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'South Park' vs. Lucas and Spielberg: Too far?


Never mind "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report," the most welcome Comedy Central program this election season just might be "South Park."

The series has been on a roll for the past four/five seasons, and whether turning an alien invasion into an examination of immigration, or leprechauns into targets of terrorism, "South Park" has been presenting relatively reasoned examinations of cultural issues.

Until, perhaps, last night. "South Park" has missed out on skewering this summer's pop-culture events, and last night, the episode was on the attack. As dark and twisted as "The Dark Knight" was, "South Park" was just as aggressively over the top.

Returning with new episodes as part of its 12th season, "South Park" didn't level its aim at presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain (fingers are crossed for such an episode to be forthcoming). Instead, the series had Hollywood heavyweights George Lucas and Steven Spielberg directly in sights.

Oh, there was also a paranoid Cartman convinced that China's Olympic opening ceremony telegraphed an attack on the United States, but Cartman's mockery of Chinese stereotypes was almost an afterthought after Matt Stone and Trey Parker completely dismantled the worldwide hit "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

"We all saw it happen," says the handicapped Jimmy, discussing "The Crystal Skull" as if it's a personal tragedy. "Do you remember that scene with Indiana in the refrigerator? It didn't make any sense, Stan."

From there, an excited Stan sits down to watch the latest film in a dream sequence/nightmare, but soon has to warn Indiana Jones that Spielberg and Lucas are nearby. And then in a series of film parodies, Indy's pants come off.


The boys of "South Park" spend much of the episode struggling to come to grips with the raping of Indiana Jones. In its rave review of the episode, IGN wrote that "South Park" went "beyond offensive and into some sort of hyper-offensive stratosphere," all of it hilarious.

Indeed, each scene builds upon the other, with Spielberg and Lucas eventually becoming two rednecks in the woods who demand Indy "squeal like a pig" as the pair humiliates and degrades a cinematic icon. A Stormtrooper gets it even worse, prompting the "South Park" police to lock up the directors to prevent such travesties from happening again.

Not that anyone didn't see this coming. Parker and Stone tried to warn Spielberg and Lucas from even making a fourth "Indiana Jones" flick. Back in 2002, the series took the two to task for re-editing their films for the worse, hoping to prevent a ruining of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

But was continually -- and graphically -- having Spielberg and Lucas violently rape Indiana Jones too far? "He's gonna do it right there!" shouts a cartoon Spielberg in one scene, holding back Indy's hands over a pinball machine. Or was seeing a Stormtrooper completely defiled still easier to swallow than having to watch Shia LaBeouf swing like a monkey, or worse, inserting aliens into the film?

Show Tracker put a call in to Lucasfilm to try to get their thoughts (ha!), but in the meantime, do you side with "South Park," or those behind the "Crystal Skull" on this one? Coming a few days after The Times' Hero Complex wrote that "Indy 5" is still a possibility, it might be time to make your voice known. 

-- Todd Martens

Photos: http://www.southparkstudios.com/

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>> South Park was funny. The rape scenes were extremely funny, however, I thought the Crystal Skull was amazing!
Agree !

As disturbing as it may have been to watch, nothing could possibly be more disturbing than Indy 4, it may have been terribly crude, but to be honest, the Indiana money grab, might just be more so.

Who cares?


Like South Park has never done this before? Even if the "laughing at rape" is a new category for them, they are anything but new to being obscene, violent, crude, and completely irreverent.

Hyper-sensitive people like you have always taken offense to South Park, and will probably never understand it.

Now you can proudly say you've joined the ranks of Scientology, Gays/Lesbians, The Catholic Church, and many others in overreacting to a joke.


So what? In "Cartoon Jihad" South Park showed Jesus taking a crap on GWB and the American Flag just to show that they weren't allowed to depict Muhammed. More power to them.

Too far? Let's see - the South Park boys have aired myriad episodes depicting (and skewering) all manner of sacrilege, perversion, racism, scatology - and the LA Times waits until a couple of Hollywood producers are lampooned before running with this headline?

Are you TRYING to be so patently obvious in displaying your shallow nature? Can't you try to conceal it even a LITTLE?

I believe South Park is quickly supplanting The Simpsons as the greatest TV show to air. Not only has the show remained consistent, but it has been constantly ahead of the curve for nigh on twelve years now. I can't believe it has been that long.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, btw.

Yes, the latest southpark episode pushed the boundaries, but has this never happened before? what about the woodland critter creatures with their "blood orgies" in the christmas episode, or the having relations (to put it nicely) with a cartoon characters eye socket, in the imgination land episode. The Southpark creators are brilliant and push the limits, but for this episode to actually have an article written about them finally going to far, seems to me at least, to be a reach.

My guess is that those who like South Park and especially this episode are big Obama fans. That is if they know there is a presidential election in a month. Now rape can just be considered another form of expression. Very sad.

So... openly mocking Jesus Christ and depicting a gay love affair between saddam hussein and satan are not over the edge... but somehow raping poor Indy Jones is. Puh-leeze, get over yourself.

btw... did you know they used to also have a talking poo character? Just wondering...

I have not seen the movie or seen the SP episode. I do not watch much TV anymore.......all they want to do it sell me something...every 8 minutes or so (sometimes less and for 5 minutes a shot!).
Reading this re-affirms my thinking that the morals of this country have hit an all-time low.

The funny thing, is if wasn't Spielberg and Lucas, but say, the Pope and George Bush, all the South Park fans would thinks it hilarious. But they offended the Hollywood gods, and THAT'S what REALLY gets you in trouble!

South Park crossed the line A LONG TIME AGO. But it is the most viewed television show in Hell.

South Park has never done much for me. I prefer the highbrow comedy of John Stewart and Colbert ;). However, it does have it's audience and frequently challenges free speech which is good.

The raping of Indy was nothing compared to the raping of millions of fans wallets who paid to see this crap. Indy jumped the shark when he survived a atom bomb test in an old refrigerator. Frankly I'm done giving George Lucas my money. His entire Empire is focused on creating a fandom that must but every action figure, statue, and DVD re-release of his franchise.

I'd like Spielberg to get back to making quality films.

Get over yourselves. It was funny. If you dont like it, then dont watch it. Period. You can go watch the 700 club with the rest of the uptight fools.

It was brilliant.
ll parties deserved the throttling hoisted in that episode.
Lots of people can say I think this and I think that but once it's on southparkstudios.com (hopefully unedited) you will all see how South Park continues to rule.
I love Matt and Trey, blame Al Queda, George Bush, whatever.

Yes, the episode poked fun at rape. But if you KNOW anything about pop culture - it's easy to realize that this episode wasn't making fun of rape so much as it was making fun of the movie "the accused" starring Jodie Foster. For anyone who saw that movie in the 80's, and had the image of the pinball machine rape scene burned into their brain; this episode was an hilarious, shot-for-shot parody.

That was great --- really the best. Aliens??!! Indy??!!
I hated it. I did feel like I was alone when I told
my friends that aliens and Indy don't belong in same sentence,
let alone the same farking movie.


this was a funny episode from beginning to end. cartman with the ALF.... stan and kenny dealing with the trauma of a friend being raped.... these guys are simply brillant...keep it coming. and they call the show 'racist' like all of a sudden rape and racism isn't funny.

Hey Danny, give it a rest dude! take your meds or something SHEESH!

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