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Roses for KTLA's Stephanie Edwards

KTLA's Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks

There’ll be no rain on the upcoming Tournament of Roses Parade for former KTLA-TV host Stephanie Edwards -- at least, not figuratively.

Edwards, the veteran broadcaster who was removed from the station’s coverage of the New Year’s Day event two years ago after co-hosting for more than 25 years, will return to her familiar role on Jan. 1, 2009, station executives announced Tuesday.

“The people at the station thought it was a great idea, and Stephanie thought it was a great idea,” said station spokesman Paul Nichols.

She will be reunited with co-host Bob Eubanks for the parade.

KTLA was heavily criticized in 2005 when the then-63-year-old Edwards was replaced in the broadcast booth by KTLA Morning News co-anchor Michaela Pereira, who was much younger. Edwards was confined to a sideline role interviewing crowd members.

The controversy increased when she was soaked by rain during the parade. Edwards has not appeared on the broadcast since 2006.

Pereira will also participate in the broadcast in a yet-to-be-determined capacity, executives said.

-- Greg Braxton

KTLA's Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks / KTLA

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It's about time they woke up and Smelled the Roses!

Hooray, Stephanie! It will be great to have you back! We older, white women have taken quite a hit lately, so it's nice to see they came to their senses and brought back a woman with smarts, experience, and a great sense of humor. See you on Jan. 1!

The news that Stephanie Edwards will return to helm the Rose Parade Coverage is the best major entertainment story of 2009. And on the subject of ageism, I note with interest that the Times article speaks of Stephanie's age, but not that of her much older cohost, 70-year old Bob Eubanks.

Stephanie, I hope you read these comments. As I can see by the others, I have a lot of company in saying WELCOME HOME! You were terribly missed.

I hope their feed in on HDNet again this year. I think Stephanie is by far the best commentator on any Rose Parad coverage EVER and I've been watching KTLA since 1951!! She's bright, witty (think AM LA w/Ralph Story) beautiful and has a great voice. Maybe we can get her back on the Lucky Stores commercials now that that name is back in use.

I was shocked when KTLA replaced Stephanie and upset when she had to stand out in the rain through the whole parade. She got through it like the professional she has always been and made the best of it. Welcome back, Stephanie! You and Bob are the very best and I'm looking forward to seeing the return of The Cowboy and our American Beauty Rose. See you in 2009...........


I was at the Rose Parade when it rained that year and it was no picnic- maybe a wet picnic and at least no ants.

And keep her dry, dammit.

This is fabulous news! Now we can get up early again to watch the parade after shunning it for the past two years. New Year's Day will finally feel right again.

It isn't the first time the KTLA senior management high council goofed. Barbara Beck was a huge mistake. So was letting Carlos go although I understand there was a cost issue. But then Jennifer York was also a key person that prematurely bit the dust.

Ditto, ditto, ditto. We suffered and prayed...and it worked KTLA. Now...who's bright idea was it to take her off in the first place? Bricks to that person! Ralph is jumping for joy!

BEST news I have seen all day. Just like the others, I stopped watching the parade on KTLA after that disgraceful display of poor Stepahanie in the bleachers being rained on. I even wrote an angry e-mail to the KTLA management that morning but of course no reply.
I knew age, perhaps ethic make-up, had everything to do with the decision but funny how its always the female that's replaced, never the guy, no offense Bob, but you know its true.
In Ms Perez' defense she did the job with class and I felt no ill wiill towards her at all. Broadcast TV is an ugly business for women over 30...Steph, I look forward to waking up Jan 1, making coffee and jumping back into bed to watch my favorite parade with my favorite dynamic duo.....

Stephanie, welcome back girl!! Now I will watch KTLA again, I hope what I hear is true, that the management idiots that did this to her are gone....its funny when age and ethnic make up are an issue its the female thats replaced, no offense Bob, you're great but even you have to admit thats wrong....as a matter of fact you should have stepped up 2 years ago when Stephanie was banished to the rainy bleachers and left too...no back bone I guess....

