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'Heroes': Peter's hunger and the Haitian

The episode was titled "I am become death," and that wasn't an overstatement. A hero died, a villain died and a city died. So many futures, so little time, but some good things (in terms of moving the story forward) happened on the way to the destruction of the city of Costa Verde by a radioactive Sylar four years into the future. We'll get to that.

"A few adverse reactions to the serum ..." Mohinder's descent is not complete, but at least we got a glimpse of the slithery future that awaits if his transformation continues. But we already got that he was going off the deep end when he blew off a playful Maya. What guy would do that?


Spirit walking ... and a tortoise.  Well, it looks as if Matt's desert sojourn will end soon.  I bet he was listening to T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" on the headphones when his irises went white. Or not. Anyway, his chilling future vision of a life with Daphne, and the death of Daphne, should spur him to action. Yeah! Once his tortoise leads him speedily out of the desert, that is.  And, wearing black in the desert would seem to be a little ... uncomfortable.

Triplets? So Niki Sanders actually IS dead! R.I.P., Niki. Luckily for Ali Larter, identical twin sister Tracy Strauss is alive and well. Experimented on by Company scientists and suicidal, but alive. She's saved from a bridge dive by elevatin' Nathan, which of course leads to secrets revealed, which of course leads to kissing on the couch. Whatever would the third sister, Barbara, say? We'll see one day.

Peter1_2 Of course it was the Haitian!  I wondered how Claire would be able to shoot Future Peter (dang promos), and the Haitian depowering everyone should've come to mind right away. Future Peter's death tidies up the double Peter problem, but Present Peter's meeting with Sylar introduces other, even more intriguing ones.

Four years in the future, Sylar has become Gabriel the wafflemaker -- a father and generally good guy trying to do right. Peter comes and soaks up Sylar's ability to fix things, along with his lingering hunger for all powers! Sylar would explain it, but a villainous interruption by evil Future Claire, Knox and Daphne, who are trying to kill Present Peter, throws everything in a tailspin. In the tussle, Sylar's cute kid, sporting stylish red and blue racecar pajamas, is killed.  And because of Sylar's reaction, so, it seems, is everyone else in the town of Costa Verde after his radioactive explosion.


What does this episode leave us with?  1.) Will Peter be able to resist the hunger copied from Sylar?  2.) Why is an insatiable thirst for other people's powers a power? 3.) Will Matt be able to keep up with the tortoise?  4.) How did Future Sylar inherit Mr. Muggles?!?

A lot of paths, but they all seem to lead back to a peeling Mohinder and/or the Company.  Didn't mention Claire or Elle, but they may end up joining forces since they're both going after criminals.  That, Adam Monroe, and finding out who the mystery returning character is, will be fun.  Progress is slow, but it is progress.  Ratings were low (9.5 mil) last week as the the old audience soldiers on while the casual fans continue breaking up with the show.


We missed Digital Spy's interview with Tim Kring at the Edinburgh TV Festival this past August.  He talked about the 13-episode arc of the "Villains" theme and the next volume for this 25-episode season, tentatively called "Fugitives."  Yes, this video is over a month old. A few things though, including the whole discarding of the "Exodus" virus storyline, illuminate some of the problems that the writers strike caused.  The show was not only derailed for fans, but also for the behind-the-scenes magicmakers.  Oh, and Kring mentions that Echo, from the online series "Going Postal," will make it to the show.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photos: NBC.com

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I also saw that sylar named his future kid noah, which is hrg's name. May mean something or not.

I still like this show, but it seems like the special effects have gotten really bad. The flying scene where nathan saves tracy looked horrible. The fight scene at the former Bennett house was lame. Daphne sucks and Ali Larter is still bad even with a new character. This last episode was frustrating because you know that none of these events are actually going to happen, so hopefully it will pick up next week. Just like Lost, this show is having a weak third season. Right now, there isn't a central antagonist on this show. And just like every other season, peter and hiro predictably go the future, see something bad, and have to go back and stop that from happening. Maybe dumb it down and have some good old fashioned hero vs. villian fighting. But the actors playing the new villains are terrible, so that probably wouldn't work. Also, I hate the idea of some of the heroes being created, and this leading to them turning against each other. They won't do the obvious thing would make this show awesome, and that is letting the heroes take on some serious bad guys with huge battles invloving the use of these special abilities. My guess is, they can't pull off the special effects needed for this, so they stick to time travel and mind reading.

Regarding your second question I didn't interpret Sylar's powers as a thirst for other people's powers, but a thirst for understanding how things work and actually being able to understand. That's why he asked Peter to fix his watch and why present Peter killed further Nathan because he wanted to understand how him mind worked -- nothing to do with powers.


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