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'American Idol': Paula Abdul is staying, says her rep

Paula2_ka8hf7ncThe new season of "American Idol" is two months away and already it's all about Paula Abdul.

My devoted Show Tracker colleague, Richard Rushfield, and I spent all of Friday tracking a rumor that started at OK magazine and picked up steam with a Perez Hilton post.

Paula Abdul had quit "American Idol." Or was about to quit "American Idol." Or was threatening to quit "American Idol."

When none of the parties involved would confirm or deny, we started to panic. Was the most controversial reality judge in America really stepping down?

"It's absolutely untrue," said her publicist, Jeff Ballard, shortly before 6 p.m., just as we were pondering which happy hour to hit. (BWR, the publicity firm that represents the producers, were not able to confirm nor deny the rumors. And Fox pleaded the Fifth.)

So we were left with Ballard's statement. And the notion that a little bird offered -- that Abdul's camp instigated the speculation as a negotiating ploy for next season.

If that's true, maybe Paula should be careful. Now that Kara DioGuardi is joining the group, there are four judges now and the show has proved it can do just fine with only three.

--Maria Elena Fernandez and Richard Rushfield

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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Of course she is staying on as a judge - what else can she do? She can't really sing always sounded like she sucked too much helium and Idol is the only place that will tolerate her pill head antics

We LOVE YOU PAULA!!!!!:) Please don't ever quit Idol, you're AMAZING! The show just wouldn't the same without you!:D Plus, Simon would miss you wayy too much:p

I think the bigger question is.......who cares? This is American Idol, not something that actually matters. Paul Abdul and everyone else associated with American Idol are irrelevant, and will be tomorrow's footnote, much like Ed McMahon's involvement with StarSearch is now.


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