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'American Idol' Daily: Digits on the Davids


For David Cook, David Archuleta and every citizen of "American Idol" Nation, the moment of truth is at hand. A superstar (or two, or three) we were promised and now we learn whether a superstar (or two, or three) we have got. The show has ended, the tour has folded up its tent, the tracks recorded, the album shifts and we wait to hear from the marketplace whether it was all for naught.

And today the first album sales numbers for the first David out of the box (Archuleta) were released and for the Chosen One, the fulfillment of Idol prophecies of a 'tween hero molded from the cradle in the show's image, the record-buying public finally had their chance to speak and the results were ... very respectable. 

David Archuleta debuted on the Billboard Top 200 in the No. 2 position, selling 183,000 copies, putting him second only to country/pop phenom Taylor Swift. Over at the always comprehensive and authoritative Idol destination MJ's Big Blog, they have rounded up an impressive array of statistics on where the Chosen One's debut places him in Idol launch history. According to their stats, 183,000 places Archuleta third in the first week sales of second place finishers (behind Clay Aiken and Bo Bice) and 10th in all debut weeks (a category led by Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard and Carrie Underwood, his figures just edging Jordin Sparks out of the top 10.

MJ also points out that Archuleta's numbers are at least 25% more impressive than they seem at first glance, given that album sales are off 24% this year from the same week last year. Archuleta's single "Crush" is also just 10,000 downloads shy of making platinum on the digital charts.

When next week's numbers are released, expect a giant pile-up between David Cook, Swift, Nickleback and Beyonce, all fighting for the top slot. Tonight the Idol champion sits at the No. 2 slot on iTunes top albums listings, just below Nickleback.

And the rest of the busy day in American Idol after the jump.

-- Chris Daughtry made Idol history Wednesday night becoming, according to a fascinating list compiled by Newsday, the sixth Idol star to appear on sitcom or drama. Daughtry took his glistening dome to 'CSI: NY' where he guest-starred on the series' 100th episode. Previous Idols who have made the leap from center of the entertainment universe to scripted walk-on's include Justin Guarini ("Run of the House"), Tamyra Gray ('Boston Public') and Constantin Maroulis ('The Bold and the Beautiful').

-- Having "Gone Country," Diana DiGarmo is going country. The season three runner-up told AmericanIdol.com that she is currently living in Nashville and working on an album in the country vein.  But rather than seeing this turn as walking away from the pop world, DiGarmo said the new direction is actually a return to her roots. The site tells:

When she went to make her initial album, she wasn’t inspired by the pop artists of the time, and R & B wasn’t feeling like a good fit either. As Diana said, “I was in a musical rut.” After being on the show “Gone Country,” Diana is feeling renewed, and has fallen in love with music all over again. “It just fit perfectly,” Diana said, as life has brought her "full circle."   

-- Kristy Lee Cook is asking for your help to support her delightful and under-appreciated single, "15 Minutes of Shame." Season seven's lone country star sent a notice out on her fans on her myspace blog:

My single is in a bad spot right now the high 20's which is a bad spot to be cause it can jump down to 30's and back up when new songs come out.. So LETS GET THIS SINGLE UP THE CHARTS!!! Work everyone you know to request my single and lets see if we can get it up by MONDAY :O)
What do you think? Can we all do it? Stations all over the US doesn't have to be your state.. let me know ya'all !!! GOD BLESS, Your the best fans!

And God bless the USA! And hoping all Idol Nation will jump in to help out the only female kickboxer to ever make the top 10.

56 days to season eight!

-- Richard Rushfield

(photo courtesy of Fox)

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David did very well. I think its unfair to compare the 2 davids the winner has had his album on preorder for 5 months while David Archuletas was only available for pre-order whithin the last month or so. Cook should outpace Archie out of the gate due to this. Cooks album was also available for preorder right after he won idol. Archies was not! So the numbers out the gate are not numbers you compare.

Way to go David Archuleta. Crush wiil be platinum next week too. Good luck to Cook as well!

There is no season 8 for me. Got my idol and the show will never be the same again. Best voice of all 7 seasons. David Archuleta!

I'm with you Robin. I am "over' American Idol. Was afan for all seasons til this last one. David James RULES!

David Archuleta did very well for an album that was not given much publicity and promotion!!

David Archuleta is my idol!

I am so happy for David Archuleta. He is an exceptional talent with so much to offer the music world. I hope he keeps singing and making music for many, many years to come. I'll be in line for concert tickets - what a show that will be!

David Archuleta is best singer that ever happened to American Idol. He's got great vocals. I love his album and to promote it, i posted a photo of him on the front and back mirror of my car...and I play his songs on my car and on our player at home for like 8 times a day...:) David will be a huge star...His song "Crush" landed on #1 MYX (it's like MTV where they play songs & videos).

One thing you forgot to mention is that David Cooks single "Time of My Life" went platinum this week. Way to go Magic Rainbow!! Congrats to both the Davids!!

