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'South Park' vs. Lucas and Spielberg: Too far?


Never mind "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report," the most welcome Comedy Central program this election season just might be "South Park."

The series has been on a roll for the past four/five seasons, and whether turning an alien invasion into an examination of immigration, or leprechauns into targets of terrorism, "South Park" has been presenting relatively reasoned examinations of cultural issues.

Until, perhaps, last night. "South Park" has missed out on skewering this summer's pop-culture events, and last night, the episode was on the attack. As dark and twisted as "The Dark Knight" was, "South Park" was just as aggressively over the top.

Returning with new episodes as part of its 12th season, "South Park" didn't level its aim at presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain (fingers are crossed for such an episode to be forthcoming). Instead, the series had Hollywood heavyweights George Lucas and Steven Spielberg directly in sights.

Oh, there was also a paranoid Cartman convinced that China's Olympic opening ceremony telegraphed an attack on the United States, but Cartman's mockery of Chinese stereotypes was almost an afterthought after Matt Stone and Trey Parker completely dismantled the worldwide hit "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

"We all saw it happen," says the handicapped Jimmy, discussing "The Crystal Skull" as if it's a personal tragedy. "Do you remember that scene with Indiana in the refrigerator? It didn't make any sense, Stan."

From there, an excited Stan sits down to watch the latest film in a dream sequence/nightmare, but soon has to warn Indiana Jones that Spielberg and Lucas are nearby. And then in a series of film parodies, Indy's pants come off.


The boys of "South Park" spend much of the episode struggling to come to grips with the raping of Indiana Jones. In its rave review of the episode, IGN wrote that "South Park" went "beyond offensive and into some sort of hyper-offensive stratosphere," all of it hilarious.

Indeed, each scene builds upon the other, with Spielberg and Lucas eventually becoming two rednecks in the woods who demand Indy "squeal like a pig" as the pair humiliates and degrades a cinematic icon. A Stormtrooper gets it even worse, prompting the "South Park" police to lock up the directors to prevent such travesties from happening again.

Not that anyone didn't see this coming. Parker and Stone tried to warn Spielberg and Lucas from even making a fourth "Indiana Jones" flick. Back in 2002, the series took the two to task for re-editing their films for the worse, hoping to prevent a ruining of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

But was continually -- and graphically -- having Spielberg and Lucas violently rape Indiana Jones too far? "He's gonna do it right there!" shouts a cartoon Spielberg in one scene, holding back Indy's hands over a pinball machine. Or was seeing a Stormtrooper completely defiled still easier to swallow than having to watch Shia LaBeouf swing like a monkey, or worse, inserting aliens into the film?

Show Tracker put a call in to Lucasfilm to try to get their thoughts (ha!), but in the meantime, do you side with "South Park," or those behind the "Crystal Skull" on this one? Coming a few days after The Times' Hero Complex wrote that "Indy 5" is still a possibility, it might be time to make your voice known. 

-- Todd Martens

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It's not Matt Parker and Trey Stone, it's Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Rape is not funny in any context. Before you people tell me to lighten up, put yourself in the shoes of someone who has been a victim of rape. Believe me, there is nothing funny about being put through that crime.

The show was trying to make a point by complete over-the-top shock value and it falled. South Park used to have relevance and be funny at the same time. Not any more. Hang it up.

I felt wallet-raped after seeing the blech that was the Crustal Skull -- why shouldn't South Park return the favor?

Smooches Parkers!!

Please would people just chill out. Its just a stupid cartoon and if his "high and mighty" spielberg gets upset...well he's not much of an adult.

Why is that the media and everyone else attacks the Rebulicans and no one gets up in a roar? Oh my God if its a Democratic....hell's bells lets all cry and get upset. The fact that "they" think it might hurt the upcoming sequel to Indy is just stupid. Who wants another sequel anyway. Crystal skull was great but a sequel...I think its just not needed.

Lets start to treat everyone whose in the media with equality. Isn't that the new catch phrase nowadays? Let be equally mean or nice to everyone. Democratic or Republican.

First of all I am a 62 year old grandmother and I simply adore the boys writing it and the boys living it. South park is without a doubt the only "fresh" thing on TV in recent years. Anyone who watches cable television should know by now what the boys write is going to offend if not everyone, at the very least somone. If you don't get the thing, leave it alone.and go watch Oprah. and Dr. Phil.

Second. I thought the entire episode was freaking hilarious. From the minute it started until the minute it ended. I especially like the way it sucked you in at the beginning with Kyle's "we watched a friend get raped and did nothing" speech. Literally threw me into a mind tailspin. I thought I had missed something. All too soon however the boys came through and caught me again.

I have never watched a funnier program. I used to be enthralled with Spielber's Pinky and the Brain and the Animaniacs (which also took on great issues, but alas even they couldn't stand up to South Park's hilarity), and most of you are correct, Steven and George have aged past their prime and are sitting on cushions. They've lost their edge. This movie was made so some people could make more money. End of story. We all knew that the second we knew it was coming. But historically these two milk a plot until the cow is dry. How man Star wars? How many dino movies? We should not be surprised at an I5 anymore than we were with JP2 and 3 and SW's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. It is their way.

Good going SP! Long live the 4 graders!

