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Sarah Palin chances another interview with Katie Couric


Despite the critical pummeling that she received for her last interview, Gov. Sarah Palin is risking another sit-down with CBS anchor Katie Couric.

Couric spent today with Palin on the campaign trail in Ohio, speaking to the GOP vice presidential nominee for the second time in less than a week. She also scored a joint sit-down with Palin and Sen. John McCain.

Excerpts will air on the "CBS Evening News" tonight and Tuesday.

Today's interview was promised to Couric two weeks ago by the McCain-Palin campaign, which has rigorously guarded the Alaska governor's media appearances. (Her only other major interviews have been with ABC's Charles Gibson and Fox News' Sean Hannity.) Last week, amid a mounting backlash from reporters about their lack of access to Palin, Couric was offered the chance to interview the Republican running mate while she was in New York to meet with leaders at the United Nations.

The 35-minute interview, broadcast by CBS over two days, prompted mockery by liberals and drew winces from conservatives. In it, Palin offered rambling and often disjointed explanations to Couric's questions about McCain's credentials as a Wall Street reformer and why Russia's proximity to Alaska gave her foreign policy experience. ("As Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where do they go?" she said. "It's Alaska.") "Saturday Night Live"  even brought back Tina Fey this weekend to portray Palin in a send-up of the interview.

Palin's father doesn't think she's been ruffled by the poor reviews. "She's a very, very strong person, a thick skin," he told Fox News' Neil Cavuto today. "Throughout her career, she's held up on a lot of criticism. I know she's holding up here real well.... She knows honestly always prevails. So she's hanging in there."

It remains to be seen whether the Alaska governor will fare better tonight. Coming just three days before her debate with Sen. Joe Biden, the pressure is on. We'll have the excerpts here, as soon as they're released.

UPDATE: CBS News just released one early excerpt from today's interview.

Katie Couric: Over the weekend, Gov. Palin, you said the U.S. should absolutely launch cross-border attacks from Afghanistan into Pakistan to, quote, "stop the terrorists from coming any further in." Now, that's almost the exact position that Barack Obama has taken and that you, Sen. McCain, have criticized as something you do not say out loud.  So, Gov. Palin, are you two on the same page on this? 

Sarah Palin: We had a great discussion with President Zardari as we talked about what it is that America can and should be doing together to make sure that the terrorists do not cross borders and do not ultimately put themselves in a position of attacking America again or her allies.  And we will do what we have to do to secure the United States of America and her allies. 

More Couric-Palin interview excerpts after the jump...

Couric: Is that something you shouldn't say out loud, Sen. McCain? 

John McCain: Of course not.  But, look, I understand this day and age "gotcha" journalism.  Is that a pizza place?  In a conversation with someone who you didn't hear … the question very well, you don't know the context of the conversation. Grab a phrase.  Gov. Palin and I agree that you don't announce that you're going to attack another country.

Couric: Are you sorry you said it …

McCain: …And the fact …

Couric: Governor? 

McCain: Wait a minute.  Before you say, "is she sorry she said it," this was a "gotcha" sound bite that, look …

Couric: It wasn't a "gotcha."  She was talking to a voter. 

McCain: No, she was in a conversation with a group of people and talking back and forth.  And …I'll let Gov. Palin speak for herself.

Palin: Well, it … in fact, you're absolutely right on.  In the context, this was a voter, a constituent, hollering out a question from across an area asking, "What are you gonna do about Pakistan?  You better have an answer to Pakistan."  I said we're gonna do what we have to do to protect the United States of America. 

Couric: But you were pretty specific about what you wanted to do, cross-border …

Palin: Well, as Sen. McCain is suggesting here, also, never would our administration get out there and show our cards to terrorists, in this case, to enemies and let them know what the game plan was, not when that could ultimately adversely affect a plan to keep America secure. 

Couric: What did you learn from that experience? 

Palin: That this is all about "gotcha" journalism.  A lot of it is. But that's okay, too. 

Couric: Gov. Palin, since our last interview, you've gotten a lot of flak. Some Republicans have said you're not prepared; you're not ready for prime time. People have questioned your readiness since that interview.  And I'm curious ...

Palin: Yeah. 

Couric: ... to hear your reaction. 

Palin: Well, not only am I ready but willing and able to serve as vice president with Sen. McCain if Americans so bless us and privilege us with the opportunity of serving them, ready with my executive experience as a city mayor and manager, as a governor, as a commissioner, a regulator of oil and gas.

-- Matea Gold

Photo: CBS

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The last interview was painful to watch. 70% of the people I know with a college degree could have produced more coherent answers.


