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'The Hills' sneak peek at Season 4: Stephanie, you've been a bad, bad girl

July 22, 2008 |  2:08 pm
The countdown is on: "The Hills" is back Aug. 18 at 10 p.m. and has put up the official trailer, giving fans the first look at the goods.

Here's the snap judgment:

  • Looks like Stephanie is back and up to no good, dating a boy LC's already got her hooks in -- score one for the She-Pratt! -- and getting banished by Team Speidi for the 985th time. MTV should really just let Stephanie narrate the show. Someone should work up that campaign now.
  • Speaking of evil sibs, Heidi's kid sister is moving in, causing yet another rift between Heidi and Spencer. Who knows how long their faux-fighting is expected to last? Personally, I'd rather see them doing what they do best.
  • Audrina may have grown an honest-to-goodness backbone, going on a date with someone who's not Justin Bobby (but he's back too, not to worry) and telling LC lapdog Lo to back off.
  • Brody goes to jail! Sadly, we think the arrest will have little effect on his upcoming MTV reality series "Bromance."
  • Whitney's spin-off series is being set up with the first-ever glimpses of her personal life (read: dates) making it into the show. Soon, viewers will know whether she can carry her own series.
  • There's also some of the same ol', same ol': LC dating the wrong boys. LC weeping for being backstabbed by Stephanie. LC confronting Audrina.

Does this trailer entice you to watch the new season? Or have you had it with "The Hills"?

--Denise Martin