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'Heroes': Going postal

July 14, 2008 |  3:08 pm

Webisodes_wp4_300Until the show's premiere on Sept. 22, "Heroes" fans will have to be content with watching NBC's new webisode series "Going Postal" that began today.  And content they will be.

With a three-minute, three-episode format airing in three consecutive weeks, followers of "Heroes" will have little time to enjoy these vignettes.  Already in the first episode ("A nifty trick"), three characters and two powers are introduced.  Echo Demille, a postman who possesses a mean sonic scream a la Banshee or Black Canary (for the comic book heads); Harvey, a Company man sent out to pick up powered individuals; and the Constrictor who ... constricts. He's a freaky Cirque du Soleil type of dude but may be an interesting foe. Not sure how this may play into the villians theme of next season, but it's a promising start to get a battle, however small, right out of the gate.  Won't tell you who wins, but somebody doesn't walk away.

Brea2_k0lnqfnc_3 The sonic scream is one of those powers you knew would come; a great standby. We also know about Hiro's nemesis and her super speed (actress Brea Grant).  New powers are always great to see, as long as they, and their characters, don't overwhelm and/or overstay their welcome.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photos: NBC / AP