I simply LIVE for Palin interviews.

Please, Keep them coming.

I am looking forward to watching the interview. The only thing painful when I was watching the last interview was Katie Couric facial expressions.

I can hardly wait for the sure-to-be hilarious, "Sarah Palin: the Movie." In the meantime, we have Tina Fey as Palin, though I'm not sure which one is funnier.

I am so grateful to Palin for giving interviews, even to somebody so soft, so unable to push the point or follow the questions to actual answer as Couric.

Palin has become Obama's biggest asset.

We need more of her since he is short on assets as well as interacting with his own voters.


It's fun to watch the sideshow of Palin, but now that the excitement over Ms. Smith Goes to Washington is losing it's allure, have you noticed as I have that in the end, voters seem to be seeing that it's all about McCain?

I want Sarah to know my family loves her and not to pay attention to destructive criticism.

if anyone has the chance to ask sarah Palin if she is a racism because she always referred to senator Obama with a derogative way like as community organizer, or never mention the word senator .

What the heck? Now she's an oil and gas regulator? I'm flummoxed as to what it is this woman really thinks she does. Is she implying that Alaska regulates the flow of oil?

Sarah Palin is Bush in a skirt. She, like Bush, makes the same sort of folksy connection to voters, and is someone voters could imagine having a drink with. But she suffers from the same sort of willful ignorance and same lack of interest in learning about what it takes to be Pres or VP. Like W., she falls back on uninformed certainty and dogmatism that leads her to devolve into "America First" chants when faced with more complicated questions that don't involve whether America should be first.

"I simply LIVE for Palin interviews."

As I simply LIVE to hear Joe Biden

We'll all be STANDING UP for him Thursday night........................

I can only hope Katie has that eye blinking under control. Wow was that excessive or what?
Her soft congenial interview with Biden (inspite of his ridculous gaffes...TVs ???) was quite a contrast to her agressive (disguised by her ever so kind voice) interview with palin. Duh... wonder where her support lies. Great example of biased left media.

I felt really sorry for Ms. Couric who must have struggled to keep a straight face during the interview. I am also surprised that she did not thank Gov. Palin for the a great geo-political lesson.
How on earth is she supposed to prepare to interview such an unprepared candidate?

I don't know about others but I felt really sorry for Ms. Couric. It must have been a struggle for her to keep a straight face during the interview. I am also surprised that she did not thank Gov. Palin for the great geo-political lesson.

How on earth is she spposed to prepare to interview such an unprepared candidate?

She is a total disaster, a farce, an unqualified, uneducated, unending embarassment to America. It pains me to watch Palin, so I don't, I can't. I will not watch or listen to her under any circumstances. The Palin pains my soul. Palin needs a good ripe and rotten tomato right in the kisser, in the same spot Palin pummeled Puten. Thank God she is returning to Alaska - the closest thing to an imagined Siberia America has. I'll stay right here in Los Angeles, blessed that our freak status serves as the benchmark for godless, lawless, shiftless skallywaqgs possesing brilliant intellect and shines "The Cultural Capitol Of The World." It pains me to know we could have had Hillary only to get the 99 cent store Palin.

As a conservative, Palin's interviews are to hard to watch. Her half baked responses to very predicable (almost "Dorothy Dixer") questions would barely rate a B minus for high school debating.

Sure she's a nice lady, and I'm embarrassed to admit I share 99% of her religious beliefs, but is this the best we can do?

Is she our best VP candidate?

"Gotcha journalism"? What exactly is that? I don't think it's unreasonable to expect an articulate, reasoned answer from a candidate for vice president. This woman doesn't really have a clue and frankly after the train wreck that was her first encounter with Katie Couric I'm surprised she agreed for another sit down. Here's my prediction: at some point in the next week or two her newborn will contract some life threatening "health condition" which will compel her to withdraw as a candidate. This thing just keeps getting worse for the Republicans every time she opens her mouth. And I love the way grampa has to step in and try to answer a question that was asked of Palin. Think he would do the same thing if Palin were a man?

This women scares the #$@! out of me. If she and McCain are elected, we're in some very, very deep trouble. I cannot believe that most Republicans can't see this. They're utterly insane and are excellent candidates for a 5150.

This woman is none too bright, but she sure looks good, and that is all too typical of all things Republican. Lipstick on a pig. Obama/Biden '08

McCain's attempts at protecting Palin from the media are transparent. he is definitely on the defensive with COuric. Is he regretful of his pick for VP? Ummm, I think his judgement on this one may be considered catastrophic in the long run.

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