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'Heroes': Sylar's hunger, and his mom

September 30, 2008 |  7:25 am

Sylar2_2"I should never have given you up for adoption."

And with that, Mama Petrelli Cristine Rose (whose sacrifice of poor Bridget was just plain mean) introduces a weird wrinkle into the Petrelli clan and the "Heroes" mythos.  A wrinkle named Gabriel Sylar with a "hunger" for power that apparently even he can't control.  He, and actor Zach Quinto, have now been set loose.  We've never really gotten to see any side of Sylar other than murderous (except maybe with his other mom -- whom he killed), but with his call to duty, Zach can give him a bit more personality.  Not sure if the sympathetic path and need for "structure" will work (I'm not buying it), but we'll still get to see more of him -- and that's a plus.

The Haitian's back! The Haitian's back!  Love that guy.  And that's about all there is to say about the meeting that he, Hiro, Ando and speedster Daphne have in the movie theater.  The slapstick music and the line "It's villainy 101" were cool touches, but the scene did not move much story for its length, except to get Hiro and Ando thrown into a Company cell.

Matt Parkman's spirit walk is just OK.  He's gotten his own personal prophetic painter, complete with no retinas!  Who knows who the girl is that he's holding, and right now, who cares?  It looks like Claire or Daphne or Elle, but it could be anyone.  It's not a city exploding or HRG with a bullet through his eye, so for now, it's just a tease.

Niki/Tracy meets Micah.  Can this kid catch a break?  Mom and Dad die, he's sitting in a room full of mourning candles, and this lady who looks exactly like his mom walks in. Tracy finding this Dr. Zimmerman guy seems like it could lead to more 'formula' information, but right now, it's only enticing in that we may finally find out some info on Niki/Tracy and her powers. Micah, Niki/Tracy ... but where's Monica?

Knox and his fear-based super strength will be someone to contend with on the villain side. Sad to see Francis Capra go so quick, but Sylar's gotta eat. Don't exactly know why they didn't just use Echo Demille from the "Going Postal" online story. Same sonic scream powers and it would've been a good connect (though he wasn't a bad guy). Oh well. And though Sylar's quick dispatch of the villains was enjoyable, I'd like to see more of a test for his telekinesis. Three down, many to go.

Claire. Oh, Claire. Mom taught you a hard lesson, didn't she? You can still be hurt, emotionally and mentally.  But she's a hard-headed cheerleader and will learn the hard way. Bet there really IS no cheerleader sleepover retreat, is there? That over-the-shoulder smile said it all.

The Present Peter-Future Peter meeting you ask? Not much there yet. Next week's promo shows Future Claire and Future Peter having a confrontation, and a cuddly Sylar. We'll see how that goes.

-- Jevon Phillips