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'Heroes': Zeljko Ivanek, the Hunter, is cast

Zeljkoivanek E! Online's "Watch With Kristin" has posted some interesting news about the next "Heroes" story arc, "Fugitives."  Seems we'll be getting a damaged star joining the cast as Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek takes root for a 10-episode arc as the Hunter.

Fugitives, the hunter — we get it.  It was one of the roles that people had been looking forward to being cast.  That's a pretty substantial stay for the "Damages" actor, but, as is one of the many show criticisms, is par for the course with "Heroes" characters.  And just to rub in that point, apparently there will be a story in India — with or without Mohinder we don't know yet — but the producers are looking to cast a few specific roles.  This makes one think that it may not just be a quick, one-episode jaunt to New Delhi and could introduce even more names and/or powers to an already large cast and storyline.

Here's hoping it's explained to everyone's satisfaction and that the extended cast gets thinned out a bit. Not a direct correlation, but since they play off of comics so well, maybe there needs to be a House of M, "No more mutants" event.  For the uninitiated, a mentally unstable character, the Scarlet Witch, was able to fundamentally change the whole unverse of Marvel Comics when she uttered the phrase 'no more mutants' and then let her reality-bending powers do the rest.  Instead of millions of X-Men-type mutants running around, it became hundreds.

Just sayin'.

— Jevon Phillips

Photo: Associated Press.  Hard to be menacing when you're holding an Emmy, Zeljko.

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Finally! Outstanding episode! The Suresh storyline is not very interesting and it seems, to me at least, that it's a drag on the pacing of the show. I complained last week about Hiro's character being wasted as comic relief but I have to admit that watching him and Ando trying to catch the precog was hilarious. Doyle, Doyle, what a toad! I loved it. Arthur and Angela Petrelli - ain't love grand? They were made for each other. Can you imagine what it must be like at the Petrelli dinner table? Finally Heroes is cooking with gas!


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