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ABC cancels 'Eli Stone,' slates 'Scrubs' for Jan., shuffles schedule

Elistone2_k8c6dznc The executive producers of ABC's "Eli Stone" had the sad task Thursday afternoon of informing the cast and crew that the show will not go on.

Executive producers Marc Guggenheim and David Petrarca gathered actors and crew members to let them know that they had been notified by ABC that the show will not continue. Production will end when it completes the network's 13-episode order, according to a source who attended the meeting.

The drama, which stars Jonny Lee Miller, joins the ranks of "My Own Worst Enemy," which NBC canceled last week. The networks are in the process of finalizing their midseason lineups after a very difficult fall.

An ABC spokesperson said the network could not confirm if the meeting between producers and the show's cast and crew had taken place or what producers had stated.

ABC officials also would not comment on the fate of "Dirty Sexy Money," which Greg Berlanti also produces. The dramedy, starring Peter Krause, has suffered from low ratings all season and is not expected to survive. Berlanti could not immediately be reached for comment.

Even though ABC was not willing to discuss shows it is removing from its schedule, executives offered some news in the way of additions.

"Scrubs," which ABC bought after NBC canceled it during what was supposed to be its last season, will premiere with back-to-back episodes on Jan. 6 and  Jan. 13 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Then it will settle into its 9 pm slot on Jan. 20.

"Life on Mars" will move to Wednesday nights on Jan. 28 at 10 p.m. in the slot after "Lost." "Private Practice," will move to Thursdays beginning Jan. 8 at 10 p.m., airing after the show that gave it its life, "Grey's Anatomy."

--Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: ABC

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I love Eli Stone. I can't understand why the network can't give it a little more time to grow its audience. This is the best show on TV. In this poor economy, it is nice to turn on a show that makes you feel good. Get rid of some of the reality shows that have no "reality" left in them.

One by one the new shows are being cancelled. Some like Journeyman and Day Break were just stupid. Dirty Sexy Money started off strong, then got too fictional even for a soap. I've stopped watching Heroes where people can't ever die. Terminator has no purpose anymore. I followed Pushing Daisies for 6 episodes before it turned into a Journeyman/Day Break where each episode looks the same. Fringe and The Eleventh Hour are both comical and weak. The only show I care about is Eli Stone, but it turns out ABC doesn't want to appeal to the smarter viewers - there just isn't enough of us. I'm giving up on TV this season, let them all fail.

OK, cable, step up and pick up this gem!!!

Eli Stone is a gem among so much junk, no wonder thye did not keep it! It's so sad that only senseless and freaky shows keep living. As stated before, Posner and Klein won after all!

Cant believe it. I watch both of them, Eli and Dirty Sexy Money~~ I thought the Eli Stone was a great show, with interesting story line. I DVR every show and even introduced to my friends in Chicago~


Oh, please do not cancel Eli Stone it is the best program on television today our entire family watches. Please rethink this appalling idea there are so few shows on television today except for all of those reality shows that are not suitable for families to watch and now you want to cancel one of the best shows, how can you do this?

What's ABC?
Don't worry your pretty little heads, though, because NBC will still try to cram 30 Rock, a crappy show about t.v. people grabbing each other's a**es that nobody unrelated to a castmember watches, down your throat.
The unceasing self-praise of this show is unrivalled in the history of network t.v., which is saying something. I'm sure those execs sit around saying, 'a show based on t.v. peoples' lives? EVERYBODY will want to see that!' Then they bring on Tina Fey, the most overrated 'personality' in entertainment today (Who couldn't carry Gilda Radner's jockstrap) and absolutely insist that America watch. They must be truly pissed that it just ain't happening and ain't gonna. Only t.v. people find crap about t.v. people funny.
When The Simpsons goes off the air I will be completely network-free. Hallellujah!
Grey's Anatomy AND Private Practice back to back? I'd rather have paper cuts inflicted on my eyeballs and then spray mace, anthrax and lemon pledge on the wounds, and the let vampire bats suck out my retinas, than ever punish my senses with these utterly worthless shows. Goodbye and good riddance, ABC, NBC, CBS, and soon enough, FOX.

