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'America's Next Top Model': How come Tyra gets to take her clogs off?

53192_2 Samantha Potter is adorable and likable and all, but it was a travesty (or as close as you can come to one) that Marjorie Conrad got eliminated ahead of her on Wednesday night's episode of "America's Next Top Model." Marjorie was clearly a better and more interesting model, both in the shoots and in person.  However, I'm not worried about our little manic pixie -- if there's another model from ANTM history who Marjorie reminds me of, it's Elyse Sewell from Season 1. Not only is Elyse still working, she's booking interesting jobs and, better yet, keeping the world up to date on her exploits via her smart blog

For a "Top Model" episode it was relative surprising, as the show was set up for Samantha to be eliminated -- she talked about her disdain for being serious and then was punished for her hubris by a less-than-stellar photo shoot in front of the Dutch windmills. I like Sam, and it seems like the fashionistas on "Top Model" do as well, so everyone felt for her after she all but blew her shoot.

But instead Marjorie suffered the too-familiar ANTM fate of the girl who attempts to make herself more professional for the judges and then is punished for becoming too withdrawn. The episode also featured some faux scandal involving Marjorie: She got drunk and kissed a guy and sat in the hot tub in her clothes, and the next day she stole some tiny sips from a tiny glass of wine. I thought that maybe the judges were going to call her out for being intoxicated during panel, which would be a first, but alas, she was just "listening." 

This leads me to believe that McKey Sullivan will win this cycle. Annaleigh Tipton gets stronger each episode, especially with any challenge that involves performing, but her face just doesn't compare to McKey's. And while I think Samantha is very cute and looks like a lot of fun to hang out with, she's no top model, striped sweat shirt or not. Although I'd rather wear Samantha's "boring" outfits than McKey's "fantastical" (aka "crazy) getups any day.

-- Claire Zulkey

(photo: the CW)

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It's funny you mention Elyse Sewell and how she was robbed in the first season. I think on the show when she was eliminated panel mentioned that she was a bit condescending and this comment was also mentioned by the Elle Rep prior to Marjorie being sent home. Yeah- I think it's was a shame that she was eliminated but she will do very well. I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't booked a few gigs already- without being under Tyra's thumb.

The fashions, makeup and hairstyles on this ANTM episode were ludicrous, and the "high concept" windmill fields location was a trite cliche. I don't know what Tyra Banks intended AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL to be, but the show quickly became an empty calories classic and has devolved into a snide fashion industry joke that hasn't produced even one supermodel. The good news is that Tyra Banks, ANTM and Tyra's talk show consistently provide Joel McHale and THE SOUP with magic moments that demand a gleefully satiric response. We're laughing at you, Tyra, Miss J and Mr. Jay; not with you.

yeah, I agree...
I love Marjorie too, and I think sometimes judges, they're like...umm how to say..
sometimes it's like they already set their mind about "the one who should go in this episode", so they will search the reason so that girl can go...
I don't know though, but I get this impression after watch some season of ANTM.
Yes! I agree with you! Marjorie also reminds me of Elyse Sewell haha, Well I think Marjorie could be a really great model, hope she will make it.


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