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'The View': Guess who's praising Barack Obama?

It is a new day in America, and a new day on "The View."

Can you guess which co-host of the ABC gab fest said this today?

"Today is a victory for this country: to have Barack Obama be our president, the first black president, the first black first lady. To have the amount of voters -- 14 million  more voters in this election than the last -- present themselves and vote in this election. Today is victory."

What about this?

"In seeing the amount of people that were able to gather with enthusiasm, ignited and ready to move this country in a fresh direction under Barack Obama, I think he has a gift. And I think with everyone’s support and prayers, he has the ability to really move us in a new place."

Was it Joy Behar? Whoopi Goldberg?

Nooo. It was Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the lone Republican voice on the panel and passionate supporter of Sen. John McCain who recently accused Behar of drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

Hasselbeck and Behar have been arguing a lot lately. Behar has staunchly supported president-elect Barack Obama and the two women have reportedly been fighting behind the scenes, though they adamantly deny that.

Today, after Hasselbeck "made nice" with the president-elect, Behar took the opportunity to gloat. "What are you saying? I was right all along?" Behar said and laughed.

The two women shook hands. Then Behar explained how she viewed the election:

"For me, this was a triumph over negative campaigning. And I appreciate that about Americans today. That they didn’t fall for the Jeremiah Wright ads and this association baloney. They went for themselves. For the country. And it’s such a wonderful feeling."

The real winner, all women seemed to agree, was America.

Goldberg opened the discussion by saying that she was bowled over when her mother admitted to her on Tuesday night that she didn't think America would elect a black president in her lifetime.

"And the realization that hit me and really messed me up for a lot of the night was that as an American, I always thought of myself as an American with all of the promise that America holds," Goldberg said. "But suddenly last night I felt like I could put my suitcase down finally.

"When people say, everybody can be president ... this is a moment where you realize that you have become the fabric of America, that people really do want greatness for the country and they’re willing to do as much as they can to bring it about. And I was so knocked out by it. "

Co-host Sherri Shepherd was so emotional about Obama's win that she couldn't contain her tears while trying to explain why she finally decided to cast her vote for him. Shepherd was undecided until the very end.

"I took my son with me and he kept saying, 'Barack Obama, we did it! We did it!' We’ve always had these limitations on us. And I remember somebody in my family, when I said I wanted to be a comic and an actor, 'Go get a job at the post office, they don’t let people like us do that.' So to look at my son and say, 'No limitations on you.' It is an extraordinary day for me to be able to tell my son.

[Sarah Palin] spoke to me as a mother who has a child who has special needs. But this spoke to me more. And I know there are people who died to be able to see this day."

Walters played a clip of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 "I Have A Dream" speech after explaining her feelings.

"None of us who are white can know what you feel," she said, looking at Shepherd. "And I didn’t cry last night. But this morning I was brushing my teeth and they had an excerpt of Martin Luther King. I remember that. It was 1963 and I found myself crying. It struck me so that I’ve asked to just play a little bit of that for you who are too young to remember and for those of you who remember and finally his dream came true."

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

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Sherri Shepard touched me with her comments. Thank you Sherri for remembering who died so every American could be free. My relatives died in the Civil War so Abraham Lincoln could free the slaves. It takes a very compassonet person to admit that.
Thank you again
Shawna Clanton

Elisabeth you are a hypocrite, the day before the election you were throwing falseties around with your horrible screeching. Stick with what you know, negativity and proposed intelligence and leave the hope and unity to those of us who woked hard to sell it to the "undecided".

Elizabeth, say it ain't so?!?!?! This was not good for America. It's sad. People are saying it is so great just because he is the first african american president that has nothing to do with it. And his associations do matter. This show should be taken off the air. Women need to stop being so emotional about this stuff. Start thinking with your head. This was a bad decision and bad for America!

Tammy - I supported McCain and Palin. No, the election did not go the way I hoped and prayed for. But, maybe now is the time for you to understand how people like Elisabeth, myself and other Christians have com to accept the outcome. We realize that our God is an awesome God. He is stronger that any political party. We can only hope that Obama who says he serves the same God will cast his eyes upon Him and pray for His guidance. We also realize that we are commanded to respect and serve the laws of our land (including the leadership). Obama is not a Savior or my first choice but now is the time to pray for our country and the leadership. I honestly think that is what made Elisabeth appear so strong this morning and not being "hypocritical" as you so boldly put it.

I completely disagree this was good for America. I think sometimes people get so hung up on race that you loose sight of what is important. This man has vision, hope, and compassion. These are things that I think our current president forgot somewhere along the way. His own greed and agenda seem to have gotten in the way of the american people's agenda. We want what is right and someone who will tell us the truth. I believe Barack Obama can be the stable rock to bring/hold this country together. I do understand what Sherri was talking about. It is easy to tell your child he can be anything he wants to be as long as he works hard, if it has been seen in the past. Try that if you never saw anyone like you achieve that dream, it gets a lot harder. So yes, to african americans and all people of color this was a great victory. Not only did we elect a great leader we also elected someone our children can look at and say the color of his skin didn't matter and neither will mine. YES WE CAN!!

Just yesterday (pre-election), Elizabeth represented the worst of the Republican party. Again and again, even on election day, she insinuated that Obama was anti-American, a terrorist, a liar, etc. Her style of mudslinging belongs on the Jerry Springer Show. She went so low. Not a byte of human dignity could be heard in her Obama-bashing. It baffled me that Barbara Walters allowed it. Elizabeth -had- to say the right thing on the Nov 5 show - she had no choice! But it was blatantly disingenuous. I agree with Tammy Gage - she is a hypocrite.

not a hypocrite at all. She didnt vote for him but now he is elected so let's support him. he is our leader now and instead of saying, well i didnt vote for or he is not my choice, let's be together and work towards improvement. This is something that Behar and those like her will never understand.

