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'Gossip Girl': And then there was light...

September 15, 2008 |  9:48 pm

Gg_vanessanate A citywide blackout provided the catalyst for the drama in Monday night's "Gossip Girl" episode. Out of darkness comes light and when the lights came on, secrets were revealed, conclusions were drawn (at least for now) and for a brief moment, I believed in Nate and Vanessa as a couple. Hard to believe, I know, but how can you not root for something normal for the guy when faced with his predicament?

After accepting money from Catherine in order to help his family, Nate has found himself indebted to her in more ways than one. The novelty of their affair is beginning to wear off, and he realizes that being a kept man is not going to be easy. For one, he's rekindled his relationship with Vanessa. I was not a fan the first time these two paired up, but this time around, it makes sense. She's the rock he needs at this tumultuous time, but as it played out at the end, she'll inevitably be the one to make the sacrifices. I'd like to see Vanessa regain the gusto that once made me believe she could really come between Dan and Serena. She told Nate that he didn't deserve a relationship like his and Catherine's, but Vanessa should really ask herself if he's deserving of one with her.

The blackout also helped shed some light for Dan and Serena. They finally came up for air long enough to acknowledge that their problems won't go away with the summer heat. They're going to have to deal with it sometime, but first they must deal with Gossip Girl breaking the news of their reconciliation. It initially seemed a little strange to think of your best friends and family members being informed of your relationship status through a blog, but it happens all the time thanks to Facebook and Twitter. We don't need to actually tell people anything anymore. They can keep tabs on us through our online profiles. We are made even more aware of Gossip Girl's influence with that funny little scene in Central Park where three pint-sized Queen B's approach Dan to tell him whose side they're on. As fodder on the blog, Dan and Serena are treated like celebrities whose daily lives are aired for the public to freely comment on and criticize. While I hope most people aren't creepy enough to approach actual celebrities about their tabloid-documented problems, the look on the Serena wannabe's face when her idol showed up was pretty adorable and rang very true. 

Dan and Serena eventually do face the facts when stuck in an elevator together. While calling for help Dan is greeted by an indifferent operator, who tells him to wait until the power returns. Serena suggests mentioning her name, which prompts the operator to send help but also reminds Dan of their unavoidable class differences. He tries to channel Bruce Willis in "Die Hard" by climbing out from above but only lands with a thud. Their relationship follows suit. The golden couple may be done for the time being, but the breakup marks the beginning of awkward run-ins, jealous spats and an assortment of new romantic prospects to come.

The most entertaining light bulb to go off in this episode was the one that occurred in Chuck's head. After employing a series of professionals to feed his teenage libido, he finds himself unable to perform, and he knows exactly why. Of course, his "ah-ha" moment wasn't interpreted like most instances of clarity. Instead of accepting that he's still in love with Blair, he decides that all he needs is one last roll in the hay with her. "Sexual Drano," if you will, to unclog his pipes. Blair herself hasn't exactly been hot and heavy with Marcus, which makes her interactions with Chuck all the more steamy. I loved the bit of irony in the bedroom scene when Chuck breaks out a British accent in attempts to fool Blair (Ed Westwick is British in real life). Marcus and Blair aren't completely done yet, so I can't wait to see how Chuck will manage to unblock that drain.

I know, I've left Jenny's story out, but it's only because she's getting what she wants (despite a few roadblocks, of course). Now that she's grabbed the attention of Eleanor Waldorf, she's on the fast track to becoming the next "Project Runway" contestant, right? We know all successes aren't without failures, so I'm curious to see what story lines follow Little J in her path to becoming a designer.

What do you think of Nate and Vanessa? Should Chuck and Blair ever get together or is the tension just too good?


-- Enid Portuguez

Photo courtesy of the CW