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The Letterman-McCain feud continues: Day Two!

It doesn't sound like David Letterman is over it.

The late-night comedian, who berated Sen. John McCain last night for suspending his campaign in order to focus on the ongoing financial crisis, went after the Republican presidential candidate again on tonight’s show.

Letterman said he understood when McCain canceled his scheduled appearance on “Late Show" last night, even when he discovered that the senator wasn’t racing to Washington, as he said, but was a few blocks away doing an interview with Katie Couric.

But then he found out that McCain didn’t leave for D.C. until this morning.Lettermccain1

“I feel used,” Letterman said. “I feel cheap. I feel sullied.” 

“I was thinking about this – John, John, here’s how it works: You don’t come to see me … you don’t come to see me?” he went on. “Well, we might not see you on Inauguration Day. That’s how it works. You see?”


Then he went after McCain’s running mate with tonight's Top 10 list, “Top 10 Surprising Facts About Sarah Palin," recited via satellite by residents of Wasilla, Alaska. (No. 2: "To improve her foreign policy experience, she recently went to the International House of Pancakes.")

Excerpts from Letterman’s lacerating remarks, airing on tonight’s “Late Show:”

What a great American John McCain is. Unquestionably, as President Clinton said earlier this week, he gave almost everything but his life for this country. And a tremendous hero and a tremendous role model …a nd he was supposed to be on the show. So at the last minute he calls up and says, “Uh … I can’t make it.”  And I said, “What is the problem?”  And he said, “Well, the economy.  The economy is about to crater.” 

And I don’t know if you folks regularly get calls from United States senators, but I’m telling you, you feel like you’ve been deputized. And so he says, “I have to race back to Washington, D.C. … the nation’s capital.”  I said, “I know that, Senator.”  How dumb do I look?  He says, “I have to race back because the economy is about to crater.”  And, of course, I said, right away, “Whatever you need to do.”  Am I gonna be the reason people are standing in bread lines? No. “Well, we’d have saved it, but I had to go on Letterman’s show … Everything would have been fine, but he wouldn’t let me out of the gig. That’s why it cratered. It’s Letterman’s fault. There he is. Get him!”  So I don’t need that. 

So I’m scared. I’m starting to tremble a little bit because he said, “I’ve got to race back to D.C.” And I thought, holy gosh. … OK, everything’s fine. Don’t worry about it. The senator is on his way back to D.C.  So, not only did he not go back right away, he stopped by to see Katie Couric on his way out. And then, OK, we looked at it and we said, “OK, I understand that. That’s news and this is nonsense.”  But then after Katie Couric, wham-o, right to the airport … no.  No. No. We found out today that he didn’t really leave until this morning. (Boos from the audience.) Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. So what we learned today is that the economy held on long enough –- just barely held on long enough for him to get back there. 

Whereas, you can see, 24 hours ago, I felt like a patriot. I felt like I was helping out. I felt like I was doing my part. Part of the cause. Fighting the fight. Not part of the problem, I was part of the solution. I was going to help in my own little way get this economy out of the crater. And now I’m just feeling like an ugly date. That’s what I feel like. I feel like an ugly date. I feel used. I feel cheap. I feel sullied. I feel cratered.


10. Sometimes Sarah calls John McCain “Grandpa.”

9. She stole that sexy librarian look from me.

8. Recently passed legislation to build a bridge to Funkytown.

7. Does great impressions of Tina Fey.

6. Favorite meal: moose nuggets and beaver jerky.

5. Working on “Knight Rider” spinoff about a talking snowmobile.

4. Favorite book? “Late Show Fun Facts” -– available at fine stores everywhere.

3. Once spent a week in the hospital after attempting to put lipstick on a pit bull.

2. To improve her foreign policy experience, she recently went to the International House of Pancakes.

1. Only person I know who’s not afraid to go hunting with Dick Cheney.

-- Matea Gold

Photo courtesy CBS

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I know that everyone here on earth makes mistakes, and nobdy is perfect. However, i believe that Letterman exagerrated his anger or grief just a bit when McCain was unable to make the Tonight Show. Letterman understood the fact that McCain had to race back to D.C. because the economy was about to crater, but he felt hurt when the day McCain was supposed to leave, he actually had an interview with someone else and didn't even leave until this morning. Yes, McCain probably should have been more responsible in letting letterman know all that was going on, and I suppose that Letterman did have the right to feel hurt, but he didn't have to exagerrate about it. He is basically claiming that McCain made him feel worthless, but I feel that Letterman was waiting for McCain to make a simple mistake, and then make it a big deal just so people can hate McCain even more.Even if something like this were to happen with Obama, I still would feel the same way I do now, but I believe that sometimes people have others of a higher authority under a microscope, so that when they do make a small mistake, they make it a bigger deal than what it actually is.

