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‘So You Think You Can Dance’: The Secret Life of Twitch!

August 8, 2008 |  4:38 pm

T2 Despite his jam-packed schedule, I managed to snag some quality time with charismatic “So You Think You Can Dance” runner-up Twitch Boss.   

And since he’s probably bored to tears with talking about “So You Think You Can Dance,” we chatted about celebrities, music and -– well -– everything but that little show he just almost won.

If there was a movie version of your life, who would play you?

“I would say Will Smith would have to play me,” mused Twitch with a laugh. “He’s a little older than me, but I wouldn’t want to see anybody else play me.”

Twitch went on to say that he respects Smith because he’s a family man and “he’s always on the up and up.”

Favorite/least favorite subject in high school?

“I really loved theater,” recalled Twitch. “Theater and history. I loved learning about things of the past.”

As for his least favorite subject, that would have to be chemistry. “Periodic tables and all that, we were not friends,” deadpanned Twitch.

What's the most recent song you downloaded to your iPod?

“ 'Never Too Much,’ by Luther Vandross.”

Do you Google yourself?

Twitch actually laughed when I asked this question. “No,” he answered. “My mind would try to play too many reindeer games.”

Who is your career role model?

“Will Smith and Gene Kelly.”

Describe your worst haircut.

“It was when I had hair, and I had cornrows,” recalled Twitch.  “I said, ‘Let's take out the middle and I’ll have cornrows and a mohawk ... and it was blond.”

I wanted to see pictures of the blond, cornrow-mohawk hybrid, but Twitch assured me that they were “locked away in a safe.”

What movie have you seen so many times that you can recite it?

“ 'Coming to America.’”

What was it like being recognized for the first time?

“It was definitely something different –- I don’t want to say weird,” Twitch said cautiously. “It kind of makes me nervous sometimes ... as far as off of the stage, I really don’t like calling too much attention to myself ... I get a little antsy.”

What’s the best thing about being a star?

“You’re just in a position where you can do powerful things -– you can inspire the masses.”

Do you have any rituals or good luck charms that help you perform?

“Yes! I blast the 'Superman' theme song on my iPod. As the climax to the song comes up, I stand up slowly.” Twitch said that, silly as it is, it makes him feel like he can do anything.

If you were given three free hours right now, what would you do with them?

“I would go home and chill with my girlfriend and my dog.”

What’s on your TiVo queue?

“We just got the TiVo right now, so what will be on it when I get back home will be the new season of ‘Heroes.’… I’m obsessed.”

Do you have any food phobias?

Twitch doesn’t have any food phobias, per se, but this comes pretty close.

“I eat everything one at a time because I have a very sensitive taste palate,” explained Twitch.  Meaning what? I ask. A salad would freak you out?  “All my salad consists of is lettuce,” replied Twitch emphatically.

What’s your favorite song to sing in a car?

“'It’s Not Easy Being Green,’ by Kermit the Frog,” confided Twitch. And yes, he does the voice and everything.

-- Stephanie Lysaght