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'America's Best Dance Crew': A Supreme shame

Does everyone understand the name of this show?  "America's Best Dance Crew." Yes, best is a relative term, of course, but common sense usually wins out, the cream rises to the top, etc. So WHY has Super Cr3w been at the bottom for two weeks in a row?  And why, oh why, was Supreme Soul at the bottom this week?

As in college basketball and football, we can only surmise that there's some kind of East Coast bias going on. We don't mean to pile on Boogie Bots. They are good guys and are probably feeling a bit low after Lil Mama called them out specifically in saying they they didn't excite her. But I have to wonder how they've escaped at least not being in the bottom two the last few weeks. Mario agreed. All the judges agreed. So America needs to agree.  It is still about voting, but it should also be about fair.  This week's challenge was to use objects to make musical sounds, and it was high-school themed.

So Real Cru

In this "Stomp"-style challenge, SRC got to be band members. They used the instruments and choreography well (not playing them, but making music with them nonetheless).  Not a particularly standout routine, but solid. JC: "The challenge was to use these props to make things sound musically, and you did it very, very well."  Lil Mama: "Y'all have a smooth way of coming so hard."

Fanny Pak

Now, the creative crew.  For their challenge, Fanny Pak was in gym class, and of course they made an interesting story out of it.  Using the whole stage, they created a nuanced performance. The fat kid.  the gossip girls. The mean gym teacher. The sleeper. The high school lovers. Great mini-story, but technically not one of their best. Good choreography, but not much actual dancing. It may catch up to them. Lil Mama said she wanted to "see more come out of their fanny packs." JC said that this was a time when "the props may have given them difficulty."

Boogie Bots

The DC crew was the volleyball squad. Not much memorable here. A spike here, water bottle coordination there. The "Flashdance"-type of celebration at the end was cool, but it wasn't a dance move. JC even spoke about the use of props by the group: "The big booms [in music] created by the little water bottles just didn't quite make sense." We hear you, JC.

Super Cr3w

Bottom two again, they came out firing.  Flips from all sides, including a crew member flipping off of the (7-foot?) rim on a basketball court. And that was their challenge, to be a basketball team. They did some break-dancing on top of basketballs, a lot of group choreographed moves, and ended it with a pose 'n' dunk.  Not as high-flying as their Superman or Ninja performances, but enough to cause Shane to say that he "was totally blown away" and that they "just blew my mind tonight." JC said that it didn't make sense that Super Cr3w and Supreme Soul were at the bottom.

And Lil Mama. Oh, Lil Mama. She went off a bit. A few choice quotes: "America, are y'all serious!?!"  "I do not get excited when I see the Boogie Bots!" "What are y'all doing? This is supposed to be the final show." Yeah, we're with you, Lil Mama.  And we saw you shed some tears after this episode.

Supreme Soul

I think that this was Lil Mama's favorite group, though she'd never say it. Their cockiness, their skill, their good hearts won her over. The group performed as a hockey team, and used their sticks well to pound out beats. Not many tricks in their routine, and not enough dancing to go with their game-time choreography. But enough to cause a huge cheer from the crowd when Super Cr3w's name was called. It was not just a cheer of triumph, it was one of relief because Supreme Soul had done enough to make it a disputed result. JC said that he liked both crews because when they dance: "They don't think in terms of boundaries."

Backstage, the director and producers were among the consolers and well-wishers for the emotional crew. They had definitely made an impression on the show's personnel. Lil Mama came back and hugged each member and told the crew members to hold their heads up and keep their "swag."

Supreme Soul's elimination also prompted this response from Shane Sparks: "Sometimes you get mad at us because we're judges. ... But you have to look at what y'all have at the bottom here." The judges all admonished America to be more balanced and cautious in their voting. 

-- Jevon Phillips

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second season of this show is a DISGRACE! ASIDD, SUPREME SOUL, and SUPER CREW should have NEVER GOTTEN VOTED OFF this show. These were true talented crews. I cannot understand the love for SO REAL CRU. They do the same dance moves every week. They have no real talent. They just do a couple of moves but they have not changed their routine. Who would paymoney to see them? Where is their versatility? They have never done a fast song or a differeThe nt tempo change. These other groups such as SUPREME SOUL AND SUPER CREW have done ALL different types of genres and styles. ASIID was another great dance crew. This show IS NOT THE SAME AS SEASON 1. I like the BOOGIE BOTS but they still are no comparison to SUPER CREW or SUPREME SOUL. I think the judges are the problem along with some people in America who do not know true talent. By the way someone please get Lil Mama a speech coach.