I am so looking forward to watching the parade with the Bob and Stephanie again...all is right with the world...

My wife and I were very pleased to read that Stephanie edwards will be back with Bob Eubanks for the Rose Parade broadcast next year; KTLA management made a mistake. They made the correct decision to put Stephanie back in the booth with Bob.

KTLA succumbed to the worst trend of modern television -- they sacrificed a nice, appealing, tried-and-true event solely for their own cross-promotion. And the result was like fingernails on a blackboard. Thank goodness they realized their error. Is Stephanie Edwards older and therefore not as appealing? NO! The Rose Parade is a traditional event, and should be treated differently than hip, current events programming. When you go to Thanksgiving dinner, you want to Grandma to be there, not Grandpa's new hootchie.

This was my email to KTLA's Programming website:

Is it true? Are you bringing back STEPHANIE EDWARDS???!!! It's about time!!!! I have missed her. She and Bob Eubanks were part of my New Year's celebration for so long. And then you LEFT HER IN THE BLEACHERS SITTING IN THE RAIN?????? After all she had done for you? I was so angry, I decided to stop watching your telecast and give someone else a try - for the first time in years and years. The other woman is very nice, but Ms. Edwards has the wit, charm, and excellent banter with Eubanks that makes the whole New Year's experience of the Rose Parade a joy. Ms. Edward's attention to detail and her warm humanity hits the spot. When you put her out in the rain, it was such an incredible metaphor for your lack of appreciation for her. And she still managed to smile and be witty. She truly won me over that day and was a good lesson in how to accept a slap in the face gracefully. I will be back with you - from the early morning - if you confirm the good news about Ms. Edwards. I used to work for the Disneyland Park - who also, a few times, underestimated the public's desire for tradition. I'm going to believe you will return Ms. Edwards to her favored and heartwon spot beside Mr. Eubanks. So, it's on my calendar. I will see you New Year's Day, 2009! Thanks very much.

Steph Truitt
Los Angeles



KTLA programming has made a wise choice
returning Stephanie & Bob back to their
proper place on New Years Day .
As an avid watcher of the 10:00 news,
I mourn the loss of Hal Fishman, KTLA's
crown jewel of credibility. However, tonight's
completely inaccurate reporting on the
Ayers/Obama relationship puts the station's
accuracy in question. Anyone with Internet
access knows Ayer's inflammatory
anti-American rhetoric was very recent not
way-back-when. Suggestion: check it before you say it.
News without credibility is no news, it is rumor.

Bob Eubanks and "that annoying morning newscaster" had as much chemistry as if Hillary Clinton and Rush Limbaugh did the Rose Parade Commentary together! Now if only KTLA could only fix the sound problems they had last year, they could again claim to have the "best coverage and best sound"!!!!! At least I now know that I wasn't in a small minority who hated the Rose Parade format change!

Happy new year!!!! I am so thrilled Stephanie Edwards is back on the rose parade. It just was not the same without her. Shame on you KTLA for doing that to someone as wonderful as Stephanie. All my husband and I did was switch channels and say how much we miss Stephanie. Her and Bob have such a chemistry and friendship that it is heartwarming. Thank you for bringing her back and dont blow it again.

Happy new year!!!! I am so thrilled Stephanie Edwards is back on the rose parade. It just was not the same without her. Shame on you KTLA for doing that to someone as wonderful as Stephanie. All my husband and I did was switch channels and say how much we miss Stephanie. Her and Bob have such a chemistry and friendship that it is heartwarming. Thank you for bringing her back and dont blow it again.

Good for you KTLA for correcting your mistake. Stephanie and Bob have a great chemistry and made the parade worth watching for me. When you ousted Stephanie, it was the first time I channel surfed during the parade. It just wasn't the same anymore. You can bet that now I will have my station on KTLA that morning for sure. Welcome back Stephanie!!!!!

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