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David Letterman's do-over interview with Katie Couric

November 21, 2008 |  8:40 am

Dave Letterman goofed. The CBS late-night comedian admitted on Thursday's "Late Show" that when he had Katie Couric on the program Wednesday, he had failed to ask the anchor about the much-chattered-about incident in September when Sen. John McCain stood Letterman up to race back to Washington deal with the financial crisis, only to appear on the “CBS Evening News” with Couric.

Letterman said he realized his mistake when he read a column in the New York Post scolding him for not raising the issue with Couric.

“Oh my God, he’s right,” the comedian said. “He’s absolutely right. I completely screwed that up.”

So Letterman got Couric on the phone to discuss exactly what went down.

“I read this article and I said, I’m the dumbest man alive,” he told her. “And you know, one more of these and I’m going to lose my talk show license.”

“You know, Dave, I was all prepped to chat with you about this,” she responded. “And you had like a brain synapse misfiring or something.”

Couric said she had no idea that McCain was supposed to appear on Letterman’s show until “you apparently had a little cow on the air.”

Watch the full exchange below.

-- Matea Gold