I too do not understand what all the hype is about. So what if he is black, oops, african american, I could care less. what I do care about is what he stands for and what he claims he will do for this country. I find it appalling that people care more about the color of his skin than they do about what we are facing in this country. If that is what really matters to people, then as a woman I am genuinely saddened that women are still thought of as less than an equal and that our views, thoughts and leadership are not taken seriously in this country. I will always vote for the right to choose what is best for me, and I will never choose to let the govt dictate this right for me.

You're all tired of opinions by now, right? I'll ease the pain by giving you facts:
Chicago- Run by; Barack Obama, Dick Durbin
Rep.-Jesse Jackson Jr.
Gov.-Rod Blogojevich
House leader; Mike Madigan
Att. General; Mike's daughter Lisa
Mayor; Richard Dailey
Body Count in Chicago; (murdered in last 6 mos.)- 292
Killed in Iraq- 221
State Pension fund is $44 BILLION in debt (worst in America)
Cook County, Chicago sales tax- 10.25 % HIGHEST in USA
Chicago schools- other than Cleveland, probably the worst in the Nation
He's going to "fix" Washington????
ABORTIONIST- says he is a "Christian" (PS- that is NOT possible by the way)
If he doesn't protect the UNBORN, will he protect you????
Hope you enjoyed the FACTS........Oh, ONE more for the record-
The Chicagoans (Rahm Emanuel) are already making their way to Washington as we speak
Welcome to the new "Chicago DC", Mr. President
That is the REAL "CHANGE" coming your way soon

You know Babs told Elizabeth to make nice. This was more about office politics than American politics. Not that I'm complaining, I certainly won't miss her irritating and abrasive rants.

- "What are you saying? I was right all along?" Behar said and laughed."

Someone tries to be gracious, and the other gets their digs in until the very end. I'm sure it wouldn't been this way had the results been reversed.

Flip flop - so mean and now so nice. She has seen America speak and she is shocked. Elizabeth has burned her bridges with America with her attitude and comments before the election. Come on, Obama koolaid. Now realizes the hole she is in and has put on another face. Remember, if you put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig. She lacks integrity.

My Dear Elizabeth, People are counted by "number" not "amount". Perhaps you should join your dear friend Sarah in Alaska for an ESL ( English as a second Language) refresher course. I can assure you that no one will miss you.

SimeonV: your "facts" are just a repetition of blatant lies - something die-hard right–wingers always fall back on when confronted with the REAL truth. Your bitterness does you no good, nor the country you may profess to love. Whether Obama was your choice or not, the FACT remains that your guy Bush and the feckless Republican party have done a world of damage to America over the last 8 years, and people voted for someone they believed could stop the madness. Be a real American, and support your new President in his efforts to right the wrongs of the past. If you truly love America, it is your patriotic duty to do so.

Yes, it is a wonderful day. Electing a black person to the White House shows anyone can become president. Except a woman, of course.

ha ha ha ha haaa!!

You know what?.....All you HATERS need to come down and collect yourselfs. The fact of the matter is BARACK WON, he was the better man for the job, McCain messed up more when he put that dumb ass pit-bull in a skirt up for VP. Any-way I people are rooting for him to fail but it won't be any worse then the last 8 years we just went through

THANK YOU SIMEONV, Amen and I could not have said it better. I did not support Obama and it had NOTHING to do with the color of his skin, it had to do with his voting record. Two men can be in a boat and one man choose to drill a hole in his end of the boat, the entire boat is going to sink, not just the man on the end with the hole. For those who did not vote for obama, sad thing is, we're all going down with those who did.

Liberals don't get it. Conservatives do fight for beliefs and our candidate choices. However we also believe in democracy so we move on when defeated. UNLIKE the liberals who won't accept the will of the people. Example: PROP 8 in California. I could point to laws passed every year that the liberals openly refuse to accept. I sometimes wish conservatives would say no to laws they don't agree with. But we aren't like that. So Elisabeth is not being a hypocrite.

do you really believe hasselback accepts obama?????? please, it's all a act!! first of all that was in the beginning just after the election------if anyone has noticed,lately she most defiantly is not a happy person. it shows. however,w/ her, she's so into her own world of la la land and continues to stubbornly hold on to her dreamworld of utter nonsense (just look at her view of bush,which she'll never admit she was wrong,instead she rather remain looking as the fool before ever admitting, yes she was wrong). that girl is so obviously terrified of anything that threatens her bubble. people like her never change , well rarely. she's in shock. watch her face anytime anything is mentioned which opposes her fantasy (before she even hears it out) her eyebrows lower and her mouth widens WIDE open as tho her life is being threatened. this mind set is just in her fabric and that's it. what the hell is she going to do when she finds out her TIM ain't what she sees him to be? not good. oh lord she should never leave the view THE VIEW needs her --THE VIEW is lucky to have her-----they'll never find another---never ever. i would love to ask her what her opinion of palin's twisting couric's simple question reg. as to what newspapers she reads? and, palin turns it into curic asking what papers do you people way up in alaska read?!!~!! palin is not capable of owning up . ahh ahh ah not too christian now. but ya see,hasselback is deaf to such things. hasselback is a gem who else would continue to make and reveal just what a fool is?

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