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'The Hills': What you didn't know about Holly Montag

September 16, 2008 |  9:12 am


UPDATE: Well, lookie who's got the Montag family on Google alert. I got a call this morning from Miss Holly herself, who wanted to clarify what's been circulating "in the rumor mill."

1) She's not dating Doug. "I've never dated him. Ever."

2) She's no longer working for Joe Francis. She worked as his executive assistant for four months but is now busy pursuing other interests, among them dance (which she can be found doing at The Millennium) and improv comedy. "I'm enrolling in The Groundlings. I did improv in college."

In the meantime, Holly said she's also working a few nights a week for SBE, the company that also employs Heidi.

And she let slip that the Montag gals are developing a top-secret project we can all expect to hear about soon.


What did last night's episode of "The Hills" tell us about Heidi's big sis Holly?

Not much. She's moved back to LA, pissing off temporary roommate Spencer in the process. She used to hang with Heidi and Lauren, a la "The Three Musketeers." She misses Lauren and wants the three to reconnect, going so far as to mislead Heidi into thinking that Lauren misses her.

But the girl's got She-Pratt potential. Why do I think so? Here's what I was able to dig up on the 24-year-old the show has told us so very little about:

She's dating Doug Reinhart. Yes, that Doug. As in Lauren's ex. As in the guy Stephanie's going to go after in next week's episode. As in the guy who is so boring, he even wore out Lauren by being bland. Holly is making extra sure that we all know this piece of news. The pair was photographed together at this month's EA Sports Freestyle’s FaceBreaker Launch party. “Yeah, we came together," she said. "We are just, you know, hanging out.” (Reinhart, however, denies a romance: “There are no romantic sparks," he said. "She is a great girl. We just came out here. I am a gamer.”)

She works for Joe "Girls Gone Wild" Francis. Remember last night when she told Heidi she was looking for a job? Well, she's apparently had one for quite a while. According to Page Six, Holly's been Francis' assistant since his release from jail in March. "And Joe aggressively sought out Holly to work for him," a source told Page Six. Maybe, the paper also reports, because now he stands a chance to appear on MTV's hit reality show himself. And he's pouring it on thick, too: "Holly is fantastic, probably the best assistant I have ever had," he said.

She bills herself as "Holly of Excellence" on MySpace. And on Monday, she was in a "rockin'" mood. (She was less rockin' when she forced the folks behind celebrity gossip site to remove images taken from her personal Facebook page in June. From the final e-mail she allegedly sent the site's webmaster: i’ve tried to be nice about it, but if you don’t have the pics down in 24 hrs (6/20,10:30am) you’ll be hearing from my attorneys (i have 3 on my staff, please just take them down). no hard feelings. thanks! holly montag

She'll let Heidi give her hair extensions, but plastic surgery is out of the question. That's what she told reporters. "Plastic surgery is probably not my thing. We kind of have different ideas," she said. But she doesn't think less of Heidi. "Heidi is absolute perfection and I love the beauty in the flaws."

Holly could make things interesting. We'll just have to wait and see if she does. As for the rest of the episode...Justin Bobby seems to have fallen back into bad habits, ditching Audrina's big event. Can't say I blame him. That band was pretty awful.

-- Denise Martin

Photo credit: MTV