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Roses for KTLA's Stephanie Edwards

KTLA's Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks

There’ll be no rain on the upcoming Tournament of Roses Parade for former KTLA-TV host Stephanie Edwards -- at least, not figuratively.

Edwards, the veteran broadcaster who was removed from the station’s coverage of the New Year’s Day event two years ago after co-hosting for more than 25 years, will return to her familiar role on Jan. 1, 2009, station executives announced Tuesday.

“The people at the station thought it was a great idea, and Stephanie thought it was a great idea,” said station spokesman Paul Nichols.

She will be reunited with co-host Bob Eubanks for the parade.

KTLA was heavily criticized in 2005 when the then-63-year-old Edwards was replaced in the broadcast booth by KTLA Morning News co-anchor Michaela Pereira, who was much younger. Edwards was confined to a sideline role interviewing crowd members.

The controversy increased when she was soaked by rain during the parade. Edwards has not appeared on the broadcast since 2006.

Pereira will also participate in the broadcast in a yet-to-be-determined capacity, executives said.

-- Greg Braxton

KTLA's Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks / KTLA

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Well, it's about darn time! The parade's never been the same without Stephanie!

Stephanie Edwards always bought such joy and passion to the Rose Parade broadcast- very glad that she'll be back where she belongs on New Year's Day!

They'll never admit, but KTLA screwed up big time. The public knows what it wants, and it always wanted Edwards.

It's about time!! I missed watching Stephanie. Hoorah~!

KTLA is finally correcting the mistake they made 2 years ago. The only question is "what took you so long". I might actually watch the parade this year.

Finally, one for the good guys. KTLA did indeed blow it, and this is great news. Congratulations to Edwards. She's a well-known and well-loved fixture of L.A. media and if she'd been male she never would have been replaced in the first place-it never would have even been considered.

Good for Stephanie! She and Bob make a great team for the parade. Let's hope the idiot who made the change in the first place makes sure the horse pies get cleaned up pronto on parade day!!

What great news! Maybe people will start watching the parade again.

KTLA finally got a clue and put Stephanie back on this event. I missed her - they/we are lucky to have her back!

It's about dang time! We refused to watch it without her. KTLA really screwed up 2 years ago. Thank goodness someone has come to their senses. Yay Stephanie!

Welcome back Stephanie, you were very missed. It's nice to know KTLA can admit it just wasn't the same without you. Michaela will do just fine out on the route.

At last! Smarter heads have prevailed; Michela Pereira was so interested in promoting herself that the information Stephanie Edwards provided seamlessly was lost in the shuffle. Too many times it seemed like Pereira was talking just to be heard, whereas with Bob Eubanks and Stephanie-it was like two friends sharing the parade with us. Here's to a much more enjoyable 2009 parade!

KTLA is too chicken to admit they screwed up, but they screwed up! Thank God they fixing their mistake and are letting Stephanie Edwards back into the co-host chair. Now the Rose Parade will return to normal with the grace and style it was known for over the past 25 years.

And I think I have a plan for what to do with Miss Pereira while Stephanie reigns from the anchor booth.... Give Miss Pereira a mobile microphone, send her down into the bleachers to interview tourists, and then pray for rain.

Hooray! I no longer have to boycott KTLA's otherwise excellent Rose Parade coverage as I have the previous few years since Edwards was sidelined! Very well decided, KTLA; it is great to know that you finally listened to longtime fans of your broadcast.


that's the best news I've heard in years! Finally some justice somewhere!

We have very much missed Stephanie Edwards calling the KTLA Rose Parade, a truly funny, smart, gracious and beautiful woman. And hands down THE BEST ROSE PARADE host anywhere ever. She deserves national exposure. We were hoping HGTV would wise up and snatch her before someone else did. But it's sweet to know she'll be back at KTLA -- they screwed the pooch royally when they did that to her in the first place.

Kudos and welcome back Stephanie, the sweet girl from Minnesota.

I'm so glad the public spoke up about this outrage. Ageism is one of the most insideous and discriminatory practices in American culture. Face it; the numbers of older people in the U.S. is only going to increase. We need to adjust our mind-set accordingly. The Rose Parade hasn't been the same without Stephanie. You go girl!!

Stephanie is GREAT and always has been. Glad to hear this news.

I'm glad they realized how offensive it was to remove Stephanie Edwards from the broadcast booth where she belonged. I think KTLA made the wrong move to "attract a younger audience" to the Rose Parade telecast. It's amazing how thoughtless their actions were and while they'll never admit it, they lost viewers to the parade because of what they did to Ms. Edwards. Welcome back, Ms. Edwards! I'll definitely be watching on New Years' Day!!!

I stopped watching the Rose Parade the year they put Stephanie on the sidelines and she was rained on. Someone should have back-handed the person who made that decision. Now I can enjoy the parade once again. Stephanie, you've been MUCH missed. I started watching you when you hosted morning TV here in Los Angeles with Ralph Story. You are a Los Angeles treasure. Welcome back!!!!

Thank god!!!!! Her abscence was especially felt during this last Rose Parade. Michaela was way off her game. Plus I'm sick of the pairing of a way older man with a way younger woman. If it ain't broke don't fix it. The Rose Parade is so marred with tradition, Stephanie and Bob embody that, and as hosts covering this parade they should fit the mold. Put Michaela on the Hollywood Christmas Parade or the Doo-Dah Parade.

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