least when Callie wasn’t freaking out to the point of hitting up Mark Sloan for sexual pointers. (Ick factor: 10.) But it seemed like the writing was on the wall last week for “Grey’s” first significant same-sex couple. There was Callie, still sleeping with Mark. And there was Erica -- who just a few weeks before had been upset to find out that Callie had been filling Mark in on the intimate details of their relationship -- having practically nothing to say when she learned that her girl was actually having sex with him. If, as has been reported, the decision to fire Brooke Smith was, in fact, ABC’s and not executive producer Shonda Rhimes’, I’d like to think the writers were directing some of Erica’s final lines at the suits: “There’s right and there’s wrong. And this was wrong.”

Tension ran thick throughout the rest of the episode as well. Izzie got ghostly -– again -- with Denny. (I’ve said my bit about wishing the guy, dimple-cute though he may be, could RIP already. But now I’m wondering if perhaps his enduring presence is leading to something more significant like, say, an Izzie descent into madness and/or a possible Katherine Heigl departure?) Lexie showed off a previously unseen rebellious side, joining a secret society of interns who -- shades of “Flatliners” -- use each other as guinea pigs. Derek, frustrated with Cristina’s constant presence in his relationship with Meredith, guilted Mark into trying to distract her (“You slept with my wife”). But Cristina had no interest in hooking up with “Grey’s” resident stud and instead, took a step closer to new doc Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Gotta say, he's looking more and more like a single malt Scotch himself.

Now it's your turn. What did you think of Erica’s exit? What’s going on with Izzie and “it ain’t over till it’s over” Denny? And which resident should get to perform the Chief’s solo surgery?

--Shawna Malcom

(Photo courtesy ABC)

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I was so close to stopping watching Grey's Anatomy until Erica Hahn showed up. Amongst a cast of typical, annoying hotties (excluding Sandra Oh who is consistently intriguing) this strong, vibrant character arrived and quickly became a favorite character for me. And then the relationship hit! The chemistry between Callie and Erica was so fun to watch! Finally, the show did something worth sticking around for. Then out of nowhere, ABC sells out and drops not only the storyline but such a wonderful actress as well. Back to the same old thing- usher in a new hotty and away I go!

It's official. With the loss of Erica Hahn and the addition of making out with ghosts, I am taking Grey's Anatomy off my Tivo lineup.

Memo to Cathy : GEORGE ISN'T GAY!!!!!!! The actor that plays George is, but the character isn't!!! (there is a difference). The writers have gone out of their way several times to establish that George is definately NOT GAY!!! He's slept with Merideth, he's slept with Izzie, he's slept with Callie, he's slept with "syph nurse" (anybody remember her??), and he's fantasized about Christina. In fact, the only female regulars on the show that George hasn't slept with (or had fantasies about sleeping with) are Bailey, Addison, Hahn, and Lexie, (and I think the situation with Lexie may change by the end of this season, considering that they're roommates, and she's attracted to him). So could you please stop with the gay-George comments??

Grey's Anatomy has just fallen off of my "must see tv" list.

I am really struggling to watch Greys, I have been a fan since the beginning of the show and have seen it go from the A list to the C list. If they had introduced the show with the episodes that they are showing now it would have only lasted for a half of a season. I am glad that Hahn is gone, she was great in the intro part that she played as a rival with Dr. Burke, but I never liked her as a regular part of the cast. And to go from Callie sleeping or flirting with every man in the hospital to a woman was ridiculous. I ask the ABC writers to at least give us some credit. Now we have a dead guy that Izzie can not only see, she can kiss and feel; give me a break.

I only watched Grey's Anatomy because of the Hahn character. I guess success breeds fear.

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