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'Dancing With the Stars': Lance Bass takes the lead

October 27, 2008 | 11:47 pm

Seriously, could more people get injured on "Dancing With the Stars" this season? I hope for Cloris Leachman's sake that she gets voted off before anything really bad happens. Tonight, we heard about Julianne's impending appendectomy, and Brooke Burke has a nagging foot injury. And that foot injury seemed to keep Brooke out of first place tonight -- instead, Lance Bass and Lacey performed a very awesome jive that netted them a 27/30 and first place in the judges' rankings. Cloris and Corky performed a cha cha that even Cloris seemed to know was -- ahem -- wanting. They landed far, far behind everyone else with 15/30.

Michael Flatley filled in for Len tonight, and I missed Len. The stars and pros danced a hip-hop routine that really laid bare who has an innate sense of rhythm and who doesn't. I'll have more on all of this when I write up the full report in the morning.

In the interim, I'll say that it looks like this may be the week Cloris goes. If her fans come through, however, then it'll probably be Susan Lucci. What do you think?

-- Sarah Rogers