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Destination ‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Will Wingfield, the morning after

Williamwingfield_2_4188_lyf During a conference call with the media today, recently eliminated “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant Will Wingfield opened up about his path as a dancer.  When asked why he got serious about dance, Will replied, “I think just wanting to be better at it, ya know. Wanting to be the guy that all the girls were talking about and the one that was winning all the medals at the competitions. I wanted to be awesome at it. I didn’t want to just do it for play anymore.”

Will answered questions thoughtfully over the course of the call, but it was clear that talking to us was the last thing he wanted to be doing.  And who could blame him?  “Of course, when you learn something like that on national television it’s a lot to take in,” reflected Will, “but I’m so happy for Twitch that he gets to stay another week and show America what he’s got.”

Will said that when things got tough on the show, he turned to his mentor Steve Brown for words of wisdom. “[Steve Brown] always had the right words,” explained Will, “no matter what was going on.”  Will was also careful to thank his fans for their “love and support,” pointing out that “it does not go unappreciated.”

As for Will’s much buzzed about James Brown solo dance, Will said it was a last minute decision. The song that Will wanted to dance to did not get cleared, so he was forced to choose from a list of pre-cleared songs. “When I saw the song on the list I was like, ‘James Brown, okay … everybody knows it and everybody wants to move to it. …I don’t want to stress about another freakin’ solo’ … one thing led to another.” The costume was even more last-minute.  Will sent his mother and girlfriend out to grab a wig for him right before the show began.

-- Stephanie Lysaght

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The final two should be Katee and Will. Both have been the most consistent dancers and the best trained. Mark should have been voted off. His fox trot was horrible. Kherrington was doing great but the last two performances she did lack stamina. Twitch is great but not as good as Will. For overall dancing, Will gave a bigger variety in all of his solos.

I like all kinds of dancing but the rest of the top ten, stick to the type they are best in and not stretching into another area.

The final 2 should be Katee and Will. They have the most talent and it shows in every dance they do - either in pairs or solo. Will had more variety in his solos and is by far the best male dancer. Mark should have gone

I can't believe Will is gone!!! what an absolute joke!!! I just can't beleive it. I bet the judges aren't happy about it.

I'm not concerned that Will left. I'm a casual fan of the show. I don't know all that much about dance but I do know he didn't have much personality. I just never felt him. He's a beautiful dancer but he always left me wanting his personality to come out. For me it never did.

It's sad that people have such a narrow definition of personality. Just because he wasn't goofy or extroverted, doesn't mean he lacked personality. His personality was simply more reserved, but it was obvious that he was a determined and talented dancer. But he definitely doesn't need to win this competition to continue his career!

I think that Will was one of the best dancers in the competition. He is definitely better than Mark and Joshua. It was a joke that the best male dancers were in the bottom two. I think the producers decided that, not America. That's why Im going to stop watchin it like I did American Idol

I am absolutely floored that Will was eliminated! How can the be? Personally I voted my derriere off for him faithfully. He had more grace, style, poise, flair, personality and it was simply bliss to see him so sophistoicatedly execute his moves on the floor. That is, without the psudo sex simulations of the other dancers done. I am very disappointed. He should have won the entire contest! I am also very fond of Joshua, I guess my support willnow be focused on him. I must say that for the first time last week every single time I called for anyone I got through right away and I called in excess of 100 times. people have to vote, vote vote. I am really crushed Will was brilliant! I hope Debbie and her dance troop voted for Will, that's all I can say to the anger allegation!

Who needs an exoribitant amount of so called personality when you have happy feet and move the likes of Will's? I thought he had enough and I was thoroughly entertained by his talent! What a joke that he is gone!

Will, I loved you in the show. You were the meant winner. In my mind it shall stay that way. You are awesome! Thank you for giving your absolute best.

I'm so upset that Will left, he's like the best dancer there on the show.

Molly, sadly enough, I don't necessarily think reality TV contest shows are the place for charming and reserved personalities.

Monique, your anger with America will rob you of enjoying the fine dancing for the rest of the season? Aww.... come back and watch it with us! It'll still be fun, even without Will.

I will not watch another episode of that show... Will was the reason I tuned in anyway.
Your future is bright brother. Keep doing your thing homeboy...

I think WIll was the best dancer on the show, male or female. I have said all along, that on both So You Think You Can Dance and the other IDOL programs, that the vote cannot be exclusively the phone-in audience. THey make choices based more on personality, and that counts a lot, but for a true and legitimate "winner" the judges are the experts and they need to have a 50/50 say in the results.

My biggest concern with that is the conspiracy theories that the judges could see the phone in numbers and overturn them arbitrarily ...

I guess there is no perfect system.

Will should have won this competition. He was able to do it ALL. He dances BEAUTIFULLY and masculinely in EVERY format. He's technical and passionate in his dancing. I hope we get to see him on Broadway in a key role dancing. Don't get me wrong, I think that finding THE TOP DANCER is kind of silly anyway... a man should dance like a man and a woman should dance like a woman. How can you take a top dancer. Besides body types differ in showing the beauty of dance!

Also, I think music video directors should battle to get this man on their videos. He is a humble star & I was so disappointed that he is not the winner on the show. HOWEVER, he won so many viewers and supporters that did not know of him before the show.

Will you are THE MAN!!! I cannot wait to work with you some day!

Will, you were the Best dancer in the competition from the begining. You have great technics, personality, talents, and you def. have the looks and charms... I loved you each and every time I watched the show. You had the winning Metal for sure, but they took it away from you...Lessons learn honey, Don't let anyone take away your dreams and goals...Just go forward and keep doing your thing....Keep shinning Mi Amor... Your always have a fan here in NYC...Can't wait to watch you perform again....Love ya!! Rose DR27

The show is long over and I am still mad Will was eliminated. I could barely watch the show after he was voted off. After he was gone, I really missed seeing him on the show. Mark should have been long gone and Twitch should not have been in the finals, although I do like Twitch there is no comparison with Will. Will if you you read this know you should have won, and although I dont usually vote i voted for you.


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