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'Dexter': A partner in crime?

Michael C. Hall is such a good actor that his good looks sometimes are easy to look past, but in the most recent episode of "Dexter," his character was downright sexy. What made Dexter so appealing?  That he was being bad.

So OK, in real life, there's nothing attractive about a guy making the woman who is pregnant with his child cry. However, Dexter plays Mr. Nice Guy so much with his girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) and her kids that it was refreshing to hear him tell her "no" so abruptly when she asked him to go house-hunting with her. Dexter was smarting from the concept of having to give up his murderous bachelor pad, but something else was going on to make him behave so coldly, and I liked it. It was even fun to see him setting up his kill room on a cruise ship and talking a wee bit psychotically to his murder victim: "I want to thank you for reminding me to take moments for oneself." 

Of course, Dexter shouldn't have told Rita that he was going fishing when she asked him to look after the kids, even if it was more fun to watch than if he'd made up a lie about going to work. No matter how friendly he is with Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits), it was a bad idea to go off to kill someone right after seeing the assistant D.A., even if the cruise ship murder was a professional courtesy. 

"Dexter" thus took a rather comic-book-legend turn on tonight's episode. While he had previously talked about having such "trust" in Dexter and being like him, Prado all but indicated that he knew Dexter was a serial-killer's serial-killer, and approved. So he's like Robin and Commissioner Gordon in one to Dexter's Batman, which will prove to make their relationship more interesting. 

While I think the Miami Police Department scenes could use a little more criminal realism (like "The Wire" or even "Law & Order") a bit more melodrama, as long as it involves Dexter, may prove to be a lot of fun. This will especially be the case as (which I imagine will happen) Miguel's brother Ramon (Jason Manuel Olazabal) gets pulled into the situation. But as long as Dexter drops the Mr. Nice Guy act once in a while, I'm all his, no matter what happens. 

-- Claire Zulkey

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The previews make it seem like Prado is setting Dexter up by telling police (or was that security) that the prisoner has an accomplice (arresting and prosecuting Dexter would be a nice feather in the ADA's cap). He's suspected Dexter for a while, which is why he gave him all those cruise ship murder details, knowing that Dex is the real Bay Harbor Butcher.
The wife thinks Prado is trying to distract the officers so Dexter and the prisoner can get away.

What does everybody here think?

I don't think that Prado can set Dexter up because Dexter has Prado's shirt. Then again his character is kind of inscrutable so I don't know what his intentions are but I foresee some sort of faceoff or choice that one of them will have to make involving Ramon.

This is unrelated but I feel like I'm getting lost a bit in the crimes this season since the Ice Truck murderer in season 1 was SO sensational and gruesome that it's hard to stay interested in less-horrible crimes (maybe it's just me being macabre).

Claire - We'll see about Prado's intentions. As far as the crimes, yeah, not as interesting as the Ice Truck Killer. The skinned murder victim story line is sort of blah, but I think the writers are trying to keep the focus on the Dexter/Prado relationship without the detective work taking center stage. I'd like to see them get back to that in the coming seasons, though.


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