Another strong step. Now all the boys of SP need to do is take the final step and combine all their most controversial story lines into one magnificent crescendo. In an episode called “The Nexus” a Scientology-crazed Tom Cruise must save America by stopped Mohammad who is smuggling a nuclear device inside his body cavity by raping him in order to convert him. After the rape Mohammad converts to Scientology, Tom and he both come out of the closet, and they get married by Jesus on live television. But the wedding is interrupted when MegaStriesand attacks and Jesus, Tom, and Mohammad must combine ala Voltron into a super-being to fight her off. The resulting battle levels Southpark and the two combatants are destroyed by Starvin’ Marvin’ in an alien spaceship accidentally on his way to visit. The End.

It's South Park. If there is a season that does not have the LA Times screaming that at least one episode has gone too far then it would be time to call it quits.

I have yet to see Indy 4, but now that Spielberg has managed to slip Aliens into yet another movie, well I just don't know if I can stomach this one.

Whats next? The Color Purple II - Revenge on the Redneck Aliens?

Wait, South Park makes fun of every religious and moral code, and you think they go too far becuase they pick on two hollywood icons? You media people live in such a myopic world that it would be hilarious if it were not so sad.

wow, when a fictional cartoon goes against the elite hollywoods, everyone is up in arms. Poor Lucas and Spielberg. When a rape of a 12 year old girl in 'Hounddog' was portrayed, it was welcomed as a form of art at the Sundance Film Festival. It was described as 'challenging material' and 'courageous' by the director Deborah Kampmeier. Well, great job South Park, I thought your work even though was challenging material was also courageous.

Side note, if this skit was done with George Bush and Dick Cheney in the roles, the clip would have been shown on every media outlet by now with the context of just your 'typical late night comedy skit'. Jon Stewart and David Letterman would have loved to do it.

wow, when a fictional cartoon goes against the elite hollywoods, everyone is up in arms. Poor Lucas and Spielberg. When a rape of a 12 year old girl in 'Hounddog' was portrayed, it was welcomed as a form of art at the Sundance Film Festival. It was described as 'challenging material' and 'courageous' by the director Deborah Kampmeier. Well, great job South Park, I thought your work even though was challenging material was also courageous.

Side note, if this skit was done with George Bush and Dick Cheney in the roles, the clip would have been shown on every media outlet by now with the context of just your 'typical late night comedy skit'. Jon Stewart and David Letterman would have loved to do it.

Someone's a little upset they didn't make fun of Palin and ripped leftist heroes Spielberg and Lucas for insulting every fan of Indiana Jones.

Pay attention kids...who is truly trying to shut up free speech? IT IS THE LEFT!!!!

When are they going to expose the fictious Sarah Palin in the same light as they did Lucas & Speilburg?

Heaven forbid, we have to have "South Park" as the lone voices of truth in the fake media. When will the rest of the media grow a pair of balls, and expose this travesity of fakedom in Palin ? When will mainstream media not be scared of their ratings, and prop up the real truth !

I'm waiting with popcorn for this episode !


it was in the top ranks of southpark funny. Its absolutely true those directors just cling to the one things they have done and just keep raping it for more and more money. Keep it up southpark.

Furthermore peoople looking forward to them skewering Palin and McCain have been so shallow minded that you've missed most of their satirical points.

T&M are much more likely to make fun of your demigod Obama and his followers than he is Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Of course; secretly you know that and that's why this article was written. They are hoping to stir up hate for T&M to shut them up as they don't like their libertarian (as opposed to LIBERAL) message.

but it was disturbing and funny durring the rape scenes...pretty graphic but they are just cut out figures

Yes, rape is wrong.

But let's not forget, shooting someone in the penis is also wrong. Just as wrong. Rape, in it of itself, is bad. But what makes rape worse than shooting someone in the penis? No one asked to be raped. No one asked to be shot in the penis. Is one crime worse than the other? I see everyone talking about how rape is wrong and the portrayal of such an act is wrong and indecent is going too far. But what about the scenes where Butters accidentally shoots someone in the penis?

What's worse?

Maybe you guys should watch the episode again and think about if you want to be raped, or be shot in the penis before you get yourselves all bent out of shape.

It's South Park. If you don't like it, you can change the channel or I can shoot you in the penis.

Indiana Jones and Star Wars are a part of the cultural strata many of us were raised in. Its not just a property of George or Steve's. Its in our heads, its in our minds, its a part of our cultural identity. When GL and SS made Indy do things which were out of step of the way our cultural icons were established, they were not just messing with their own creation. They were messing with the identity, mind, and beingof those who live in our culture. That is very, very close to rape.

The sad point is that this idea will be misunderstood by most of Hollywood.

I don't think it went too far. It was ridiculous, over the top, and it was funny, things South Park does better than anyone. Besides, when it comes to humour, I have to go with George Carlin:

"They'll say, "You can't joke about rape. Rape's not funny." I say, "**** you, I think it's hilarious. How do you like that?" I can prove to you that rape is funny. Picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd... I believe you can joke about anything. It all depends on how you construct the joke. What the exaggeration is. What the exaggeration is. Because every joke needs one exaggeration. Every joke needs one thing to be way out of proportion."

This is one of the best episodes of all time. all the silly little libbers will be crying about the "rape" scene for sure, but they need to just quit their pouting. Offensive humor is the best kind of humor. anythnig that irks the Herd out of their shalowness is always a good thing. In essence, they did "rape" Indy when they made this crappy movie. It was a horrendous film. One of the worst of all time as far as I am concerned. Folks need to lighten up. If you can't laugh at the gruesome oddities of laugh, you will cry, and there is no point in crying. It would have been even funnier if they had made a snuff film out of this one!!

I laughed even as I winced. BUT. I think I could have lived my whole life without seeing a cartoon George Lucas have an orgasm.

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