Ok, this is what I have to say. Everyone keeps mentioning about how much America needs to vote, which is true but when it comes down to the bottom 2 it is all in the hands of the judges. Last night I am not sure what happened to the judges but they mad a horrible mistake. I am not saying this because I had a favorite crew because personally I do not care for this season as much as I did season 1.
Hhen you get to the bottom 2 and the judges have to decide who stays usually they choose the team that put their heart on the floor and showed their true passion for dancing. With Supreme Soul I say this. Super Crew did ok. But it wasnt as good as SS did. Super Crew has been in the bottom 2 for the past 2 weeks. Hello Judges that should tell you something. Maybe Shane shouldnt wear his damn hat so long, JC should let his pants not fit so tight, and Lil Mama brains must have gotten twisted up in her new hair du.
I am so disappointed with this show. I dont know how Randy Jackson could let something so dumb happen. Regardless of who is the judges favorite it should not be about that. It should be about who ripped up the stage and in last nights show it was SS. They performed excellently. They used the hockey image very well and still managed to incorporate the choreography very well. They tore the stage up and these dumb ass judges didnt see that. Man this show is rigged and I do not even want to watch it anymore.
Last season, the judges were far and always chose the team that deserved to stay but as I see they are doing a bad job this year. I do not think America needs to feel sorry for Super Crew. Dont start voting for them because you feel bad and because they were crying.They were crying because they knew their preformance sucked and they deserved to be going home. 2 weeks in a row being in the bottom and you dont go home. Your performence sucked compared to SS and you still stay. Thats some bull and the judges need to realize that. Super Crew was wack last night and everyone needs to know that.
Judges all 3 of you are weak and I actually thought Shane knew what he was doing but now I am questioning his dancing capibilites because that was a terrible call. This show is rigged and I cant even watch it anymore because I am so disappointed with everyone. Very bad call... Very bad call...

Well, Super Crew hasn't been voted off yet though they've had some close scrapes. But yeah, I agree with you that Supreme Soul got robbed. They were excellent and have nothing to be ashamed of. They left it all out there on the floor. But the only other group I could see being in the bottom was Boogie Bots. Honestly, based on last week, I see why those two crews got picked for the bottom 2...their performances lacked excitement. Supreme Soul has a future ahead of them. They'll be fine.

It's a shame to say, but America's Best Dance Crew is rigged. A member of Supreme Soul goes to my dance school. After talking to members of SS we found out in the contract it states that MTV HAS A RIGHT TO CHANGE THE ENDING. This is so more people watch. The truth is, Supreme Soul wasn't suppose to go home, Boogie Bots was actually in the bottom two to begin with.

Going by who did good last week is not how the judges are voting. It's who is a good crew OVERALL and all their past performances. Who has the potential, consistant, creative and gives the wow factor in their best performance. Yes boogie bots deserved to go home ( i do like the of course) but it was the finals between SS and SC but Super Crew gave the explosive wow factor. While SS gave wow factor. Both have distinct style but i felt SC was better.

For all the fans of ABDC, please stop dissing SS. They should've blew your mind since the audition special but no had to keep bringing your hate. Jabba and SS have different syles go on YOUTUBE! but great and both their own right.


Supreme Soul was ROBBED and Shane Sparks is a HATER!! He's been gunnin for these guys since day ONE and if it was up to him Super Crew would WIN the whole thing!! Supreme Soul IS AMERICA's BEST DANCE CREW and Shane knows this; maybe he should've pull that damn hat off his big head and paid closer attention to each of their performances. I lived in Chicago but I'd love to see Supreme Soul perform live. I'm done watching that wack azz MTV show!

Supreme soul is cocky thats why there were voted off. and Super crew are just sick breakers thats all they are.

I honestly think the producers are putting super crew in the bottom two on purpose since they have a large fan base so the show is making the audience vote more than they have to. Supreme Soul surely had a premature ending.

You guys have to understand that this show is all about ratings. MTV feels that if they have 2 crews left and they are both from the west coast they will loose viewers from central and east of the US. (take it back last season- do you really think people voted for status quo more than Jabba and Kabba. . . seriously - they cannot have 2 crews in the same area)

now this season - last week supercrew and fanny pack killed the challenge ( i mean fanny pack got an standing ovation from the judges. But how did the both become on the bottom 2 when the judges told so real they need to come harder. Anwser fanny pack and supercrew are from the west coast = ratings

Rigged! It's about one region vs. another. They were not going to have 2 crews from the same region to battle in the final. Therefore, votes were manipulated to give us a region vs region battle. It happened in season one. Top 3 consisted of two West Coast crews and one crew from elsewhere. Crew from "elewhere" somehow gets voted as the front runner for the following week's show, while the two crews from the same region do battle for runner up. Hence West vs. East, or West vs. South, and so on. This season (3) will be a girls vs. boys. Once a crew performs, they go off stage to get NEXT WEEK'S challenge. The following week's challenge for this season was boys vs. girls. Okay, but in order to have THAT type of challenge, producers would have had to know indefinitely that Dynamic Edition would be the one the judges would send home. Hmm, so it looks like judges are not the ones voting either. TOO obvious that the show is fake!


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