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'The View's' Elisabeth Hasselbeck wears heart on her sleeve, and T-shirt

   Elisabeth Hasselbeck has shown her “Great Americain hero” T-shirt twice on “The View.”  It’s the one she designed “from my heart and my creativity” and gave to Sen. John McCain’s campaign to help her favorite presidential candidate raise funds. The staunchly conservative co-host says she does not receive any money from the design or the sales. 

    But that didn’t stop the shirt from sparking more controversy for the ABC show. Hasselbeck wore it on the air Tuesday when executive producer and co-host Barbara Walters was not present.

    On Wednesday, Walters said on the air that the show’s offices had been inundated with calls and e-mails from viewers complaining about Hasselbeck’s choice of wardrobe. Walters’ comment stirred a lively discussion:

    Hasselbeck: Really? Well, they must be voting for Obama. I’m so sorry.

    Sherri Shepherd: It’s very interesting 'cause I saw you in the shirt and I thought, ‘Oh, cute shirt.’ I’ve seen so many celebrities endorse candidates. I’m so used to people wearing T-shirts. Me, myself, I don’t feel like I need to announce with a T-shirt who I’m going to vote for.

    Hasselbeck: Well, here’s the thing: I actually designed the shirt. I actually sketched it out on a piece of paper and sent it to the campaign, something that came from my heart and my creativity. There’s nothing negative about the shirt. It just says ‘Great Americain hero,’ whether you’re voting for him or not, that’s what he is. I’m not making any money on it.

    Joy Behar: But it’s kind of an advertisement.

    Hasselbeck: Well, on your comedy shows, if you’re against me wearing a shirt, I understand and respect that. But we talk about your shows. You have a political edge on your shows and you promo them here. You could also take that argument to promoting your show.

    Walters: I think the feeling was that perhaps it was one thing to wear it on [the Hot Topics segment] … but the other point of view was that it was an advertisement that you were wearing throughout the program.

    Hasselbeck: Look if I sat here buck naked, people would probably see McCain across my chest. That’s who my heart is for.

    Be that as it may, the four co-hosts were notified by their bosses about how their hearts were feeling about the matter today, according to a statement issued by ABC.

    “Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie, executive producers of "The View," don’t think it’s appropriate to wear T-shirts endorsing either candidate but would never forbid any of the co-hosts from expressing themselves.”

—Maria Elena Fernandez

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a poor excuse for a television personality. She would be much better off on Fox New Channel or somewhere else where brainwashed, Kool-Aid drinking opinions matter more than facts. She wouldn't know a fact if it hit her in her smug face unless it was endorsed by the GOP. I have totally stopped watching The View because of her. She is the most loathsome person on television, if not the world.

Ms. Hasselbeck's comparison about how Ms. Behar speaks about self promotion and how her shirt was essentially the same thing is waaaay off base. A comment that last 3 minutes or even 5 minutes at most, is nothing like wearing a shirt for the entire show. Expressing yourself in the form of words about a candidate creates a back and forth discussion and a level playing field. One person speaks, then the other and so on. But when one person is wearing a shirt and promoting a politician during an important election, and the others aren't, that's where you have a problem. It's only fair when others get to wear their heats on their sleeves too. You may be on a talk show Ms. Hasselbeck, but you can't argue with me on this one. Keep your political point of view on your lips and not on your chest. Paul E. Litchfield Ct.

Hasselbeck and Palin must have the same IQ, very low...either that or she has senile dementia like her hero McCain. Like they say, birds of a feather flock together...Elizabeth Hasselbeck needs to shut-up and grow-up and stop trying to make The View all about her and what she wants and thinks.....She's very childish.

Look, everyone. Can we just agree to disagree? If Hasselbeck wants to wear a pro-McCain T-shirt, that's her business. If the others want to wear Obama T-shirts, more power to them. But honestly, who cares? This kind of garbage is why so many get turned off politics.

If a t shirt bothers someone that much then thats really sad... A shirt can not change anyone minds if its not made up already .. get over it .. anyway if people are that stuck on it make a shirt your self .. GO MACCAIN !!!!!

Unbelievable! If any of the cohosts on The View wore an Obama shirt everyone would have hailed it as being cute, adorable, etc. The Democrats have done everything they could to censor the Republicans, going as far as to say Sarah Palin's statement on being a Hockey Mom is veiled racism, yet at the same time slandering Palin, taking closeup pictures of her legs, and even having Michelle Obama suggesting voters are only voting for the McCain ticket because she is pretty. Joy Behar implied one week that men are voting for Palin because of her attractiveness, but never made any mention of the Obama Girl's videos, which suggest sensual motives for voting for Obama. Everyone is tired of the extreme double standard. "The View" is a joke, since it only keeps Elizabeth Hasselbeck to gang up on her and make anyone who expresses a conservative view appear to be abnormal and out of touch with the majority. Hasselbeck should leave the show, because her producers are only using her to portray conservatives in a poor light across this country. The producers of "The View" are in essence not only exploiting Hasselbeck, as they bully her on the show, but also downright showing hostility and discrimination towards a great many of conservative Americans. It's really too bad, because the show could have a much greater appeal. Unfortunately, it has already alienated millions of conservatives who are downright offended by the verbally malicious treatment it gives Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and figuring the other cohosts apparently have nothing but disdain for those with more conservative ideology than their views suggest. It's a sad commentary on the media. Hasselbeck should resign from the show, and conservatives everywhere should boycott "The View", because "The View" is nothing more than a forum to impose one view, the liberal's view, and slander and mock anyone who feels differently.

Go McCain! I can't believe how biased the media is!! I'm so sick of it. Elizabeth is a refreshing change. Obama is a scam. Where are his medical records, birth certificate, and transcripts? Do you actually trust this person? I want that t-shirt!!

Grow up! Last time I looked, we STILL live in a free country, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck has every right to wear that shirt. I seriously doubt that there would have been any uproar or outcry whatsoever if someone had been wearing something that could, perhaps, be an endorsement for Obama. There is a huge double-standard in this country regarding what's okay and what's not in politics, especially where the liberal, Hollywood elitists are concerned. But the point is, it's her right to wear the shirt. Bottom line - we all need to grow up - it's absolutely PATHETIC that this campaign has stooped to the level of people's wardrobe choices being offensive!!!!!

Here we go again! A republican is not allowed to wear anything that might endorse that party. However in the rules it does state that democrats are allowed to wear or say anything to endorse their candidate. I'm sorry folks that is just the way the democrats play.

I love the View and all I have to say is Go Elisabeth Hasselbeck!! You are a true woman. Always speaking your mind and never will be forgotten!!


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