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'NBC Nightly News' continues its winning streak

Brianwilliams “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams” ended the 2007-08 television season as the most-watched network evening newscast for the 12th year in a row, expanding its lead over ABC’s second-place “World News With Charles Gibson,” which had come close to matching its viewership the year before.

NBC's newcast averaged 8.52 million viewers, up 1%, the only broadcast to gain audience since last season, according Nielsen Media Research. “World News” drew 8.18 million viewers, down 2%, while “CBS Evening News With Katie Couric” followed with 6.16 million, a drop of almost 9%.

-- Matea Gold

(Photo by Bruce Gilbert / For The Times)

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Why does channel 4 think they are so important to interupt any program they choose. All other channels put the crawl on the bottom of news events, and lets us have a choice...

Good for brian after the charles gibson and george stephanopolis debate with clinton and obama i stopped watching ABC i had so much respect for charles but after that debate i switched to brian williams we want media to be fair

Brian Williams is egotistical, we hav quit watching him. Charles Gibson is a big jerk. The way he interviewed Ms Palen was disgraceful and if he happens to appear on screen, off he goes.
These people make everyone sick. There is no fair and balanced news. We have switched mainly to radio.

I am becoming less tolerant of those "celebrity" types dominating the networks. Brian Williams certainly comes to mind. His less than cordial introduction and comments to Presidential candidate John McCain, was to say the least "insulting". As opposed to his upbeat encouraging accolades to his fellow "celebrity" Borak H. Obama.
Mr. Williams needs to take a course in impartial reporting. John McCain is an intelligent, educated and a gentleman. The discouraging behavior of Brian Williams leads me to believe he has no sense of dignity. His brash self importance will hopefully lead to his demise.

You must not be competing with the cable news. Next to them you suck! You win as the MOST BIAS morning, evening or night news telecast! You are an embarrassment to journalism


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