I don't think the two Davids are being compare here at all. I think Michele should go back and read this article again to fully comprehend what this means for both Davids. Their numbers both look great, and they are on the road to success. There is absolutely no comparison between the two - two very different generes/ two very different types of fans. However, I think David Archuletta still has some growing and maturing to do, and many people still recognize that. Having said that, I still think he is awesone and the sky is the limit for this kid. David Cook on the other hand is a superstar who was slipping through the cracks for years. He should have been discovered years ago. I bet there are some A&R people out there right now scratching their heads still wandering, "How did I miss this one?"

Clay Aiken's debut CD sold 613,000 copies it's first week. He out sold EVERYBODY. Winners and non winners. His first single (physical single that is, the kind you have to actually go to the store and buy) sold a million copies. Ruben Studdard holds second place for the best CD debut with 400,000 CDs sold, the same with his first single.( that also includes EVERYBODY) Those two guys never get the recognition they deserve, especially Clay.Usually just a foot note as they got here.

I do like both Davids and wish them both well. Cookie probably a little more than Archie. He just about did me in when he sang Billie Jean.

Yes, Gigi David Archuleta does have some maturing to do, since he is only seventeen. I can't even imagine what he will be like at twenty five since he can sing a pop rock ballad now (Desperate) without ever screaming. Pop generally does not sell as well as rock. I think that had a lot more to do with his numbers. Pop fans are much more likely to download singles from the album than to buy the whole album. I'm proud of Archie and think the skys the limit as far as his future. That said I'm happy for both Davids successes.


I congratulate both Davids on their success and the COMPETITION IS OVER and they both have different audiences and different genres.

As far as their future goes, that remains to be seen in this very competitive market. It is all going to boil down to album sales versus single's sales (@.99) and success will be measured by concert sales. That is where the artist survives and gains fans outside the "Idol Bubble."

Folks praise David Archuleta as the best ever and I would have to disagree. As another former runner-up such as Clay Aiken with his power ballads would blow Archie out of the water and in fact did with his first week sales of over 600K with Archie's first week sales of 187K. I am not a Clay fan, but I will give him that. They both have/had "fanatic fans" too. To say that Archie didn't get promo nor did he get as much time for pre-sales is really stupid. He released his single and album prior to the actual winner did for starters. Since Archie entered the Billboard at #2 that blows that argument too. Bo Bice's first week's sales were 222K. With all the hoopla about Archuleta this season his 1st weeks sales were good but it was predicted to be around 200K+ but fell short by 20K. David A. joins Katharine in starting at No. 2. David's initial total is the 10th-highest all-time, behind (in order) Clay, Ruben, Carrie, Chris D., Taylor, Kelly, Fantasia, Bo, Jennifer and last David Archuleta.

This is a reality show and it doesn't mean the "best vocal" necessarily should win. That is why it is a reality show. Tweens will vote primarily for someone closer to their age. That is probably why Melinda Doolittle didn't win last season who was far better vocally than Jordin. Heck Sanjaya, who was pathetic, got pretty far due to the "tween" vote.

If firmly believe that if David Archuleta was 24-25 years old this season, singing the same songs in the same way, he would have never made it to top 10. He has a great voice and that "aw shucks" personality but with a steady diet of ballads, he bored me to tears. It's not personal, but that is why I was bored with a lot of the contestants this season who never went out of the box or their comfort zone and when they did--it was a disaster.

It's interesting that nobody thinks to factor in the economic picture this year compared to other years for Idol performer sales..and how easy it is to just download pirated stuff compared to 4 or 5 years ago.

Still, no matter what the numbers are, and no matter who won or who "lost" people are going to like what they like.

I agree with Jake, that ecomomy plays role this year. I heard that "Crush" reach platinum already. Am I right or not? We can't compare "Time of My Life" and "Crush" because the first one (TOML) has already around way longer than Crush.
Anyway, there is no comparison, David C.,the older, more mature one, has complete two vocal cords to sing while David A., the younger one has only one vocal cord to sing. But, David A., hasn't reach his peak yet. He is still developing his personality, social, emotion, and his musica skill. We don't know what might happen when he reaches 25 years old. Right now David A. is enjoying his life and what God gives him right now. We could see how happy he was last night during AMA. His face was radiant, glowing, so handsome, God bless this young guy.
Please don't ruin his career by dissing him or discouraging him. He doesn't deserve that. What did he do to you who discouraged and wrote negative things about him? Let him growing, let him do what he loves to do. He always feels thankfull and gratefull with what God gives him. Can we?????

David Cook supposedly beat David Archuleta by 12 million votes on American Idol------where did all those fans go? According to that, David Cook should be selling at least 10 times as many albums as Archuleta. Interesting statistics-----can't help wondering about the validity of that American Idol voting!!!!!!

Very impressive stuff for David! I think that season 8 will be truly amazing!

Keep us updated with any insider info ;)


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