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'Dancing With the Stars': Julianne Hough not returning next season

Juliannehoug2_kanjb2nc I know this news won't go over well with "Dancing With the Stars" fans: E! News reports that pro Julianne Hough, who has a blossoming career in country music, won't be back next season.  In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Julianne said, "It's because I really, really want to focus on the music and ... be taken
seriously a little bit."

What's your reaction to this news?  Other than your dismay that she doesn't think she can be taken seriously on "DWTS"?

-- Sarah Rogers

Photo: Associated Press

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She will be missed. Julianne is the best thing to happen to DWTS. I understand why she wants to take a break. It's a risky move, but she kind of needs to do this if she wants a chance of being taken seriously as a country artist. It will take a lot of hard work for her to be accepted by country fans.
She also said that she may or may not come back in the Fall season (I'm guessing after her album is done). I really hope she does!

I'm guessing that she will only come back in the fall IF her 2nd CD and the music career tanks. She will need the free exposure that DWTS gives her since she is a much better dancer than a singer at this point. Without ABC and this show, Julianne is just another young blond trying to sing country music and not very well at that.

Why haven't we gotten a big head all of a sudden? Without her dancing show, she doesn't even have a CD. And as far as being taken seriously, Julianne needs to watch what she says and does because it is all of those things that make her look silly - not the dancing.

Can't wait to see her get more performing time than 20 minutes like on the Hershey;s Presents Brad Paisley Party Tour thhis past Summer. Her previous positioned celebs were Kelly Pickler and Taylor Swift; they aren't doing badly, especially TS going from $40K a show to six figures asking and getting price for dates in 2009.

Saw Julianne sing at Kansas City performance - she HAS stage magnitism as when she dances. When she get some cheographing - she'll do well in Country Music. Shania didn't do a live show for a couple years til she got here act together.

Looking forward to seeing her sing again at the 14th Annual Country Stampede in Manhattan, KS on June 25, 2009 at 7 PM. Kelly Pickler will be there too.


I have also seen Julianne during the summer tour but I was actually a little disappointed. She doesn't have very much stage presence and everything she does seems forced. For someone who makes her living as a dancer and choreographer I was surprised that she didn't have a better feel for the music. Hopefully with time Julianne will get less stiff and fake when she sings. Until then I really don't think she should burn her bridges with Dancing With The Stars. She just might need that job if the singing doesn't work out.

I'm a huge country music fan and have gone to the Paisley Party Tour several times. Julianne is beautiful but in my opinion she is only an average singer with lots of screaming and notes off key. Her songs are shallow which is why I think she comes across as silly and just country fluff. She also hasn't helped herself by once again being the "other woman" in the breakup of a long term relationship which just takes the focus off of her talent.

My advice to Julianne would be if she really cares about being taken seriously, then she needs to stop playing games with the fans and work on her craft. All of the lies and stories are insulting and if that is what she thinks will get her ahead in this business, she is in the wrong place. Country music fans like their artists to be real - the fake accent and big hair just make her look like a cartoon and someone who is trying to imitate what they think a country singer should be rather than being herself.

I adore the girl but Julianne needs a reality check. Her singing is awful. She is a great performer but needs someone around her who can tell her the truth. Her CD will be in the dustbin in 6 months and hopefully so will her music career.

if the cheographing is join the job it also apreciate all the heart and fashion


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