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'America's Next Top Model': Lauren Brie falls out of fashion

October 9, 2008 |  8:30 am

Laurenbrie Lauren Brie, she of the near-clear blue eyes, was sent home while curvalicious Sheena was given a stay of execution. I say that because it's pretty clear that we're most likely looking at a Marjorie and McKey showdown.

Initially, I thought Lauren Brie would be a front-runner until the end. Those eyes! She was born with those naturally gorgeous yet mode-freaky eyes. Throw in a too-big forehead and, Miss Tyra said it right, you've got the perfect "alienesque" features that work for high fashion.

It's just too bad she didn't understand what the judges meant by telling her she needed to show more personality. "I'm a good person. I have lots of friends at home," she whimpered after the ax dropped. Not what they meant sweetie. As the photographer put it: "She even fell [down] like a mannequin." Ouch.

But that brings me to the challenge -- a great one! -- in which the girls had to act out classic moments from awards shows. The most hilarious, of course, was Marjorie's: a woman who needed to pee but was having a difficult time doing that in her evening gown. It feels very much like something Tyra would dream up and it didn't get much better than seeing Marjorie squat and squirm around and even flush the toilet during her shoot. Love her, and her "Hunchback of Notre Dame" look. McKey and Samantha also get great shots. No drama there.

Elina, the resident control freak, finally let loose. She had a good cry with Jay Manuel, but simply crying in front of the camera didn't seem to work out for her. It looked like she really did get lost in her head when the tears started to flow but the acting -- her scene: she won didn't deserve an award -- was forgotten. No worries, her photo was still tops. Girl was born fierce. Ditto Sheena, but she didn't bring it last night. She probably won't be a real contender in the end.

Here's what I really didn't get: Analeigh and Joslyn. Analeigh's photo looked like something I'd see in a Seventeen an add for lipstick. She goes for a concave shoulder and they give her a pass? And girl needs to close her mouth during her shoots. I know the exasperated look she achieved was appropriate for her scene -- as an irritated red-carpet reporter -- but it wasn't interesting to look at or very pretty. She wound up looking like a cartoon character. I don't get it. Joslyn wasn't quite as bad, and she's one of my favorite personalities on the show, but she looked sleepy in her photo. It really seems like her personality is sailing her through this competition.

What did everyone else think? Should Sheena's less-than-stellar photo have sent her packing? Is Marjorie only my favorite? Someone care to defend our little figure skating Analeigh?

-- Denise Martin

(Photo courtesy The CW)