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'90210': And they all lived happily ever after…?

October 28, 2008 | 10:22 pm


Could the Wilsons be any more perfect? I mean seriously, this family drinks their morning OJ out of a carafe. But the Wilsons weren’t the only warm and fuzzy part of the show tonight. In fact, the entire episode was so heartwarming that it seemed like a series finale; by the end, there was not a single loose end left.

1. Poor Ryan Matthews has -– like everybody else in the ZIP Code -- been pining over Kelly Taylor all season. Then, after "nice guy" got dissed by the infamous blonde, he started to fall for a naughty new student in his class. Well, tonight, Ryan discovered, to his delight, that the naughty new girl was actually a 25-year old narc! Totally legal. Yay!

2. When we left former besties Naomi Clark and Adrianna Duncan, they were in a very, very bad place. After narrowly surviving an overdose, Adrianna implicated innocent Naomi in her drug bust. Tonight, the twosome ended in a tearful, conciliatory embrace. Even Adrianna's bangs looked nice again.

3. Which brings us to Adrianna, an insecure, wannabe actress with a drug-habit and a stage mom. Well, tonight, we found out that lovable goof Navid has been secretly pining over Adrianna all these years, while she was too coked up to notice. He rode in on his white horse, took a punch from her dealer, and saved Adrianna from herself.

4. And then there's wet noodle daddy Harry Wilson, whose long-lost baby mama threatened his perfect marriage tonght. Well, fear not. Aunt Becky –- er -– Debbie Wilson had the answer: She threatened to "knock [baby mama's] teeth out" unless she stayed away. Problem solved.

5. Even awkward Annie threw caution to the wind and laid one on long-time crush Ethan Ward tonight.

6. Oh, and as for Erin Silver and Dixon Wilson, after a brief misunderstanding, the two attended the homecoming dance together, as madly in love as ever.

What is this, "Leave it to Beaver?" Okay, so there was a heaping spoonful of sugar this episode, but don't worry, "9-0"-devotees. I have a feeling all that love and happiness was setting up for something truly sinister to come! If you look closely enough, the signs were all around us.

Just think about it; once Naomi hears about li'l Annie's smooch with Ethan, it's only a matter of time before she goes Blair Waldorf on her. And when Kelly Taylor comes back and realizes that she missed out on a good thing with Ryan, she'll be peeved about the narc that took her place. I'd say every one of these dream scenarios is about to get turned on its head next week. (*That is, aside from Dixon and Silver's ever-perfect romance. Cause when you only have one black man on a series, apparently it's your obligation to make him a saint. So far, Dixon's only missteps have been working too hard -- when he heard of his family's financial woes and took a job at the Peach Pit -- and being too "nice" -- when he passed up the homecoming dance because he didn't think Silver wanted to go.)

So, even though the sweepingly positive end of this episode was atypical, I didn't mind it. Too many weeks of drugs and sex and affairs can become exhausting. This episode showed us the pretty, wholesome side of life in Beverly Hills; so that it can all crumble anew in the coming weeks. And I can't wait.

-- Stephanie Lysaght

(Michael Steger as Navid, Tristan Wilds as Dixon and Jessica Stroup as Silver courtesy The CW)