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'The Hills': Audrina takes it off for Justin Bobby

October 14, 2008 |  7:49 am

Aud What is it about the bad boys?

Lauren's longest "Hills" relationship was with Jason Wahler, whose arrests have included drug possession, assault and resisting arrest. And Spencer has not only alienated Heidi from her closest pals, he's got her offing family members one by one. (See ya, Holly!)

So when it came down to Audrina's eager, tattooed ex Corey and her would-be boyfriend with the wandering eye Justin Bobby, there was no contest. Corey seems swell and straightforward, and is well-liked by Audrina's friends. That's why he's toast. "I found someone who I actually like and he treats me good," she told Brody pal Frankie. "And he's nice."

That's the death knell you're hearing. Sleepy-eyed Audrina may be able to stand up to Lo and Lauren, but when it comes to the boys, it's an endless parade of dra-ma. And with both guys slated to go to Cabo with the "Hills" gang in the next episode, Audrina will have to choose between what is good for her and what feels good.

Again, not much suspense. Here's what feels good: Removing her bikini top for Justin Bobby, who repaid her by threatening to cheat. "Can I pre-warn you if I go [to Cabo] that I'm going to get in trouble? ...I'm just letting you know, I get to use my hall pass." He got a smooch after that, too. Ah, young love.

SPOILER ALERT: I left the TV on after the episode and caught Audrina's appearance on "The Hills: After Show" and if you really want to know who Audrina's what she had to say:

"I tried [with Corey] and it didn't work. Me and Corey are still friends," she said.

And as for Justin Bobby: "Our chemistry is so amazing and I've never felt that with anyone else. I'm just kind of stuck on him. [For now], he's the one."

Going back to Frankie, can I vent? Is anyone else curious as to what this guy's deal is? Nose in everyone's business but nothing of his own going on? He's like a third-rate She-Pratt, trying to stir things up but winding up looking like a lost sidekick. Ditto Strikingly Handsome Doug (as he shall be known henceforth), the newest LC/Brody hanger-on. He's been both dumped and caught lying, and thus is even more painful to watch.

Then there's Speidi's strained living situation. Personally, I've switched sides. I'm pro-Spencer in the matter of Heidi's sister overstaying her welcome. Sure, Heidi's gone from feminist hero to total pushover this season, but Spencer's concerns are legit. Having Holly in their place on extended vacation is like living with the in-laws. You love 'em, but there's only so much time you can be in cramped quarters with them.

Thoughts? Should Heidi have chosen Holly over Spencer? (Well, if say Spencer was a decent human being.) Are you more sympathetic toward Audrina's dating predicament? Let me know below.

-- Denise Martin

(Photo credit: MTV)