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Tonight's "Late Show" Top Ten List, a special Palin-Biden debate edition

October 2, 2008 |  3:36 pm

David Letterman continues to milk the presidential campaign for humor with tonight's Top Ten list. The category: "Surprises in the Vice Presidential Debate."

10. First question for Palin: “Why the hell do you keep agreeing to talk to Katie Couric?”

9. As a welcome to the candidates, St. Louis constructed a special “Arch to Nowhere.”

8. To even the playing field, Biden wore stilettos.

7. A confused John McCain kept stumbling onstage asking where he was.

6. Most of the discussion was what to do about the Mets.

5. Palin bore a striking resemblance to Mitt Romney in a wig.

4. The only thing the candidates agreed on? The Late Show Fun Facts book’s 240 pages of jam-packed hilarity!

3. Biden’s insistence that from his house in Delaware he can see Russia.

2. You could hear Hillary’s muffled screams from the parking lot.

1. Palin mentioned bombing Iran, Pakistan and Tina Fey.

-- Matea Gold