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Election: CNN is black, white and all a Twitter

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez is always hyper, but election day is bringing out the best worst in him. He started off the noon hour screaming about the huge turnout that is expected, possibly a larger turnout than in 1908, when 68% of voters cast ballots.

Why, Sanchez asked, is this happening? "Because people are talking to each other again!" How does Sanchez know this? Look at MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, he said.

And he means that literally because, in case you've missed his broadcasts, Sanchez spends his entire hour on social networking sites communicating with viewers.

First up: Sanchez used Twitter to communicate with viewers about the Obamccain poster released Monday by ad agency Grey New York. Sanchez said the poster, drawn by Grey art director Rob Ceballos, was stirring a "mini-controversy."

The purpose of the image of the two senators with their skin colors switched was to point out "that this race is not about black or white," Ceballos told Sanchez.  Sanchez then addressed questions posed by his Twitter pals, none of them pointing to a controversy — mini or otherwise.

Then Sanchez claimed that his pals on Twitter were "screaming at me about Joe the Plumber!" And that he would get to that soon because everyone "deserves a chance to be heard."

We can't wait.

— Maria Elena Fernandez

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Sanchez, like SO MANY of the mainstream media types, has his leftist head so far up his a$$ he can't see anything. I am so disappointed in so-called news reporting during this election. It has been nothing but an Obama Worship Fest. I am disgusted by the lack of journalistic integrity shown here. Joe the Plumber is right. Principles. I don't make $250,000/year either and I believe it is WRONG to steal from the rich and give to the losers who haven't tried as hard. Yeah that's right. Not ALL the poor qualify under that description, but quite a damn few do. And even if they were all paragons of virtue and truth -- that does NOT justify taking MORE of someone else's money. That socialist crap will ruin our country. But thanks to Sanchez and his ilk for not allowing ANY intelligent discussion of this idea.


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