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Roses for KTLA's Stephanie Edwards

KTLA's Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks

There’ll be no rain on the upcoming Tournament of Roses Parade for former KTLA-TV host Stephanie Edwards -- at least, not figuratively.

Edwards, the veteran broadcaster who was removed from the station’s coverage of the New Year’s Day event two years ago after co-hosting for more than 25 years, will return to her familiar role on Jan. 1, 2009, station executives announced Tuesday.

“The people at the station thought it was a great idea, and Stephanie thought it was a great idea,” said station spokesman Paul Nichols.

She will be reunited with co-host Bob Eubanks for the parade.

KTLA was heavily criticized in 2005 when the then-63-year-old Edwards was replaced in the broadcast booth by KTLA Morning News co-anchor Michaela Pereira, who was much younger. Edwards was confined to a sideline role interviewing crowd members.

The controversy increased when she was soaked by rain during the parade. Edwards has not appeared on the broadcast since 2006.

Pereira will also participate in the broadcast in a yet-to-be-determined capacity, executives said.

-- Greg Braxton

KTLA's Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks / KTLA

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Hooray!! I can finally tune into KTLA for the Rose Parade again.... which I stopped doing when they screwed Stephanie over. It's about time the management at KTLA realized their folly: the vast majority of people in LA weren't watching it for the floats or the bands, we were watching TO WATCH BOB & STEPHANIE WATCH IT. Stephanie Edwards co-hosting the parade with Bob Eubanks is an L.A. tradition, and I'm glad to see her back.

It really doesn't matter which airhead treated Stephanie in the manner she was treated. All that matters now is that the situation has been rectified.....thank you, thank you, thank you

I would even want Stephanie to come back and do her Lucky's commercials again back in the day. She that much of an iconic Southern California figure.

THANK YOU!!!!!! OMG I was so thrilled to see a commercial with Bob and Stephanie saying THEY were back together to announce the parade. Let me tell you I wrote and complained for quit some time. To me watching Stephanie and Bob on New Years Day is a tradition that my family and I have done since I was small. My Dad and Mom loved these two together. Now that they are gone watching the parade with some one other than Stephanie with Bob made me very sad. I did like others channel surfed. Well KTLA you have me back as a loyal viewer of YOUR Rose Parade coverage. Thank you again. You have made my Holiday.

My family will return to watching the parade on KTLA with Stephanie and Bob. Guess you guys finally got a clue, It should of only taken one year not two. Now don't even think of replacing Bob, oh, I apologize, I think you learned your lesson.

Now this is what I call getting the new year off to a GREAT start! I live in San Diego and had always enjoyed watching KTLA's coverage of the parade because, frankly, nobody does it better than Bob and Stephanie! They always manage to give so many details about the floats, bands, etc. AND interject humor that is unparalleled--truly a delight! So I am delighted that Stephanie is back--without her the coverage has just been ho-hum at best.

Thank you! It really wasn't as worth watching without Stephanie Edwards. I'm glad they brought her back.

Hooray, she's back! Such great news. Up here in the Bay Area, we have to rely on cable and independant channels for the KTLA broadcast, and it looks like HGTV didn't pick it up. We can't find hosts listed on the other websites, so will have to channel suf and keep our fingers crossed. I sure hope we can see them; Edwards and Eubanks are the best Rose Parade hosts on ANY channel.

why did ktla want to attract a younger audience in the first place. only the near-dead watch the rose parade on tv. stephanie is perfect for us.

When I saw that Stepanie Edwards was not co-hosting the Rose Parade coverage with Bob Eubanks a couple of years ago, I switched channels after just a few minutes. I have watched and loved the Rose Parade on Channel 5 since I was a child. The chemistry between the two of them is a big part of the enjoyment of the parade and there just was NO chemistry without the team we all love to watch. Last year I also watched another channel. I was very pleased when I heard that the viewing public's voice had finally been listened to and that smarter heads at the station had prevailed and Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks were to be reunited in the booth for this year's Rose Parade. I, along with my family and numerous friends, am back as a Channel 5 viewer. Yeah!! And I was not disappointed!! The knowledge they share and the conversation between Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks made it a wonderful and memorable morning. It was like having two very dear friends back in my home!

What a great surprise to learn that Stephanie Edwards is back on co-hosting the Tournament of Roses parade. I've boycotted the show the last few years but I spent the day watching it over and over. Can't get enough of Stephanie and the fact that viewers' outrage made an impact. I will even admit that Michaela acted with class doing commentary from the parade route. Thanks, KTLA, for listening! I'm sure the ratings, compared to the last few years, were through the roof!

For the first time in several years I watched the Rose Parade on KTLA yesterday. Why? Because Stephanie was back! I was terribly disappointed when she was removed in 2006. She and Eubanks make a great combination and once again I can enjoy the parade. Thank you KTLA!

Welcome back Stephanie. KTLA finally listened to viewers. Her former replacement did a great job out in the stands and looked like she was enjoying it. Stephanie of course did a wonderful job in the booth.

Thanks for bringing Stephanie Edwards back to co-host the Rose Parade!! It's not the same without her. We really enjoyed seeing the parade!

Thank you so much KTLA for bringing Stephanie Edwards back to this years parade. I actually decided to watch it this year after not tuning in the last two years. How could KTLA make such a an action of stupidity two years ago? Thank you KTLA for bringing back a tradition that goes back to my childhood it was so much more enjoyable this year.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for bringing Stephanie back to the booth with Bob Eubanks. Channel 5 has the best coverage of the Rose Parade, and it just wasn't the same without Stephanie! I couldn't even watch it last year or the year before!

Also, thanks to Bob for his wonderful welcoming to Stephanie's return.

SO GLAD SHE's BACK. Don't EVER do that again!

KTLA's ratings must have gone way down. I was totally grossed out, seeing that old man paired with that young girl in the broadcast booth, esp when he started going on and on about his infant child. Eubanks and Edwards make a great team, but Eubanks on his own or with somebody else is a no-go.

Thank goodness KTLA came to their senses and brought Stephanie Edwards back to do the Rose Parade coverage. The idiots who removed her from the KTLA booth deserve to be scooping up the horse poop on the parade route!! What were they thinking??

Welcome back Stephanie! I refused to watch the coverage while you were gone. Now I can enjoy it again. Happy New Year 2009!

Yippe, yesterday was a great day!

Imagine my surprise when I turned on the t.v. to watch the parade as I whipped by channel 5 (KTLA) I heard that voice! Yes, it was Stephanie and she was back with Bob. I immediately changed back one channel and was so thrilled to have a REAL New Years Day celebration again!

I hope the rocket scientist that got rid of her has been fired from KTLA for lack of common sense. I spoke to many friends after the first year without her and EVERYONE felt like I did: it wasn't the same. Bob and Stephanie are cookies and ice cream, Sonny and cher, Burns and Allen, Brangelina, etc. When will these tv execs learn not to mess with perfection! Fortunately, she's as goregous as ever and as Bob is handsome and NOW leave it alone people!!!!!! Judy Duvall

I want to thank you for having Stephanie Edwards co-host the Tournament of Roses Parade. She makes the show and the upcoming new year come alive. Thank you for having her back.

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