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“Grey’s Anatomy”: Exclusive Casting Scoop!


On the heels of the arrival of a new head of trauma comes word that another fresh face will soon be scrubbing in at Seattle Grace. Jessica Capshaw ("The L Word," "The Practice") will play Dr. Arizona Robbins, a pediatrician who’s called in to consult on a case and winds up butting heads with Bailey. I hear that Capshaw has signed on for at least three episodes, though that could lead to more, and that she will make her first appearance midway through the season.

Capshaw is the latest actress to sign on for a high-profile Grey’s guest stint. Both "Battlestar Gallactica’s" Mary McDonnell and "Alias’" Melissa George begin their runs in the Nov. 13 episode as a cardiac surgeon with Asperger’s syndrome and a bisexual intern, respectively.

What do you make of this latest casting news? And more importantly, which lusty Seattle Gracer should Dr. Robbins hook up with?? Weigh in below.

-Shawna Malcom

(Photo credit: Louis Felix/Los Angeles Times)

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WTF is Shonda doing adding all these new cast members to the show. The cast is to big as it is and they hardly give enough screen time to the regulars we want to see. Get it through your head, Shonda. WE DON'T WANT NEW CAST MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope she goes away after her episodes. The cast is so BIG. We don't need more characters.

Another guest star for a bunch of shows? The cast count is crazy !

Why does there have to be a hook-up between the characters?

Let's try a novel approach: have the new character turn DOWN someones advances.

Besides, what is this teaching our children? Wouldn't it be better to exercise a little restraint?

It is time to get the black guy back, not just any black actor, but Washington as Dr. Burke. He added a lot and took it all with him while going. Would be fun to know if he also brings it back to the show...... not with Cristina. He should come back married and a triangle with Cristina should be fun. Merder can get boring they need some parallel balancing. If Shonda has to hire any cast then get back the original one not more new cast..blah.

well, I've heard from other sources too that Dr. Robins will have a fling with Callie Torres. Apparently, this thing with sadie isn't going to go anywhere, but there is a possibility that the one with Torres might stick. I say its a good match, Hann was ugly. Sadie is MUCH better, but Jessica Capshaw will be great on the cast. I know the cast is huge but what thriving TV doesn't? The whole Denny thing, needs to go away


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