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'South Park' vs. Lucas and Spielberg: Too far?


Never mind "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report," the most welcome Comedy Central program this election season just might be "South Park."

The series has been on a roll for the past four/five seasons, and whether turning an alien invasion into an examination of immigration, or leprechauns into targets of terrorism, "South Park" has been presenting relatively reasoned examinations of cultural issues.

Until, perhaps, last night. "South Park" has missed out on skewering this summer's pop-culture events, and last night, the episode was on the attack. As dark and twisted as "The Dark Knight" was, "South Park" was just as aggressively over the top.

Returning with new episodes as part of its 12th season, "South Park" didn't level its aim at presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain (fingers are crossed for such an episode to be forthcoming). Instead, the series had Hollywood heavyweights George Lucas and Steven Spielberg directly in sights.

Oh, there was also a paranoid Cartman convinced that China's Olympic opening ceremony telegraphed an attack on the United States, but Cartman's mockery of Chinese stereotypes was almost an afterthought after Matt Stone and Trey Parker completely dismantled the worldwide hit "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

"We all saw it happen," says the handicapped Jimmy, discussing "The Crystal Skull" as if it's a personal tragedy. "Do you remember that scene with Indiana in the refrigerator? It didn't make any sense, Stan."

From there, an excited Stan sits down to watch the latest film in a dream sequence/nightmare, but soon has to warn Indiana Jones that Spielberg and Lucas are nearby. And then in a series of film parodies, Indy's pants come off.


The boys of "South Park" spend much of the episode struggling to come to grips with the raping of Indiana Jones. In its rave review of the episode, IGN wrote that "South Park" went "beyond offensive and into some sort of hyper-offensive stratosphere," all of it hilarious.

Indeed, each scene builds upon the other, with Spielberg and Lucas eventually becoming two rednecks in the woods who demand Indy "squeal like a pig" as the pair humiliates and degrades a cinematic icon. A Stormtrooper gets it even worse, prompting the "South Park" police to lock up the directors to prevent such travesties from happening again.

Not that anyone didn't see this coming. Parker and Stone tried to warn Spielberg and Lucas from even making a fourth "Indiana Jones" flick. Back in 2002, the series took the two to task for re-editing their films for the worse, hoping to prevent a ruining of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

But was continually -- and graphically -- having Spielberg and Lucas violently rape Indiana Jones too far? "He's gonna do it right there!" shouts a cartoon Spielberg in one scene, holding back Indy's hands over a pinball machine. Or was seeing a Stormtrooper completely defiled still easier to swallow than having to watch Shia LaBeouf swing like a monkey, or worse, inserting aliens into the film?

Show Tracker put a call in to Lucasfilm to try to get their thoughts (ha!), but in the meantime, do you side with "South Park," or those behind the "Crystal Skull" on this one? Coming a few days after The Times' Hero Complex wrote that "Indy 5" is still a possibility, it might be time to make your voice known. 

-- Todd Martens

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"Parker and Stone are cultural scum. SOUTH PARK should be banned. And, despite the aliens, CRYSTAL SKULL was a lot of fun. It was better than anything on SOUTH PARK." - tom snyder, PHD??? yeah right


Sitting alone by the window looking outside, trying to figure how Indiana Jones could survive a nuclear blast inside a refrigerator...( one tear slowly falls into my beer)

No one was forced to watch the latest Indiana Jones. Why would anyone react with thug like violence against a made-up character no less?

You think that episode went too far? You must be a Hollywood guy. South Park has been going way over the top for years now. They include at least one highly offensive storyline in each episode. If there is anything they have gotten worse about lately it is the graphical depictions of the offensive storylines.

Not being a drug user I never watch the program, that being said I am glad they find rape funny in any way shape or form. One can hope they get to experience the joys of it happening to them some day.

Crystal Skull isn't the issue. The less than sterling quality of the movie is just South Park's rationalization. South Park creators glorify and profit from forwarding a nihilist message that de-incentivizes and programs American youth to think that school, grades, tests, learning, hard work, excelling at a profession,pursuing serious values, and caring about causes is "bogus, man!"

I say we nuke all them Trey Stoners! Right, Timmy?

Too bad Indy's not a smoker. A gelatinous Rob Reiner barging in for sloppy thirds would've been funnier.

Let's see if we can pick out the commenters sent here by that total hack with a website ...

Wonderful ep, lmfao.

The China subplot was lame and unfunny. The Indy rape subplot was hilarious and spot on. Someone stop Lucas and Spielberg before they rape again!

Please do research onwhat you are writting, their names are Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Beer,sex,food,cartoons. Yep, i'm HAPPY

There was NOTHING intelligent about this episode. They could have don a far better job of satarizing this latest Indy film, instead I FELT RAPED after watching it.

You people are weak. We all know rape is horrible, but everything in this world is funny if you make it that way. Im bi-polar, how many times do I hear manic depressant jokes, or the jokes about living in my moms basement. South Park is funny sometimes, I liked the chinese connection part, but quite frankly I never saw the last Indy film so I didnt really get the rape scene, but thanks to the complainers now i do!!!

One of the best South Parks ever!! Crystal Skull was pure garbage and they deserve to be taken to task for it.

Speilberg stopped being relative a few years ago when he praised Fred Durst's script with a straight face at a WGA panel. Also Kathleen Kennedy should have been one of the rapist's as any of us scribes who have development deals with amblin/dreamworks can tell ya she's the real alpha male of the trio.

That show was horrible, and it should be taken off the air.

I have been a fan of the show since its inception, and they don't always hit. I loathed the new Indy film, but I also didn't find this episode as funny as other south park classics. The cartman/ butters subplot didn't generate any laughs for me, and the Speilberg/Lucas stuff was funny, but turned rape into homage/ comedy. Woe to post modernism. What can't be killed?

This episode wasn't very interesting to watch. Hard to get outraged when you just don't care.

I thought the first third of Indy IV was more a sequel to American Graffiti than Raiders.

mocking Christ, THAT is going too far, rape seens on the other hand is not as offensive Sacrilegious all things being equal.

Rape is always funny. Just ask any elected official or IRS agent.

South Park makes fun of everyone, every race, every religion, everything. Nothing is sacred.

But going after Hollywood billionaire moguls? Now you've gone too far!

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