Nice Dave.. I like that he didn't take McCain at his word and nice to know McCain's word is worth about as much as the current president's. He seems perfect for the job by W's standards.

dictionary says a feud is mutual.

so if you see a guy getting mugged you would look over and say 'hey...stop that feuding!"?

Correction: I meant to say that I like how Dave got burned for taking McCain at his word but was able to reveal the excuse given by McCain as untrue within the television hour.

Letterman is a cranky guy; guess McCain shouldn't have lied to him while blowing him off.

This reminds me a lot of when LBJ decided not to run for reelection after Walter Cronkite came out against the Vietnam war. "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost America" was the quote, or something like that. Letterman is quite mainstream in every way, been on for over 30 years now, and popular among all sections of society, left, right and center. And not one to take partisan positions, or for that matter known to insult people. As Dave said, I guess we won't be seeing McCain on inauguration day.

OK, OK, OK, we get it. His Majesty Dave got his feelings hurt when John McCain decided Dave's show wasn't the most important place for him to be last night before heading to Washington in the morning. A few jokes gets the point across. But after watching tonight's show, Dave is looking like a self-absorbed grumpy old man. One thing I've always appreciated about Dave was his willingness to jab politicians on both sides of the aisle. It's now obvious that Dave has hijacked the Late Show's well-being to grind his own personal axe. Too bad, Dave. Too bad.

Dave is hilarious!! Of course, he's not truly 'hurt', jeez! It's called a sense of humor for a reason!! But he has a right to be PO'd! The guy LIED and CANCELLED a whole 90 MINS before he was set to go on!! Talk about a jerk!! Talk about inconsiderate and irresponsible!!! Just what we want to lead this country for another 8 years!!! The thought of which makes me sick to my stomach!! Thanks, Dave, for making a jerky situation FUNNY!!

It's great that for possibly the first time we get actual live proof that one of the candidtates is a LIAR!

Tonight Show? Tonight Show? I'm not even reading the rest of the first entry I read since the show is actually called "The Late Show with David Letterman".

The Tonight Show is with Jay Leno.

Oy Vey!

So Dave thinks he will make or break McCain on election day? So Dave thinks he's more important than a US Senator? His show has the lowest ratings since 1993 at only .9, far behind Leno. His ego is out of control, and the 11:35pm time slot isn't exactly voting crowd.

Some people just don't get it. There would not have been an issue if McCain hadn't LIED about having to "rush back to Washington" . You really shouldn't lie to someone that talks to millions of people everyday. What was the point and what does it say about him that he is willing to fib about something so trivial.

You know very well being on a talk show is frivolous when there is real business to be done. And sadly, Katie Couric passes as news these days.

Why not just post 300 words of, "I'm voting for Obama"? Why make such a pathetic, thinly veiled effort to disguise the paper's bias?

Why so serious?

Yall know that Letterman is a comedian, right?

McCain lied. He lied. Is that a quality we want in a President? I don't think so. Dave was right. This is not the way we would expect our leaders to act.

@Brenda Garcia: Often times comedy, especially the kind of satire that Letterman does, consists of exagerating a small point. Cyrano de Bergerac's nose, for example, was not actually large enough to blow out a typhoon, and McCain is not actually old enough to be Palin's grandfather (just her father...). Its called humor, look into it.

McCain raced back to Washington to save the economy? LOL well, one would have hoped then that he would have contributed in some way. Or, do you think just his appearance motivated others to act lol.

God bless you, Dave, for exposing McCain and Palin as two of the emptiest suits in Washington!

someone must have told mc Cain to call it off;
there's the too obvious problem here of how fast the guy moves
clearly at that stage, or age, mr mc CAIN doesn't have much left of those skills
... which might actually decide to get showy in the presence of someone too hungry for a quick toast-test
yeah, someone like DL i would too, were I the someone, prescribe against.

I am so tired of people not calling a spade a spade. Let's be honest here (someone has to be) When make up an excuse to get out of something and it isn't true, the decision to do it may be a 'mistake', but the actual action is called A LIE.

Dave is complaining of feeling used/sullied/etc. because he believed McCain and then he learns that McCain lied to him. Anytime you believe a lie and find out later what it is, you feel betrayed. Yes Dave may be playing it up (he does live on his ratings) but it doesn't change the fact that Dave and McCain have had a business relationship (something like a dozen or more appearances over the years) and McCain betrayed the trust Dave had for him and told a complete lie. Then he basically cheated on Dave with another media person. Dave is a tv-person scorned, so he's going to whine. And now McCain has to reap the consequences of his actions where it occurred, in the media spotlight.

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