Eli Stone is a great show. It' amazes me that it get canceled and yet complete garbage like Wifeswap and Supernanny as well as about 10 different CSU type shows keep going.

Network tv officially died when "reality" tv became prominent.

The networks are truly becoming irrelevant. Cable networks are now producing BETTER programming that the networks.

FX kicks butt with great shows like Rescue Me, Always Sunny and HBO and Showtime have great series as well.

Eli Stone was a breath of fresh air in a world of murder, mayhem, and too many CSIs. I'm on my way to the abc web site to air my feelings.

I've been watching tv for 60 years and I've seen about every type of show that can be put on the tube (sorry) - circuit board. Eli Stone is a different, intelligent, and well produced show that deserves more time to develop and reach a broader audience. Network executives don't seem to know what the audience really wants. They canceled star trek after 2 seasons and look where that failure went. 13 episodes is not enough time to find an audience with all the new shows that are constantly coming on. They cancel Eli and keep Life on Mars which isn't nearly as creative and interesting. Go figure!!!!

What do you expect from the network that cancelled Max Headroom, but brought us The Charmings, 20 odd years ago. Thanks ABC for giving me one more reason to quit watching broadcast TV.


"Twin Peaks"
"Sports Night"
"The George Lopez Show"
"Eli Stone"
"Pushing Daisies"
Dirty Sexy Money"

I'm sensing a pattern here,..

Did Disney re-hire the moron who canceled the previous two shows before they really got going? Ground breaking series like these have no business being on ABC because its obvious that Disney has no stomach for Ground-Breaking unless it's another crappy amusement park. Then again this is the network that tried to sell "Cavemen" as a series, which gives you a real insight into how they think at Disney.

I hope that when they come for "Life on Mars" that their producers will be able to move to another network, Maybe CBS will pick it up and put it after CSI

Hmmm, let's see here...

"Twin Peaks"
"Max Headroom"
"Sports Night"
"The George Lopez Show"

Yeah, sounds like ABC all right...

What is it about ABC when it comes to shows like this that may not rake in the ad dollars but are liked by fans? I mean come on, even the public wasn't going to buy "Cavemen" as a series, but who tried to shove it down our collective throats? You guessed it. Guess ol' Mickey doesn't like anything to be ground-breaking unless it involves another crappy amusement park that charges people through the nose to come in. What do they think this is, Cartmanland?

Well, I guess I can delete the ABC local affiliate from my TiVo's channel lineup because this was the only show that I found entertaining on this network!

Why is it that every time ABC has a show that is worth watching they cancel it? "Eli Stone" actually makes you think while you watch. That's it!!!! Look out "Life on Mars" ---ABC just lost another viewer.

Why is it that every time ABC has a show that is worth watching they cancel it? "Eli Stone" actually makes you think while you watch. That's it!!!! Look out "Life on Mars" ---ABC just lost another viewer.

I honestly think the ratings are not accurate. Perhaps they're not putting the boxes in the correct houses, or the whole idea of basing viewership on a few sample houses is hogwash. Seems like Eli Stone had a very strong following, and I know many people who gave up on Network television long ago who became hooked on Dirty Sexy. Too bad - seems like some of these shows have not been nurtured, but rather are just thrown up in the air at random times to see what sticks.

why isn't this neilson box in my house i love eli stone and pushing daisies faithfully

This is extremely disappointing to hear. My wife and I love this show! We've been hooked since its premiere and haven't missed an episode since. We were so happy to hear that it returned for a second season, only now to hear it is being canceled...AUUGH!! It is such a quality show with good acting and great writing. What a shame. I really hope ABC change their minds about this....or have another network pick it up. I guess its just down to "Life" on NBC for us.

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